Lia didn’t know much about the Cheshire Merchant.

There was no way she knew of the Guild, since it was an exclusive property even to high-ranking aristocrats, let alone commoners like her.

Therefore, when she got to the front of Cheshire, she almost collapsed from her legs shaking.

The building was grand like a palace, and the carriages that went in and out of it were dazzling as well.

There was no way she could set foot in a place like that.

It was certain that she would be regarded as something vulgar and would be executed the moment she stepped in.

I’m-, I’m scared.

The noblewoman who handed her the card was blindingly beautiful and kind.

But Lia knew very well that not all nobles were like that.

Nobles were fearful.
They had no mercy, even toward children.

Lia couldn’t fully trust the card.
But the moment she turned her heels and tried to run away…

‘It’s a gift because you’re brave.’

Those words brought Lia to a halt.

A gift for her bravery.

Lia had something to protect.
She risked her own life for that.

But couldn’t she have the courage to do this much?

She bit her lip and turned around again.

She then took a step towards the Cheshire building, which looked like a castle.

As soon as she entered, the guardian who was on the watch blocked Lia’s way.

This is not a place where you can set foot in.”

The Guardian’s voice was cold.

But Lia had already expected it.

At least she wasnt dragged out.


Lia, who was baffled about what to say, took out the card and held it out to the Guardian instead.

The Guardian, who tried to ignore her at first, stopped immediately when he saw the sentence imprinted on the card.

That’s because it was a card issued only to a very small number of VIPs.

Maybe it’s stolen…but that can’t be true…

Eventually, the Guardian didn’t think Lia stole it from anywhere.

What crazy aristocrat would have this precious card stolen by a little girl?

Only the lord of the branch is the one who issues the VIP card.

The Guardian’s gaze fell on Lia.

Lia, who was already scared, shrank even more at the intimidating gaze.

The Guardian, upon making up his mind, moved of from the way he had blocked and said.

“Follow me, miss.”


It was the first time Lia got to hear honourifics and ride an elevator.

The place where the elevator arrived was the main room on the ninth floor.

As Lia followed the Guardian, her pink eyes were busy scanning the surroundings.

The walls, similar to the floor were made of snow-white marble.

Artworks that seemed to be of great value were also on display.

In this clean, white place, Lia felt like she was the only foreign object.
Guilt was welling up inside her.

After walking down the long hallway, another huge door appeared.

“Excuse me, sir.”

At the Guardian’s words, an answer came back, allowing them to come in.

Lia was led inside.

The interior of the room was even larger.

And it was filled with a subtle smell.

It was only after a while that she realised it was the smell of paper and ink.

“Vice-master, this child has brought this with her.”


Lia looked up at the owner of the room.

He was a very beautiful man, just like the aristocrat who gave her the card.

Were all nobles that beautiful?

But Lia immediately shook those thoughts off her head.

As she begged on the street, she saw countless nobles, but the only beautiful nobles were the lady who gave her the card and the lord in front of her.

“This card is…”

On Leone’s part, he also found it difficult to hide his confusion.

It was the card he gave to Eureia.

It was a card made with great care, so it was recognisable at first glance.

“Where did you get this card?”

Perhaps she lost it, Leone asked in a cold voice.

Lia, who clearly sensed his coldness, replied in trembles.

“A-a beau-beautiful noble lady gave it to me…She told me to take this to the Cheshire Merchant, and sho-show it to you to get help…”

Promptly, Lia lay down as she did in front of Eureia and said.

“I can do anything well.
Please! Anything you ask of me…! I don’t mind being starved.
But my sister-, please give my sister food.
I beg of you!”

Lia looked at her own pink hair that was disheveled on the clean floor.

Her dusty hair was dirtying the white floor.
Thus, Lia was very afraid that it would upset the nobleman.

He was silent for a moment.

It was actually a short amount of time, but it was a long and tense time for Lia, who was holding her breath.

Finally, the silence was broken by the man’s voice.

“What is your name?”

“It-it’s Lia.”

“Where is your sister?”

“My sister is at home.
But she hasn’t eaten anything for four days.
My sister is small and weak, and if she doesn’t get something to eat soon, she might die.

Eventually, tears welled up in her eyes and fell to the floor.

No, I can’t.
He would hate it if the floor is dirty.

But Lia couldn’t stop her tears.

Tia, who was four years younger than her, looked like a five-year-old even though she was ten.

She was so thin that she was all skin and bones.

She had been starved for so long that her hungry stomach couldn’t even growl anymore.

Still, Tia didn’t show that she was hungry.
She was a good younger sister who always asked her to eat first.

But now, she didn’t even have the energy to talk anymore.

Lia thought that Tia might die the following day, so she wanted to do something to protect Tia, even if it’s just a little, before it’s too late.

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