The mysterious tower that i will conquer


The tower is closed and no one is able to go in. 40% of the entire population has been sent into the tower when it appeared and among them is John, Davys best friend. He got teleported away while trying to call Davy.


”uh, my head hurts, what the hell happened, ” says John while stumbling around, he bumps into someone and he falls.

”what the, huh, is that a person? ” John says these words while looking around, he sees more and more people around, he gets a slight headache and he remembers what happened.

”oh right, that like that suddenly appeared and that tower as well, was I teleported, did these people experience the same thing? Sigh, lets just calm down and think this through. ”

John sits down and looks at the people near him, they are either scared to their cores or are passed out. John stands up and walks around but there is no entrance or exit, they are completely trapped.

”Goddammit, let us out of here, do you know who I am? You won get away with this. ” Says one of the guys around John, although he is shouting confidently, his knees are a different story, they are shaking so badly he can barely keep standing.

Everyone started to shout and most people are crying, including children. A light appears, shining so brightly it blinds every, a figure comes out of the light, with a slender body, shorts, a tight shirt and no shoes. The being starts floating around the people, looking at their faces and stops in the middle.

”Hello everyone, I am Sebastian, one of the administrators of the tower, I am sure you are all confused as to what happened and why you are all here. You have all been chosen by the tower to undergo a special trial and if you succeed you will all be awarded special abilities that will help you deal with the monster in your world. ” Says Sebastian as he flies around like a little kid.

John raises his hand and Sebastian points at him but before he could even say a word one of the bigger guys pushed him out of the way and he falls down, he guy approaches Sebastian, trying to be intimidating.

”listen here you little brat, if… ”

Sebastian snaps his fingers and the guy explodes, blood and guts fly toward the people, many of them pass out and some started to vomit. John almost also vomits but he looks away immediately.

Sebastian teleports in from of John and he looks closely at Johns face, a little too close that john falls down. Sebastian uses his magic and makes John stand up again.

”so what did you want to ask young man ” Sebastian says while having a really cute but slightly horny look on his face.

”what is wrong with him, is he Gay? ” John thought to himself.

”my questions are, what is going on outside the tower and what will happen if we die in here? ” asks john with a serious face.

”hmm, the outside world is fine, I advise you to think of yourself while in here, this may only be the trial floor but if you die in here then there is no coming back to life. ” Says Sebastian as he flies away.

Everyone starts murmuring and some start shouting begging to be released but Sebastian didn pay any attention to them. He snaps his fingers and everyone receives a sword.

”thats my gift to you all, try and survive until the end, well goodbye, I gave other groups to check up on. He vanishes into thin air, the room is silent, everyone has no idea what to do and why they were given weapons, some instinctively thought they are supposed to kill each other.

”Listen, everyone, if my guess is correct then the so-called trial will be us vs some type of monster and I am assuming there are monsters outside the tower as well, so if we want to make it out alive we will have to work together. ” Says John while he walks around.

No one responds but a little girl walks up to him and pulls on his pants.

”I will fight with you mister. ” Says the girl while she is trembling uncontrollably.

John pats her on the head and picks her up.

”whats your name little one? ” he asks with a warm smile on his face.

”My name is Ari. ” She replies while tightly holding onto him.

”Thats a beautiful name, don worry Ari I will protect you. ”

A doorway opens up in the wall and one reaper wolf walks out, followed by a whole pack. The wolves start killing everyone in sight, people are running around and stepping on each other.

John while still holding Ari walks backwards slowly with his sword pointing forward. One of the reaper wolves sees him and it jumps towards them with its mouth open. John tries running away but he trips and falls down, his sword was facing upon since he fell backwards, he reaper wolf fell on the sword being pierced right in the mouth and dies. John receives exp and levels, he can see his stats but thats all, he can do the things that Davy can with his system.

”EVERYONE, IF YOU KILL THEM YOU GET STRONGER, TRUST ME AND KILL THEM!! ” John yells telling everyone in the room.

John stands up and carries Ari on his back, he starts killing the monsters and although he is struggling, he is still making progress. As everyone looked at John fighting and risking his life, they all pick up their swords and charge towards the monsters.

John leaves some monsters alive for Ari to kill, and although she was scared at first, she quickly adapted, even John was surprised. After a few hours, they finally killed all the monsters and they have all grown closer. The highest ranking became the leader which is John obviously, the rankings of the 5 strongest in the group goes as follow:

John, level: 4- CA: 150 [swordsman]

Ezekiel, level: 3- CA: 140 [swordsman]

Ari, level: 3- CA: 100 [magician]

Paul, level: 2- CA: 90 [assassin]

Racheal, level: 2- CA: 90 [thief]

They all gather around, they have no food or water and many elderly and children died. John wants to tell them to prepare for to worst but before he could even begin Sebastian appears.

”well-done everyone, you have all done great, you have passed the tower of trials, you will all be awarded and be given a choice, either you choose to go back outside or you can choose to advance to floor 1. ” He stops talking and snaps his fingers, everyone gets awarded magic that suits them, 1500 points each, and a 2-level boost.

Everyone jumps in joy as they finally get to go outside, Sebastian opens two doors, one leads outside and one leads to the next floor. John and Ezekiel decide to go to the 1st floor, Ari can go since she was to go find her parents.

”Once you are outside, look for Davy, tell him I sent you, he will protect you. ” He tells Ari and hugs her, she busts out in tears and John pats her head. ”everything will be ok ”

Ari leaves and John departs as well. The reason why John sent Ari to Davy is because of a skill he gained, [a warriors intuition], his gut feeling is telling him that Davy is alive. He walks through the door and it closes, what awaits him on the 1st floor and will Ari be able to find Davy? Only time will tell.

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