TMD Chapter 14

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Giefroy was decorated modernly.
Indeed, it is Conler’s territory.
It was moderately lively like a big city, but it wasn’t too much.
Recently, it was said that there was a large-scale urban plan within the territory.
I guess several people from the Conler family shared their ideas. 

But am I overly self-conscious?

Even if I tried not to be conscious, I could feel people passing by glancing at me.
One lady grabbed her child’s hand when her child looked at me and disappeared.


Hmm, am I that pretty?

After being showered with compliments by Gille and Lucas, I naturally thought this.
If I get caught having this kind of thought.
They would start teasing me again. 

Did they find out that I’m the youngest daughter of the Conler family….

Their gazes made me subtly uncomfortable so I went to the side where there were no people without realizing it.

It was a doll shop that stopped my footsteps after walking endlessly.
Cute, classic stuffed animals seemed to beckon me into the store.
It’s like a girl’s… dream? But I can’t find anything in my pocket…….

Ha, I turned around with a small sigh.
I bumped into someone while moving with my head down to avoid looking at the glimmering dolls. 


“Hey, kid.
You have to look ahead and walk.”

“I’m sorry…….”

I heard a loud voice over my head.
Based on the giggling voices it seemed to be a group, not just one.
Of course, I did something wrong, but the way they laughed seemed to be mocking me.
When I raised my head, I saw three men who looked grim.
Ugh, they’re so ugly that I feel bad.

I’m too used to the looks of Grand Duke Estin and Lucas…

But what was even worse was the obvious sneer on their faces.
Obviously, if someone who wasn’t looking ahead bumps into you, you might get angry.
But the emotions on their faces were not anger or irritation.

You bumped into me on purpose.


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This situation.

Judging from the experience of bullying in my previous life, I was right.
This bump is absolutely deliberate.
At least my guilt feeling disappeared.
I breathed a little. 

At times like this I know it would be better to avoid.  I bowed my head and turned to get back to where the carriage had been.
However, they grabbed my hand making me face them again. 

Damn it.….

“What is a kid doing here alone?”

They’ve been watching me for a while.
It was obvious that they wanted something from me.

Why do I get into such a quarrel? Is it because I don’t resemble Conler’s energy? This is so unfair.

As I looked up at the sky for a moment and felt regretful, I felt a hand touching my hair.
The touch was unpleasant, so I took a step back from them on guard.

“Your hair is black.”

He smiled and thought, “Oh, my!”

Black hair and black eyes are uncommon colors in the world.
Earlier, the uncomfortable eyes of street passers-by came to mind.

I was advertising that I was a member of the Conler family just by my existence.
I scanned the area quickly to find someone to ask for help.
However, I was already in a deserted place because I cleverly avoided people’s gaze.

I’m tired of this.

I could see roughly what the people in front of me were up to.

It’s like…….

“I wonder how much the black-haired girl would cost.”

It was clear that they intended to kidnap me.

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Oh, what should I do?

Before I knew it, I was dragged into a secluded alleyway and surrounded by them leaning against the wall.
Their grinning expression as if dreaming of a pink future through me was disgusting.

I don’t have batteries… 

Suddenly, a memory from my previous life came to mind.
Because of Seulbi’s childish scheme, I was bullied a lot not only by the girls in my class but also by the boys in elementary school.
Deciding that it would be better not to respond to such childish pranks, I ignored them but, contrary to my expectations it led to violence. 

I couldn’t just stay hit.

I couldn’t stop them by force, so I bought a battery and stuck it between my little fingers and beat one of the guys. 

Well, I got in trouble, but…… Since then, I’ve been rumored to be a real weirdo, so they stop touching me.

Come to think of it, the first weapon of mankind is stone.
I lowered my head and examined the ground, pretending to be depressed.
There was no way there’s a battery here, so I was going to grab a stone and beat them with that.

I think I can get away from the guy holding me…….
Even if I’m a child of the Conler family, I can’t fight three men with a little girl’s body. 

I should have followed Lucas.

It’s too late to regret.
I have to go through this adversity by myself somehow.
I should get out of here and go to the carriage to greet Grand Duke Estin and Lucas as if nothing had happened as much as possible. 

“Since your hair is black, should I take you to the Grand Duke of Conler?”

“It’ll be a lot of money.”

Wait, you’re taking me home?

My nervous body relaxed a little.
You’re going to take me home anyway, well.

…… Come to think of it, I might get the title of a nuisance young lady sooner than I thought.

They spent a lot of money looking for me everywhere, but as soon as they found me, I was kidnapped.
I’m going to make you spend more money on me again.
I looked at the ground again.
There should be a sharp stone rolling around somewhere.

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It was then.


He opened his mouth as he looked quietly at me.  His cheeks were hollowed out and his weasel-like sharp face shone coolly.

“Taking her to the duchy and saying she’s the Grand Duke’s precious daughter.
Of course, it’s not bad but…….”

When the weasel opened his mouth, the other two noisy men closed their mouths and looked at him.

I raised my eyes looking for a stone and looked him in the eye.

“Black hair and black eyes can be sold at a higher price to people who have noble tastes in the underground market.”


Listening to the weasel’s mean plan, I swallowed my saliva without realizing it.
I now seem to have been caught by some far more dangerous people than I thought.

Ha, it hasn’t been a while since I entered the Grand Duchy but I’m already causing such problems.

“Let’s take him to the hideout first.”

“Let’s go!”

“Oh, before that.”

The man next to the weasel wrapped his cloth around my head.
He was trying to hide my black hair that stood out in this world.
They thought it was a pretty good idea, so they went crazy with their thumbs up.

“Let’s really go now.”

As the hand gripped my wrist and dragged me harshly, I relaxed my body and followed without a pulse.
No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t win.
The weasel’s eyes were a little scary, but he was skinny, so I think I could do something about him, but the guy holding my hand and dragging it was quite big.


“There must be a nobleman who will love you very much.”

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As I sighed, the weasel ahead of me grinned and touched my cheek.

Ugh, dirty.
When I frowned to the fullest, he laughed out loud and took the lead again.
I glared at the back of the weasel’s head as hard as I could, while being dragged by the hands of a big man.
This kind of crisis didn’t even exist in the original story.
Although the original was centered on Astina.

You think the villain in the book deserves to be treated like this?

Grand Duke Estin’s words came to mind that strength beats justice.

If I had been more powerful, would I be dragged like this? I wouldn’t have been so beaten up by the director at the orphanage.

My lips pouted because I felt like tears were coming out of tears.



I tripped on purpose and fell on the street.
Then I grabbed a stone that was lying on the ground.
It was fortunate that my dress had pockets.
I put the stone in my pocket at the rate of use.

It’s unfair to go like this no matter how much I think about it.

I just entered the Grand duchy and had my first father, and I haven’t even called him my father yet, and no matter how much they hate me, I haven’t met my brothers yet.

It’s more of an unlucky fate than Hong Gil-dong.

No, since I died so miserably in my past life, I could be a little… happy in this life, right?

I don’t want much, just give me my inheritance and I will live my life doing business later.

Since I’m the villain in this novel, is it alright to hurt a few extras?

What is the most efficient way to throw a rock? I looked at his big body holding my wrist and measured it.
The back of my head aches… he’s too tall and he is holding my wrist, so I think I’ll be hurt too…if I throw a rock on him.

“What a strange combination.”

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