The looming death

Man from outside

a simple manner ”Because he will die by my hands ”

Now Alan was too confused to keep his curiosity in check he said in a loud voice ”Do you know what are you talking about right now, if we were not in the northern continent we have loosed our heads , you are going to kill gods you say ”

He clicked his tongue and continued ”kid you can even kill pets of demon . You are not in your right state of mind if you are talking smack about gods ”

Alan went silent then asked with a sigh –

”Tell me about yourself, you can trust me. I am also here because of treason ,so we are in the same boat ”

Arsh looked upto him and started telling Alan his story as to how he reached that river which he remembered clear as a day.

Every memory from that day etched at very heart of Arsh, while crying silently he finished his story. As he remembered about his mother, Edward and every villager who helped him run away from the angels of death.

Alan looked at him with pity and sadness and pulled him into hug ”It must have been hard kid ” he said in a low vland completely serious tone. Arsh started to weep on his shoulder-

”Yeah it was ”

”Lets start form the start kid . I was an espada for the southern continent military. It is a rank given to assassin who kills what is deemed to be threat by the king and churches ”

”Every continent consists of many cities with only one monarch. Who controls the whole continent. Which is also appointed by the churches , so basically every single person in this world are puppets of those beings ”

”Believe me they are mentally unstable but not stupid enough to do all this for mere amusment. They have some kind of goal which, at least i am not aware of yet ”

”I betrayed them when i was missioned with killing a newborn twins and thier mother . I always knew i am a monster, but even then i was not able to kill those kids ”

He said with extreme sadness on his face.

”I knew a blunt knife have no use so it was only a matter of time before i was killed by my fellow espadas. So i ran away in the northern continent, away from the eyes of gods. ”

”The northern continent have only one town in the centre but no monarch . This place is filled with all type of magical creatures which can kill you just by thier presence ”

”While thier is also a very famous legend all around the globe about this place. ”

He then continued ”In the deep forest of northern continent there lives people, who have declined the hands of gods and are trying to go against their will . We call them the forsaken ones ” he said then with a sigh-

”I never knew they existed though. ”

For Arsh it was a lot to take in so he went silent for sometime. ”What about the death god? ”

Alan eyed him carefully and said ”I don know anything about him except for he is the reason there are no churches in this continent . I heard every other god is scared of his powers , they say he is omnipotent. ”

”You are the only person that have seen a god descend in the whole world i am sure of it. It is tough for even gods to descend in the mortal world. ”

”He is the very representation of death and his embelem have been removed from every history book to hide his existence. No one knows what and Why that being really is ”

Arsh digested every bit of information Alan gave him.

He started thinking about now what to do with his life , he is alive and well , while there are still people in this world who have killed her mother .

He was so deep in thought that Alan have to shake him out of his thought.

”You okay? Kid ”

Arsh wobbled for a moment then asked him in voice full of determination ”Teach me magic and fighting ”

Alan was surprised by the sudden devlopment ”Kid i don know any magic except for stealth but i am pretty good with the swords and dagger. But leaving all that aside thier is no reason for me to teach you ” he announced.

Arsh turned his faced downwards and said ”Ill do anything you ask of me , but i need power to exact revenge on people who murdered my family and villagers , Please help me Alan PLEASE ” He said while his face was downcast.

”You should stop crying first . Let yourself cool off for some time , sleep on the bed i will take the couch and come with me in the morning ”

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