off as a joke.

From Yoo Gyung Woo’s perspective, the reason why Joo Yiwon doesn’t approach Jiho seriously is because Joo Yiwon himself knows he’s crazy, so he tries to hold himself back.

In other words, Shin Jiho is the leash that keeps the beast–no monster–that is Joo Yiwon, calm.

If something happens to Shin Jiho, Joo Yiwon might go from humankind’s hero and savior to the world’s worst nightmare.

‘Jiho, please come out safely.’

Yoo Gyung Woo prayed sincerely for the safety of Shin Jiho: his former brother-in-law and close younger brother5, and the leash that keeps the world’s strongest disaster in check.

However, the probability of Shin Jiho coming out alive is low.
In fact, there was basically none.

A hunter with sensing skills judged that this dungeon was an S-rank.
It’s a dungeon that can only be raided if there are at least two S-rank hunters. 

Seon Tae Woong, who was trapped in with Shin Jiho, is definitely a competent A-rank hunter, but he falls short from S-ranks.
If the dungeon was an A-rank, Gyung Woo would have held onto some hope but… it was only a matter of time before two dead bodies came out of this dungeon.

Considering the worst-case scenario, Joo Yiwon was calmer than Gyung Woo thought he would be.
It wouldn’t have been weird for him to be going crazy right now…

“Jiho will not die.”

Yoo Gyung Woo jumped up in shock from the voice next to him.
Joo Yiwon glared at Yoo Gyung Woo with a face that looked like it wanted to kill someone.

It’ll be good if he comes out fine.”

“It’s not that it will be good if he comes out fine but that he won’t die yet.”


“He may be a little hurt but he’ll come out alive.”

“Ah, okay.”

Yoo Gyung Woon answered awkwardly before turning his head away.

There were times when Joo Yiwon would say ridiculous things with complete confidence.

It was like that when he first raided a dungeon despite everyone’s protests, and when he ranted about the possibility of predicting the appearance of fissures when everyone else was talking about abandoning the city and evacuating.

In situations besides those as well, Joo Yiwon acted like someone with predictive abilities.
Everything really went the way he said.

Because of his success rate, Chungram guild considered the guildmaster’s words as absolute.
There was not much harm in listening to Joo Yiwon.

However, Yoo Gyung Woo cannot do the same this time.

Joo Yiwon was only acting confident with his words.
In reality, his palm was going through a cycle of bleeding and healing over and over again because of how hard he was clenching his fist.

Although it would be good if Shin Jiho really came out alive like Joo Yiwon said…

The fingertips of Joo Yiwon, who had been silent, twitched.
Yoo Gyung Woo prepared to take out his weapons and block the crazy f*cker next to him if he jumped.

However Joo Yiwon did not move to attack.

The dungeon that had swallowed the two people was reopening.

If the people inside had died, the dungeon would swallow more people up in the same way it did before.
Thus, the gate should have opened at once like it did when it first appeared, but…

The straight split in the air opened very stably.

From a dot to a line, from a line to a plane.
A hunter nearby saw the entrance expanding and shouted with joy.

“The dungeon, it’s opening normally!”

A normal opening.

Yoo Gyung Woo’s eyes were so wide open from his shock that they couldn’t get any bigger.

It was a result hard to believe despite seeing it with his own eyes.

Did an A-rank like Seon Tae Woong and B-rank like Shin Jiho really defeat the boss monster inside?

Relief and new worry rose up at the same time.
Even if they had defeated the boss monster, there was no way the two were alright.

From the completely open door, a shadow limped out.

Seon Tae Woong was piggy-backing an unconscious Shin Jiho.6

Unlike Seon Tae Woong, who wasn’t badly hurt, the clothes on Shin Jiho’s back were completely ripped apart and he must’ve thrown up blood again as his face was pale.

However, Seon Tae Woong and Shin Jiho were alive.
As a hunter, Yoo Gyung Woo could sense that they were alive.


Yoo Gyung Woo shouted in relief and joy.
At the same time, Joo Yiwon scrunched his face up as if something was bothering him.

Joo Yiwon marched up and stole Shin Jiho from Seon Tae Woong before holding Jiho in his arms.

With his half-lidded eyes, Seon Tae Woong tried to resist a bit.
But it must’ve been a subconscious action, as he stared into the empty air before collapsing.

Yiwon ignored the unconscious Tae Woong and hugged Jiho tightly, making sure to avoid his injuries.
With trembling hands that were unlike him, Yiwon caressed Jiho before bowing his head.

Yiwon carefully placed his forehead on top of Jiho’s.
Only when he felt Jiho’s light breath touch his lips did Yiwon finally sigh in relief.


It was hard to believe that this weak, trembling voice came from an SS-rank hunter.

Yoo Gyung Woo, who was watching the unexpected situation in a daze, finally regained his wits.

If they’re left alone for 30 more seconds, it looks like they’re going to start kissing.


For many different reasons, Gyung Woo hurriedly called for the healers that were waiting at a distance.
The healers, who had expected a negative outcome, ran over quickly.

At the unbelievable sight, cameras flashed repeatedly.
The area that was darkening from the setting sun lit up from the white lights. 

It was a huge incident.

An A-rank hunter and B-rank hunter defeated an S-rank dungeon by themselves.

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