TMD Chapter 24 – Moonlight Novels

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Sienna9-11 minutes 25.07.2022

Bonita stared at me when I asked her.
I didn’t avoid that gaze.
Bonita patted my head gently.

“When did you grow up like this?”


“I feel it all over again.
What a long time nine years is.”

Bonita smiled at me, but I felt an unknown sadness.
Bonita, who had been stroking my head for a long time, carefully resumed her speech.

“Actually, I don’t know if I should say this to you.”


“I think it’s too much.”


Bonita’s voice gave a deep tremor.
I was going to say you don’t have to tell me if you’re so worried.
But Bonita’s eyes looking back at me were determined. 

“Miss Helena.”


“The Grand Duchess, Mary’s mother.”

My mother’s name was Helena.
To be honest, the thing I wanted to remember the most when I found out I became Mary was my mother’s name.
I put it away from my head for a while because I thought it would make me so sad.
I didn’t want to regret the existence of a mother who I couldn’t even meet.

When I think about my mom even when I’m Ha So-hee…… It made me sad.
I don’t want to love someone whom I didn’t even meet.

However, hearing it like this, I felt a strange longing.
I murmured Helena’s name softly.
Bonita hugged me again.

“It was a cold winter when Miss Mary was born.
It snowed.”

“……I see.”

“It’s still so vivid.
When she saw Miss Mary’s black hair, she said, “You look so lovely in contrast to the snow.”


“You don’t know how happy she was to know you were a girl.”

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In Bonita’s arms, I just blinked without saying a word.
Because I’ve never heard anything about the day I was born.
It didn’t feel real.
I felt like I heard a distant fairy tale 

She’s glad I was born.….
I was glad to hear that.
My mom was happy that I was born.
Maybe it’s normal, but I was very, very happy.

“And Helena’s hair was this red.”

“I see…”

“When I saw that red dress, I thought that Helena would have loved it, so I teared up.”

Bonita, who said that, took me out of her arms.
She sniffed and gulped because she was embarrassed.
Bonita smiled sweetly again.

“I didn’t want to tell you these things because I thought it was too early.”

“No, I wanted to hear it.”

“She was such a sweet person.”

That was enough for me.
So, I could smile brightly.
It was good just to know my mother’s name and hair color.
And that she was glad I was born.

“Shall we go have dinner now?”

I put on my red dress and headed for dinner.
Bonita held my hand tightly all the way.
I felt good to be closer to Bonita.

Even this space, which was intimidating for some reason, felt a little more familiar to me thinking that there was a touch of my mother who was happy that I was born.

“Oh, my lady, you’re so lovely!”

“It looks good on you.
Gille would love it.”

Hestia and Lucas, who found me, were genuinely impressed.
My cheeks turned red like the dress I wore when they said how cute I was.

“You really look like a doll.”


I seriously feel the need to have the toy sword that Hestia gave me a while ago because of Lucas, who feels like he needs to pet every once in a while.
Can I hit you just once like Hestia did?

Arriving at the dinner table only my share of the meal was ready.
I’m eating alone again today.

“Grand Duke Estin has an appointment for dinner tonight.”

As expected, you’re busy.
I felt a little down even though I knew this would happen.
I really wanted to say thank you for the dresses and toys.

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But if I’m going to eat alone, why am I wearing this dress? The life of a noble is truly mysterious.
I started my meal carefully so that it wouldn’t get on my clothes.

Ha, it’s really delicious today, too.
This soup is crazy…….
I’m speechless, I feel like I’m in ecstasy while eating.
I think I can go out and start a business with this recipe.

Yeah, I’ll sell it like a meal kit.
I think it’ll sell well if I sold it as Conler’s meal

“Are you done eating?”

Was I always this weak?

Bonita’s expression was bad looking at the meal I left behind.
I can’t help but feel full after eating this much.
When I looked at the food left behind, I thought, “Is this a sin? Stomach, when will you increase? Let’s do well, huh?”

“Don’t worry, your appetite will gradually increase.”

Is there a proverb in this world like this *’Giving a disease then giving a medicine’? If there is, it would be a proverb that really suits Lucas.
I wanted to applaud him for the sudden nice assist.

(T/N: This proverb is used when a person who initially caused trouble for others is offering a remedy and trying to help.)

After eating, I went back to my room and had to change my dress to sleep.
Yes, I know I have to change my dress before going to bed, but it was still a bit disappointing.
Even Bonita, who helped me change clothes, looked disappointed.

“It would have been nice if the Grand Duke had seen it…….”

As soon as Bonita’s words were finished, I heard a knock in my room.

“Come in.”


It was Lucas who opened the door and came in.
Lucas smiled brightly as if he was satisfied with my appearance.

“That’s a relief.
You haven’t changed yet.”

“What’s going on?”

“The Duke wants to see you for a second before you go to bed.”

I was dumbfounded by Lucas’s words.
I thought we weren’t going to meet today, so I relaxed, but he suddenly wants to meet me? Bonita looked excited.

“It’s a good thing you didn’t change!”

I headed to the drawing room where the Grand Duke is waiting.
Grand Duke Estin was sitting down on the sofa in the drawing room.
Wow, it looks like you were having a pictorial even if you were just sitting down like that.

“You’re here.
Sit down.”

As I approached Grand Duke Estin and lifted my skirt slightly to greet him, he waved as if saying I don’t need to do it.
When I saw that, I climbed onto the sofa in front of the Grand Duke and flopped down.

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The Grand Duke stared at me without saying a word.
Receiving that gaze made my hands sweaty, so I tried to wipe it on my skirt…… but I endured it since it’s a new dress. 

“Red looks good on you.”

“Thank, thank you.”

Red looks good on you…….

Is the Grand Duke looking at me and thinking of Helena? No, let’s not think about this.
I shook my head.
I don’t want to think of her unconsciously.


Even when I was Ha So-hee, I never had a mother.
My maternal grandmother cries whenever I mention my mother, so I couldn’t ask her about it.
Even if she became my mother after I possessed Mary, the existence of a mother is still too much for me.
I am scared that I might miss her at this rate.

“This one.”


“I don’t know if you’ll like it.”

Grand Duke Estin’s eyes darted down.
There was a huge box under the sofa.
No, is it some kind of a box day today? I’m sure this is a gift too.
I felt like I had to unpack it, so I went down and carefully opened the box.

“Grand Duke!”

I looked at him with astonishment.
What came out of the box was a wooden toy house.
It looked like the most expensive toy I’ve ever seen.
You’re giving me this?

“I heard it’s a trend for girls these days.”

“Oh, how did you know that?”

“Just say thank you.”

As I spoke as if I had broken down, Grand Duke Estin leaned back on the sofa with his arms folded as if he were annoyed.
Will he get mad if I refuse to take it.…?

This is really bought by Grand Duke Estin.
At first, I thought I shouldn’t receive it, but now that I think about it, I want to have it……? Isn’t this the first time you picked something for me? I think it would be good for Nero’s house.

“Thank you.”


I bowed my head and thanked him.
Only then did Grand Duke Estin look satisfied.

“Thank you for this dress, this toy house, and all the toys here!”

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“What are you thankful for?”


You said to thank you earlier.

“I just did what I was supposed to do.”


“It would be strange if your parents didn’t buy you clothes or toys.”

The problem is it’s too much… 

I laughed, though.
Yeah, I got what I deserve.
I carefully fiddled with the toy house and spoke cautiously.

“But Grand Duke…….”

“Why again?”

“T, thank you so much, I really liked it.
I’ll use it well!”

I quickly added after seeing his expression as if saying, “What are you going to do again?” Only then did Grand Duke Estin’s expression return to its original state.
I went on again with courage.

“But…… I thought how nice it would be to have this when I was in an orphanage.”

“I see.”

“So can I give some of these toys out to my orphanage friends?”

“I’ll do that.”


Oh, it’s easier than I thought



“Buy the same things here and send them to the orphanage.”

Oh, you’re going to buy the same thing and then send it.

It’s much more than I expected.
I can only shut my mouth. 

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