“Kili, could it be, that you’re thinking you had no use today?”
“!! No, I’m not thinking that way at all.”

Kili makes a bitter face while saying that.

“…I can’t hide anything from Lain.
Yes, I’m quite sure things would have gone well even without me.”
“It’s not flashy, but it’s still an important job keeping everyone’s tools in their best condition.
You’re also gathering important resources, so there’s no question regarding your role.”
“…I’m the only one unable to fight monsters.”
That’s what you meant.”

I finally get the real meaning of her words.
There is a recipe for creating golems in the book I gave her.
Golems are used majorly by alchemists for battles.

Moreover, the core used by those golems can be created using an alchemy pot.

It could be assumed that Kili wanted to ride those in battle.

“You already have a role, so I don’t think there’s any reason for you to push yourself.”
“…I know that.”

Kili’s position where she had to protect allies while distracting monsters, was already quite crucial.
If they were hunting one greywolf at a time, it wouldn’t make much difference, but once those numbers increase, her role becomes all the more important.

Besides, the stronger she becomes, the more versatile she can be in different positions, thus making her an all-rounder.
Without bothering with golems now, she could aim to become stronger and produce golems naturally.
She could also add new and better offensive strategies to her arsenal.

I tried explaining that to Kili.
However, based on the fact that she lived in a dangerous location, I could also sympathize with her straightforward approach to getting more power.

If you’re that eager, then I don’t mind teaching you how to make magic tools a bit earlier.
You needed to learn it at one point or another, and we’re not losing out on anything else.”
“Thank you, Lain.”
“It isn’t something you should thank me for.
I’m only going so far as setting up the tools for you.”

Kili seemed apologetic, but I’d rather be the one to feel that way.
I kept delaying lessons on magic tools, since I wasn’t confident about my own skills regarding it.

If alchemy was going to be her basis, I should have taught her about it earlier.
I was determined to prepare as many things as I could for her, by tomorrow.


“It’s marvelous, Kili.
This water stone will be very convenient.”
“I’m glad that it’ll be useful.”

Kili’s magic tool creation went frighteningly well.
It took me almost three years to create a single water stone, which was the simplest of simplest recipes, yet Kili managed to do it in just three days.

She had calmed down by now, but right after it was done, she went jumping around the workshop, screaming “Alright-! I did it-!!” on top of her lungs.
Seeing her like that reminds me that she’s Reno’s sister, after all.

Keeping that aside, I could finally ascertain that I had no talent when it came to making magic tools.

“It’s completely different from the magic tools I know of.”

Aria stares at the water pouring out of the stone, with fascination.

Most likely, the magic tool she knew of came with a handle and spout to make it easy to use.

“I believe you’re thinking of tools which craftsmen modify, using this stone as a basis.
The magic-tool craftsmen I knew of in the royal capital, simply accessorized stones like these.
I never knew it was possible to make the stones as well.”
“Yeah, me neither.”

As expected of someone who once lived in the capital, Milia was quite knowledgeable about magic tools.
Even I didn’t know the current state of things, so it came as a shock to me.

“Hm? What’s wrong, Sui?”

As I was looking towards Kili and the others, Sui started pulling on my clothes.

“I also, want an, alchemy pot.”
“Aah~, but I only had that one.
We could buy as many as we want at the market, but going to the royal capital during this time…”

The only people willing to buy broken alchemy pots at the market, were limited to exotic aristocrats.
That’s why in order to get our hands on one, we had no choice but to visit an antique dealer.

Today, the first snow of winter fell on the village.

It’s probably already piled up in places other than here.
A one-way trip to the royal capital takes approximately a month, even by horse-drawn carriage, so we’re bound to get stuck in the snow.
Though it’s possible to force our way through, there’s no need for us to take that risk either.

In three months the snow would melt, and we could easily plan a trip around then.
By spring, we could even ask a merchant from one of the nearby towns to buy one for us.

“I promise to get you one by the time spring arrives, so can I ask you to be patient till then?”

Saying that I start stroking Sui’s head, to which she responds by closing her eyes in joy.

What’s true for Sui’s pot, is also true for the raw materials we can’t find in the forest.
We would have to buy all those things, so it’s better if I consulted Aria about finances beforehand.

I look over Aria and the others having fun playing with the water stone, while thinking of our plans from here on.

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