“What are you three getting so excited about?”

“May I also know why?”

Milia and Kili had returned to the dining room.
Milia had also returned to her usual calm appearance.

“We were just talking about training, going forward.
To improve our training efficiency we might have to dive into the Demon Forest.”
“…That so.
If that means we can get more out of training, then let’s do it.”
“If Lain thinks it’s necessary, I have no objections.”

Neither of them objects to training in the forest.
As expected, having almost died yesterday seemed to have had a big impact on them, and their desire to get stronger was alit.

“Now then, while these three learn magic suitable to them, I’ll have Milia and Kili do some studying.”

I hand them the book I had taken out of [Storage], in advance.
The book I handed over was called “A Guide to Magic from Zero”, which was written in an ancient magician civilization and describes magic widely and shallowly.

Fortunately, this book was translated to modern language a while ago, and I’d gotten my hands on that version.
Well, even the translated version has a lot of old phrases, so I don’t think you’ll get any help there.

“This one’s about magic like [Heal] which recover parts of the body.
It’s good for improving the resiliency of Milia’s magic, and since there are some parts about herbs, I want Kili to learn from it as well so she can act as support.
I’d also like you to use this to learn the language of ancient magician civilization.”
“That’s fine, but where’d you pull out this book from.”
“I’ll tell you once everyone’s capable of a certain level of self-defense.”

Kili looked at me with half-open eyes, but I won’t teach them that yet.
Though I believe they’ll be strong enough for it by the time spring arrives.

“I do have other books, but they’re mostly in ancient language, which is why I want you to master it as soon as you can.
Your aim should be to get proficient enough so that you can teach the other three.”
“Alright, but will the two of us teach them? Wouldn’t it be fine if Lain does it instead?”
“I’m sorry, but it’s difficult for me to do that since I can only manage to read the language myself.”

I tried teaching it to old-man Gil once, but my lesson ended in 5 minutes with him saying- “I don’t get a single word you’re sayin’”.

“Well, I’ll clear any doubts you may have, so I’d like you to learn on your own.
Though if it seems difficult, I’ll look for some other way.”
“I’ll see what I can do.”

I prayed that they did well in this venture.


“Let’s start foraging in this area.”

We have come to the Demon Forest to forage.
Even though I said training in the forest, I’ll have them carry out simple cellection tasks while running from monsters for now.

Aria and the others were raring to fight monsters, but it’s too reckless for them to fight ones like greywolves.
Just like how humans become stronger with more magic, monster also become stronger the more magic they have.
The amount of magic possessed by a greywolf is about 10.
Aria and the others would be mostly at 2.
Allowing a margin of error, they should fight it only after it reaches 7.
Which is why, I’ll have them run away for now.

Well, even in case of an emergency, I would defeat the monsters myself but if I defeat too many and one emerges from the depths of the forest, it’ll be too troublesome.

“Then as planned, Reno will go ahead to scout.”
“Got it, Lain nii-chan!! [Body Strengthening].”

Reno strengthens her body and runs around looking for enemies.
If you take actions which depend on your agility, that status becomes easier to increase.

“Now it’s foraging until Milia’s [Blessing] runs out.”
“I’ll try maintaining it as long as I can.”

Milia still wasn’t capable of setting numbers to her magic.
But apparently, she had been using [Illuminate] for long periods to read books in bed, and was capable of maintaining magic for long durations.

As a result, I had her cast the light spell [Blessing] on everyone.
This is a spell which activates on whoever it’s cast on, and increases their magical effectiveness.

It still only increases it by 10%, so I guess it’s not that different from a charm for now.
Regardless, it’s better than not using it, and getting her to use it improves her proficiency with light magic, while also improving her ability to manipulate magic.

“Kili and Milia will carry out the foraging, and the collection itself will be done by Kili’s [Collect].”
“T, that’s a heavy responsibility.”

Kili will use [Collect] to begin gathering.
It is possible to forage without this magic, but foraging with magic is far more efficient.

“Sui as well, if the strengthening on your bottle runs out, let me know.”
“I know.
Will let, you know.”

Sui is carrying satchels and bottles with strengthening magic on them.
Normally I’d use endowment magic to create a strengthened container, but Kili possesses neither the required knowledge, nor the technical know-how to make one, so I’m having Sui do it with her magic which simultaneously trains her as well.

“Hey, is it fine if I look around for things too?”
“…Yeah that’s fine, but can you do that while casting [Body Strengthening] on yourself?”
“Uu, that’s…”
“Moving around with luggage, makes stengthening magic, very difficult.”
“L, luggage…”

Aria is carrying most of the luggage while casting [Body Strengthening] on herself.
This is to improve her durability.
To be honest, the sight of a girl holding a large number of bags by herself seems like a punishment, and I can’t help but feel a little guilty, but there’s no helping it since it’s for training.

“Greywolf spotted-!!”

With Reno’s return, today’s foraging was over and we all returned to the village at full speed.

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