Normal filming devices aren’t able to completely capture things like fissures or gates.
There are videos edited by mana waves, but the distortion on this video looked too real to argue that someone faked it.

The video fast-forwarded.
Unlike other fissures, no monsters came out of the fissure in the video.
The fissure stayed in the same spot with no other movement.

When ten minutes passed in the CCTV footage. 

Something slowly walked out of the part of the video that was glitching.

A head and body.
It definitely had the appearance of a human.
When compared to its surroundings, it looked about as big as an average adult man.

The video stopped.

The MeTuber put a picture at the highest brightness up and started talking about the person coming out of the fissure.

But because it was dark and there were bushes blocking the way, it was hard to make out the exact appearance of the figure.
They were only able to see the back of the head, a straight body, and the legs.

Jiho snorted.
The video smelled so fake that it was laughable to think that he concentrated on it for a second.

This is just a fake video made to look somewhat reliable.
It’s no different from the fake psychics that used to go around before the fissures happened. 

There have been lots of monsters that walk on two feet like humans before.

But no monster has ever looked exactly like a human.
Anyone can tell that they’re different from creatures of this world.

Compared to those monsters, this is a person’s silhouette.
Not only is there nothing to indicate that it’s not human, but the moment it came out of the fissure wasn’t captured either.
There was a high chance that this was just a passerby. 

On top of that, if this was real, would it only be going around MeTube?

It’s possible to check fissures that have already opened.
If they found out that a monster had left the area after checking the mana traces around the fissure, an alert would have been sent to all of the guilds.

It has only been three years since unknown beings began to spill onto Earth.
It is a time where even cults are capitalizing off of it, saying that fissures are God’s punishment and that this is the end of the world.

This, too, is just another bit of fake news.

Jiho thought no one believed in these things; to think someone like that is right next to him…

Jiho tsked and handed the smartphone that was replaying the video back to Jaeun. 

“Instead of watching stuff like this, study, Jaeun.”


Jaeun’s face darkened from anger since Jiho wouldn’t believe him.
Instead of nagging him more, Jiho comforted Jaeun.

“They’re just trying to start something since people are nervous about how the predictions are off these days.
Don’t fall for this stuff.”

“But Hershey said something was off too.”

“Who’s Hershey?”


Jaeun moved his hand and showed Jiho another MeTuber.

On the screen was a man with light blue hair who looked just over twenty.
Judging from how the rest of the hair on his body was dyed too, it looked like he used a dye item4.

“Isn’t he handsome? He’s a MeTuber, but he’s a hunter too.”

Jaeun looked proud, as if the person he was talking about was himself.
Seeing this, Jiho was even more unimpressed.
He was worried that this brat would be scammed later on…

“There’s a lot of fake hunters too.”

“Hershey isn’t like that!”


It was ridiculous how fast Jaeun refuted him.
There’s so much false information on MeTube; how can he believe all of that…

If he believes everything on MeTube, then Shin Jiho is an immoral piece of trash.

Jiho considered whether he should tell his brother to educate his son properly.
Jaeun spoke as if he was wronged. 

“It’s true.
Hershey is in Heaven Guild.”


Heaven is the name of the guild set up by Heaven5,which is one of Korea’s major conglomerates.
One of the four S-rank guilds in Korea.
Of those four, Heaven is the biggest in size.

Although he’s probably not some scammer if he’s in Heaven Guild, that’s not the problem here.

It might be obvious, but Heaven and Chungram don’t have that good of a relationship with each other. 

If you were to just compare the guilds, Chungram is by far in the lead, but the difference between their parent companies, Heaven and Chungram, is large.
A tight power struggle is going on right now, but this brat who grew up comfortably thanks to Chungram’s money…

Jiho hit Jaeun over the head.


“There’s other things you can like.
How can you like Heaven Guild?”

“I don’t like Heaven either! I only like Hershey!”


Speechless, Jiho looked at the guy on the screen.
Jiho hadn’t recognized him because his hairstyle was different from before.
But after hearing he was from Heaven Guild, Jiho knew who he was.

Hershey, or Heo Su Hyuk6, is an awakened one who is more famous as a MeTuber than as a hunter.

There are a lot of awakened ones who became famous for their unusual skills, and Hershey is one of them.

Jiho heard that Hershey was once an idol trainee… Since he was both pretty and talented, he was very popular.

Unlike the lower ranks of similar MeTubers, Hershey is a skilled B-rank support hunter.
Because he’s also in Heaven Guild, there was no way he wouldn’t have risen.

Of course, the most famous hunter is Joo Yiwon.

Even though he’s rich, he shoots a lot of commercials, appears on TV sometimes, and does interviews.

Although MeTuber or celebrity awakened ones like Hershey are sometimes criticized for doing that instead of protecting the world, no one says that about Joo Yiwon.
To say that Joo Yiwon isn’t working hard as a hunter, he’s always been first in the number of dungeon raids participated in after awakening. 

“Uncle, are you thinking of Yiwon hyung?”

Jiho was shocked by the sudden jab.

“How did you know?”

“Just from your expression… Ha, both Uncle and Hyung really…”

Jaeun said some baffling words and shook his head side-to-side as he sat on the sofa across from Jiho.

Instead of asking Jaeun to clarify his confusing words, Jiho answered all of the questions Jaeun had about hunters.

After 30 minutes of talking with each other, Jaeun, who was looking out the window, jumped up.

“Hyung’s here.”

“Joo Yiwon?”

Shin Jihye and Joo Yiwon were walking across the front yard together.
Did they get off work from the guild together?

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1. The idiom used here, 눈에 넣어도 아프지 않다, is most similar to the English idiom, apple of one’s eye.
It means that something is so precious and lovely that even if it was stuck in their eye, they wouldn’t mind.

2. From what I know, Author-nim has never revealed Jiho’s older brother’s age, but his older sister is 19 years older than Jiho.
Since his brother is the oldest, they’re at least 20 years apart!

3. Korea treats seniority very important, but this doesn’t always mean age.
Jiho is technically a generation above Jaeun.
So no matter how close in age they are–and even if Jaeun was older than Jiho–Jiho would have still been considered his elder.

4. Man if only there was something like this in this world.

5. Heaven Guild and Heaven Co.
use two different words.
The word for the guild (하늘) can mean both sky and heaven.
The word for the co.
(천공) would fit better with “the heavens,” but I figured Heaven has a nicer ring to it.

6. The first letter of Hershey is 허, which is the same as his last name, Heo.

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