Explanation Chapter.


“I’ll begin with Aria’s now.”

Kili performs [Equipment Repair] at a speedy rate.
Following Reno, it was Milia’s turn, but the consumption of earth attribute extract was significantly less in her case.
It’s good that we have a surplus, but I’d also prefer if we didn’t have a shortage.

I believe it’ll be fine to leave things in her hands now.
All that’s left is to check the results in the end.

“? What’s up? Sui.”
“My magic earlier, how was it?”

While I watched over Kili doing her work, Sui starts to pull on my clothes.

It seems that she wasn’t fully satisfied with her performance during battle.

“Well, I think that last shot was really good.”
“…I see.”

Just this morning, I had taught her how to use offensive magic.

Magic gives the same output, no matter who uses it.
As a result, there are various restrictions in place to make it less dangerous.
Without knowing them, your performance remains below par.

The more dangerous the magic, the stricter these restrictions get.
Of those restrictions, the one that’s most susceptible, is target designation.

I had advised her to designate those enemies as targets, which she sensed through magical perception.
If not done consciously, you’ll end up designating the enemy the way they are viewed by you.

Information captured through eyes is called optical information.
In other words, it’s the light reflected from an object which then enters your eyes.
Put simply, the information received by your eyes about the target, is only on the surface level.

That’s why, once you designate your target visually, your magic dissipates as soon as it comes in contact with the target.

Through magic perception, you can capture the entire body of your target, plus your magic won’t disappear as soon as it comes in contact with them.
It’s obvious to tell which of the two is more destructive.

You can input both these values into your magic, but offensive magic chooses the one with lesser damage by default.
This means, visual information will get prioritized.
While using magic, it is necessary to firmly grasp the opponent through magical perception and erase any visual information of them from your head.

“The final blow was definitely done through magical perception.”
“But the first, and second, were done visually.”
“…Well yeah, I suppose.”

With Sui’s current abilities, if she were to lock-on a greywolf with magical perception and use [Water Sphere], she could take it down with a single shot.
Seeing how she not only failed to do that, but also barely caused it any damage, means that she targeted using her eyes.
As a result, it took those earlier shots on without a scratch.

“Don’t sweat it.
Even I couldn’t help but rely on visual targeting in the beginning.
Given enough time, you’ll figure it out as well.”

Sui nods in dissatisfaction.
But this was something she had no choice but to learn in battle, so I kept quiet.

That said, for an enemy to get targeted with magical perception, they must possess magic themselves.
Magic tools, animals, and plants possess it in small quantities, but it’s not enough to serve as practice.
If you’re good enough to capture those, then magic perception is no longer a challenge for you.

The only things around that could be used as target practice were humans, but you couldn’t very well use those.
Even a small error during practice could become fatal.

Another way of hitting enemies is by specifying a fixed location for your magic to hit, but designating the body is better practice for a moving target.
Most offensive magic possess a tracking ability, in any case.

It would be better to practice using greywolves, which possess a relatively low threat level.

“I have confidence that Sui will get used to it pretty quick, so keep at it.”
“I’ll try.”

I encouraged her while patting her head.

I believed those words, since I knew Sui was a genius with regards to magic.

Her pick-up speed while training was astonishing to see as well.
Besides, Sui seemed to be good at thinking logically.

Magic becomes easier, the more logical your thought process is.

It is designed in a way to solve the exact problem at hand, like a program.
What will become what, and how, are thoughts which supplement the process of setting values, or choosing which magic should be used accordingly.
The guy who came up with it could have been a scientist.

“Hey Sui, all that’s left is your cane.”
“Could you bring your cane here?”

Kili and Aria call out to Sui.

In the middle of our conversation, the four seemed to have finished their repairs, and Sui was the only one left.
As if her body had been rejuvenated in that period, Aria seemed restless about wanting to enter the forest again.

“I’m, coming.”

Saying that, Sui heads on over towards Aria and the others.

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