ted shouting with every fiber of his being at the darkness with eyes.

”What the hell you mean you can save my mother. You are a god ,you created this whole universe. Every human pray to you, there should be nothing impossible for you ”

The eyes blinked one time and the darkness remained quite for some moments and then he again heard the voice of the ominous being.

[Let me rephrase it then – I won help you whatever you are ready to sacrifice, i don need it. Go back to the other side of the mountain. Go and live thier for rest of your life ,away from the eyes of the other god]

Arsh again dropped to ground with his face hitting the ground. The whole temple was surrounded by darkness and it was like the death itself have descended.

The temple rang again. But this time it was a voice containing enormous rage.

”That man and mom was right. Gods are not benevolent creatures ”

”The crest carved on the clothes of those men was of the churches that i saw in the books ”

”Now i know why Mom hated Gods, They were our enemies from the start. They are the reason my Mom died that gruesome death. They were the reason for all the misfortunes fallen on the villagers. Also I were the reason. I was too weak to protect what was important to me ”

He took a deep breath and lifted his head up and started staring the darkness right into its eyes.

”I am going to kill every single one of you. You are playing gods from above and doing whatever you please. I don care what any of you are,demon, myths or the god itself. I am going to live and butcher every single one of you in the most grotesque way possible ”

”I swear that on my mothers name. Ill kill the death itself if it means i can revive my mother. Just wait and see, any being in the universe will not be able to stop me. You can try and stop me i am coming for every single one of you ”

The 4 eyes of the ominous being were still staring Atsh in the eyes and then the dark voice rang throughout the whole mountain.

[Death is eternal]

[Beginning is the start of the end]

As the darkness started to fade the whole temple started rumbling. It was then the temple had a loud explosion. And arsh was flunked into the river flowing through the mountain.

While he was drifting in the river he opened his eyes again. Now his eyes was not hollow; it contained meaning, rage and Tenacity. As he drifted in the cold river and his consciousness started to wash away, he again declared in a low voice.

” ”I s..w..ear i a…m gonna Kill ev…ery sin….gle one of the…m. ” ”


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