el his appetite return.
When Jiho had almost cleared a bowl of rice, his father called him.



“I’ll set a space up for you, so you should try going on a blind date3.”

“…A blind date?”


They say your head goes blank when you’re startled.
That’s what Jiho felt right now.

It was so sudden that his mind went completely blank.
It was only after he felt the three people’s gazes on him that he woke up.

A blind date at his age?

Jiho is only 24.
He’s much younger than the average age of marriage these days.

On top of that, both his older brother and sister had dated and married freely.

That’s why he thought his parents weren’t going to bother with his marriage but… to suddenly tell him to go on a blind date.
Although Jiho truthfully hated the idea, he nodded.

“Um… if it’s needed, I will.”

If this was in the past, Jiho would’ve refused, asking what they were talking about, but the situation was different now.

One year ago, the effects of Jiho’s rank assessment had spread to Chungram.
His father, who ran the company transparently, was suddenly called a corrupt chaebol and swept into scandals with no evidence.

The rumors that were spread then have since died down.
But getting rid of doubts takes a long time.

Jiho felt a lot of guilt for this.
Not only did he worry his parents, who loved and cared for him all of his life, but he even rolled all of their life’s work in the dust. 

One of the reasons Jiho continued to stubbornly hold on to being a hunter was to prove those rumors wrong.
Even though his parents didn’t want him to. 

He is, in many ways, an unfilial child.
Although he never thought he would be in an arranged marriage, if it was needed, he would follow.

But then.


Jiho’s face turned white as he turned to Yiwon.

A terrifying aura of mana came out from Yiwon.
Jiho, who, as an awakened one, is sensitive to mana, wasn’t the only one to feel it; his parents’ bodies flinched as they felt something dangerous too.

“What are y…”

“Look at this person.
Our baby is still so young but you want him to go on a blind date?”

Before Jiho could properly scold Yiwon, his mother cut in.

His mother didn’t know the source of that dangerous feeling, so her rebukes were aimed solely at his father, who brought up the topic of the blind date.

His father, who got hit by Jiho’s mother, frowned and fake coughed.


“This man.
Why are you scaring this poor child? You’re scaring him.”

His mother glared at his father.
As she did so, an apologetic look appeared on Shin Joong Ho’s face.

His parents know well about Jiho’s guilt.
Besides stubbornly sticking to being a hunter, their kind son does whatever they tell him to do, even if he doesn’t want to.

“No, I’m not trying to force you… I was just, suggesting that you go meet someone like other kids do these days.
Not for marriage, just… What do people call that these days? Anyways, try meeting other young people.
I heard a lot of kids say they like you because you’re good-looking.
My friends are going crazy with how they want you as their son-in-law.

His father explained.

It seemed like a simple blind date4 was turned into something more.
Jiho felt relieved.

“If it isn’t something I need to do, then I’m sorry, but I will refuse.
I don’t have any thoughts of dating right now.”

“You don’t?”

I don’t have time to think about that right now.
There’s a lot more important things.”

This is the turning point where he can change the opinion that he’s a corrupt B-rank hunter.
He doesn’t have the time to spend on something like dating.

Plus Jiho had a certain fantasy about dating. 

In high school, he turned down multiple confessions with the excuse of having to study.
In college, he turned down many people too. 

Since he doesn’t have any experience, Jiho’s fantasy about dating only grew.

Jiho usually takes good care of people.
He thinks of people close to him as particularly special, and although he’s never had one before, he’s sure that he would treat his lover with a lot of care.

He wants to make a cool confession, take the other out on a date wherever they want, call everyday, get couple rings, and treat them well.
Even though he has no experience, his fantasy grows day by day.

That’s why there’s no way he can start dating right now.
Since he’s planning to pour everything into his work right now.
Jiho planned to try dating after the situation stabilizes and he has the time to take care of his lover.

For some reason, his mother looked between Yiwon and Jiho before putting on a gracious smile.

“Eung~ Our baby is still too young to date, right? It’s okay to date after you find someone you like.”

Seemingly dissatisfied by Jiho’s mother’s words, his father frowned and set his spoon down with some force.

“Still, both sides have to like each other in order to start dating.
It’s bad to push that person, huh, if that person never said they liked him.
People who do that are lowly people.”

“Ey… the kids will figure it out themselves.”

Blinking, Jiho got a feeling.

It seems like this was brought up because Yiwon keeps making weird jokes and sticking to him.
His dad must’ve wanted to stick an actual girlfriend to Jiho so that Yiwon would stop saying that kind of stuff.

But that’s just a joke Yiwon’s been making since the two of them were young.

Jiho glanced at Yiwon.
Yiwon pretended to not understand by raising his eyebrows before starting to eat again.

‘Even if I have to wring his neck, I should stop him from doing those kinds of interviews from now on.’

Of course, it’s impossible for Shin Jiho to wring SS-rank Joo Yiwon’s neck… Thinking that that guy always makes him tired for no reason, Jiho, too, finished his meal.

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