I headed to the carriage with Eril and Hilary.
The maid was still stunned by what had happened in the boutique.
And the knight, though did not show much, seemed a little surprised.

“Mi-miss, is everything okay?”

The carriage departed, and Eril asked cautiously.

“If you’re asking about my finances, then don’t worry.”

I answered softly.

Of course, it was more than I expected, but this amount didn’t do much harm to my financial situation.

Despite my confirmation, Eril still looked anxious for a moment.
But soon she nodded with relief after what she had just been through.

Then she chimed.

“Actually, I was really angry when I saw those people mocking the Miss, but it was so refreshing to see her destroy their arrogance!”

“Did I?”

“Yes! I can’t believe I am serving such a wonderful person…I am such a blessed maid!”

Eril’s eyes twinkled.

She looked like a puppy that had just received a snack.
I smiled faintly.

“All right then, I shall continue to work hard to become an even more wonderful master for you.”

“You’re already great the way you are now.”

As I listened to Eril’s continuous praises, I glanced up at the setting sun.

With this, I’ve solved the matter concerning attires.

I shut my heavy eyelids.
During the academy, Eureia’s nickname was not ‘Glass Doll’ for nothing.
Albeit, I had not been inside this body for that long, I could still tell the reason why.
Just as the fragile impression that the name gave off, this body got exhausted just by moving a little.

I guess I wouldn’t be able to swing the sword again.

Back in my days as the Guild’s head, I hired a teacher to learn swordsmanship.

The reason was obvious.
As the Merchant was expanding rapidly, there were some people trying to kill me.

It was not uncommon for an assassin to infiltrate at dawn.

Usually, it was handled by the guards, but there were assassins who broke through the security and successfully made it in, so I inevitably had no choice but to learn swordsmanship to defend myself.

I pride myself on having some talent with it.

At that time, the swordsmanship teacher even called me a genius.

However, that was when my physical strength and body supported me.
But now?

It would be better to carry at least one weapon for self-defense just in case.

No one would pay me some visits right now, but once I became a Viscountess and join the Cheshire Group, there would definitely be some uninvited guests.

For now…should I take a nap?

The chain of thought was broken with the consciousness slowly being submerged.


Time flew by quickly.

Other than finding a dress to wear to the imperial palace, there were a lot of small things left that had to be done before my departure.

“I am supposed to follow you and look after you…”

On the way to see me off, Eril said tearfully.

“According to the Imperial Palace law, it is only allowed to have one companion.
And I feel more comfortable leaving the mansion to Eril than entrusting it to the new hires.”


At my words, Eril’s teary eyes widened.
She had a change of mind almost in an instant.

“Yes! Please trust me! I’ll be perfectly guarding the Viscounty while you’re away!”

Actually, I didn’t really have high expectations for Eril, but I nodded anyway, pretending to have a bit of faith in her words.

“Hillary, please take good care of my lady.”

“It’s only natural because it’s my mission to protect lady Eureia.”

Hillary nodded stiffly.

“Well then, take care.”

“Yes, have a safe trip!”

After I bid Eril goodbye, I got into the carriage together with Hilary.

The carriage set off at once.

It took less than an hour to get to the Imperial Palace from the mansion.

Inside the moving carriage, I became pensive.

It’s been three years since the new emperor took over the throne.

I looked back on the information I had gathered in advance through Leone.

… through a rebellion.

A lot has changed in the seven years I was gone, but the biggest change was the replacement of the imperial power through the rebellion.

He’s the former emperor’s illegitimate son.

A person who rebelled, beheaded the emperor and ascended to the throne by himself.

I heard that he grew up hiding his identity and suddenly appeared and started a coup d’état.

After a year of chaos, he was now evaluated as the best ruler among all emperors.

I wonder what kind of person he is.

Curiosity ensued, as he was the trigger of the biggest event that had ever happened during my absence here.

Maybe he could also form a friendly relationship with Cheshire.

The former emperor was on good terms with Cheshire.

Of course, it would be a lie to say that the emperor was not wary of us and wanted to keep us in check.
After all, the organisation held more than half of the national finances.
Nonetheless, thanks to the magic tools, the Empire advanced a few steps from other countries and achieved a dazzling golden age.

But he could not be called a good emperor.

The former emperor was, indeed, a war-maniac if he were to be described in one word.

He kept mingling with the neighboring countries day by day, and if he was displeased with something, even a little, he led the troops over and started an invasion.

The Lukdem Kingdom was also one of them.

The Cliff Empire’s territory was expanded by the emperor’s indiscriminate invasion and conquest, but there were also a number of victims.

I used to stay apathetic, and it did not matter to me whether the emperor was going to war or not…

But after meeting Hecard, I changed my mind.

When we first met, Heckard was on the verge of death.
The scars of war were etched on his body.


As I was deep in thought, the carriage abruptly stopped.

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