“I brought all the stuff in there, but it turned out to be mostly junk.”

After all that, we headed straight back home.
I collected everything I could from the ruins like small items and garbage, to even doors, using spatial magic.

Aria and the others were left poker-faced as they saw the ruins left empty like a newly-built house, but you could never tell what you may find in a hideout of the “Witch Cult”.
Therefore, I judged that taking everything was better.

This was the first time I showed them spatial magic, but I wanted to return home no matter what, considering how my curse mark had resurfaced.
I pretended to be fine in front of everyone, but honestly I was struggling.

“…Lain, are you okay?”
“Sui? Yeah, of course I am.”

In accordance with daily routine, after getting kicked out of the kitchen and heading to the workshop to sort out our loot from the ruins, Sui walks in.
In her hands, was the grimoire* from earlier.

Since the book only allowed Sui to carry it, it was basically her responsibility.
It’d be quite troublesome if she left it somewhere and ran away.

“You’re lying.
Before too, you looked, in pain.”
“…So you figured it out, huh.”
“This one, told me.”

Saying that, Sui pointed towards the grimoire.
The grimoire was a product of sorcery, which predated magic by a lot.
It wouldn’t be surprising that it had functions unknown even to me.

(I hadn’t heard of cases where sorcery took over someone’s mind, but it’s better to keep our guard up just in case)

As I stared at Sui, she slowly walks to my side.

“?Like this?”

As I crouch in front of Sui, she opens her grimoire.

“~~[Aqua Cure].”

After chanting words for some time in a language I didn’t know, Sui casts a spell which made my body glow.
This was undoubtedly sorcery.

“Sui! You, sorcery…”
“The grimoire, taught me.
It’s roughly, the same, as magic.”
“No, I don’t think it’s the same by a long shot.”

Just because a grimoire chose you, doesn’t mean you could immediately use sorcery.
In fact, there wasn’t a single record of an anti-demon aristocrat being able to use it.
In reality, I was chosen by the same grimoire which also gave me this curse, but I was yet to use sorcery with it.

I figured Sui’s talent was extraordinary, but to think she could even use sorcery…

“More importantly, how is, the curse?”

That made me realize, even though I was suppressing my curse, the amount of magic I used had significantly reduced.
The lethargic feeling I had since before had also gone away now.

“Was that, dispelling?”
But it’s, not complete.
At my level, this is, the best.”

Sui hangs her head in disappointment.
I then embrace her tightly.

“Thank you, Sui! You really saved me!”
“…Was I, useful to, Lain?”
“You were super-duper useful! I feel so light, it’s as if I grew wings!”

I might have overstated it with the wings, but I did feel a lot lighter.
More importantly, I learnt that unraveling a grimoire could help you dispel curses given by it.
This was seriously huge.

It was huge for me as I had already half given up on dispelling my curse.

“Then I’m glad.”

Sui smiles happily as if she was relieved.
She seemed really concerned about my curse, so this should have calmed her anxiety greatly.

“Oh also, Lain?”
“?What’s up?”

“Hard to breathe.”
“Oops, my bad.”

I forgot I was still embracing her.
She was just the perfect size for hugs, that I couldn’t help myself.

As I let her down, Sui flutters dangerously and trips.


She fell down backwards, so this time I held her in princess-hold to stop her from falling.

“A-are you okay?”
“I’m fine.
Just a bit, dizzy.”
“…This might be a side effect from using sorcery.”

Sui left my arms and tried standing on her legs again, but she still seemed quite disoriented.
I hadn’t used sorcery before, but I did read somewhere that it used Mental Strength alongside Magical Power.

“You should lie down until dinner, just to be safe.”

Sui exits the workshop with unsteady feet.
I followed after her into the corridor.

Seeing how unsteady she was, I couldn’t possibly leave her alone.

So I walked her to the bedroom.

“…You should, not worry.
I’m fine.”

Sui lies down on her bed and looks up at me.

“Let me worry.
After all, you’re like this because of me.”

As I say that while covering her with a blanket, she made a dissatisfied face.
However, unable to withstand the weight of her eyelids, she soon went into deep sleep.

“Good night…”

After confirming Sui had fallen asleep, I went to my bed which was at the corner of the room.
There, I take out my own grimoire.

It might just have a spell on dispelling curses.

Unlike Sui’s book which was clear-blue, my grimoire was pitch-black in color.
It’s cover was bumpy as if blood vessels extended all over it.

I took a look at its contents, but I could find nothing readable.
This might have to be deciphered steadily.

Although, it’s nothing worth looking into while getting that excited.

“Still, getting to know this now is…”

I began stroking the cover of the grimoire, while thinking back to a time when I desperately looked for a way to dispel curses.

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