“I’m heading out for a bit.
If something happens, yell and I’ll run back.”

“I understand.
Take care.”

Saying that, Lain steps out of the house.
Yesterday was really stressful.

To think, that such a strong monster would attack the village shortly after we left.
Lain said it was his fault, but the village being near the Demon Forest is a fact.
I should have forseen something like this.

“Aria, when will you head to town next?”
“…I wonder.”

I coudn’t give a proper answer to Kili’s question.

There is no guarantee that another monster won’t attack us again.
In that case, if Lain were not here, someone might just lose their lives.

Milia seemed curious as well, since she had raised her head from the book she was reading, and was looking at us.

In any case, I was thinking it might be better to register in spring, and pay the immigration tax.
It’s not hard to pay that much, if it’s just for Lain.

Lain had an elusive atmosphere, so I was thinking of various ways of making him stay.

He’s an important male, and the defensive power of the village would increase dramatically even with a single magician.

Getting him registered as a resident here was also one of those ways.
Due to his personality, I thought he wouldn’t leave so easily if I had it in written.

However, this time, my perception changed a little when I saw him desperately returning to the village and fight for us.
Lain cares about us more than I thought he did.
I felt something like that.

That’s why, it feels wrong for me to make him stay here intentionally.

“…I’ll discuss this with Lain.
It’s something that concerns him after all.”

If Lain works for us without being forced, I’ll also do what’s best for him.
These are my current thoughts.

If we don’t stop relying on him every time, he might start pitying us.
As comrades, there is nothing more shameful than that.

“…Sounds good, I like that.”

Kili must have had her own opinions.
After going through something like that, she must be wanting a strong magician like Lain nearby.

However, Kili should know this as well.
That the current situation of being protected by him isn’t very desirable.

In fact, seeing me train my magic as soon as she woke up this morning, Kili began training silently next to me.
Till now, she had skipped out on training before breakfast, lunch, and dinner by claiming it was dangerous to cook while out of magic power.

There’s no doubt that there was a change in her heart.

“Good morning-“

As Kili and I were having a conversation, Sui and Reno also wake up.

“Good morning.
Do you two feel like eating something?”
“Today is, fine.”
“I’ll eat-“

Saying that, the two sit at the table.
These two, on the other hand, hadn’t changed a bit.

Kili and I laugh seeing the two of them, with peaceful minds.


At that time, a loud noise blared and the ground shook.

“W, what? what just happened?”
“I’m not sure, but somehow, it doesn’t sound threatening.”
“Y, yeah.”

The 5 of us hug each other and were shaking.
Kili, Milia, and I were terrified about what was going to happen, but Reno and Sui, who had just awakened, didn’t seem to be too afraid.
What does “not sounding threatening” even mean?

“Let’s go and check outside.”
“Milia, are you serious!?”

Milia mentions going outside, so I inadvertently say what I was thinking.
But Milia doesn’t even flinch at my words, and looks at me.

“Lain went outside so it might just be him.
Besides, this house is shaking too much and might collapse at any moment.
In that case, wouldn’t it be better to be outside near Lain?”
“…That may be so, but…”

After just deciding to not rely on Lain too much, it’s a bit embarassing to end up doing that right away.
Though, I had only decided that in my mind, so Milia wouldn’t know that.
Plus it’s unavoidable in this case.

“Lain nii-chan is outside? Then, we should go too.”
“Lain might be up to something.
If we don’t go and ask him, nothing will change.”
“…That’s true.
Then, let’s all go together.”

Milia and Kili nod to my suggestion.

“Then, let’s go.”
“Ah, don’t go ahead on your own!”

Kili chases after Reno, who was about to go outside by herself.
Me, Sui, and Milia also chase after them.

“Wha, wha, wha! What is thiiis—!”
“You must be kidding.”

Kili and Reno however, stop as soon as they step outside.
We hurry outside as well, only to see a large fortress like building in front of our house.

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