A village hidden deep within the mountain range of the northern continent with approximately 70 people living there with thier family.

It was quite and eerie place surrounded by forest and river.

A group of teenager boys were arguing in the middle of village. It seemed like rest of the 5 were ganging up against a single skinny boy.

The name of the skinny boy was Arsh. Due to his rude personality and weird facial feature he was the outcast of the village. while the other kids were used to bully him as the easy target.

Arsh is 12 this winter, he is short have white skin with his features abnormally sharp in the face. His canine was grown out his gum which made him look like a real demon.

”Don Insult My mother ”

Arsh shouted at the other kids while picking up the stick lying around.

”You are a bastard. If not tell me the name of your father or your last name ”

One of the kid from the group shouted, with a mocking grin.

”Your mother is a whore, thats why you live outside of the village with your mother ”

Arsh was red from anger. He shutted his brain off and let his rage take over. He started swing the stick with full force on the group of boys .

Arsh cracked open head of 2 out of 5 while seriously injuring the other 3.

The people of the village started making thier way to the ruckus while arsh was still beating the other kids mercilessly.

”Leave me Alone, That **er will have to die ”

Arsh shouted at the man, who was trying to stop arsh from attacking the kid.

”Damn cursed kid, How dare you touch my son ” One of the villager shouted while making way towards Arsh .

That villager started punching Arsh in the face with full force while others was trying to stop him.

After the whole ruckus Arsh was left there alone with black eyes and clothes washed in sand.

Arsh picked himself up while making his way back toward his house which was situated outside of the village.

”You are a tough one, Kid ”

The voice came from a guy who was on the sitting on the branch of a tree with smile on his face.

Arsh was acquainted with this loud mouth. This guy was the only one, who ever took side of Arsh in these everyday fights. The name of the Charming young man was Edward. He also was quite agile as you can only find him on a tree. He was quite popular and respected in the village due to his friendly personality.

”Samantha is going to chew you out this time, Arsh ”

Edward pointed at Arsh with a carefree look.

”It wasn my fault. You heard what he called me and my mother ”

”Don take it too seriously, they are just bunch of dumb kids. If you start listening to them you will be brain-dead before long. ”

”I don think they are going to come close to you anytime soon , after what you did to them today ”

Edward added while laughing out loud.

”Believe me kid you look really scary when you are mad. Even more so than our village chief. Hmmm….. Or should i call him dad ”

Edward was newest adult in our small community while he also happens to be kid of the most easygoing person in the village.

”Village chief can be mad? ”

Arsh was really astonished by this revelation. He really can imagine that old man with white beard to be ever mad. This guys achieved to make him mad must be very serious issue.

”Well he is mad most of the time. Always pestering me to pray to the gods and ask for forgiveness for our sins, which i am sure i never did ”

”By the way how is samantha? Out for hunt again? ”

Edward asked him with a curious expression.

”Yeah mom left the house in the morning. It is about time for her to be back ”

”I don really get how she can kill all level of beasts without a single scrath on her ” Edward mused to Arsh.

”Oh and tell samantha, dad was asking to meet her ”


”Hey Mom i am home ”

Arsh entered his house , which was well built and luxurious in the inside. Anyone can tell it was self made. Due to all the weird calligraphy on the walls. Which his mother seems to love as it is always only increasing.

”Wash your hands first Arsh ”

The sound of his mom comes from the kitchen. She was cooking lunch for both of them. Arsh started making way toward the kitchen table and started setting the plate and water on the table.

He sits on the table with his mother with a curious expression appearing on his face.

”Mom why we live so far away from the main city ”

Arsh asks while his mouth was full of food.

Samantha glared at him and said in a simple manner

”Its quite and peaceful here ”

”But first why don you tell me about the black eye you got there , you got into fight again? ”

The boy was caught offguard by this. He was sure he washed all of his face and cleared his clothes before entering the house.

”You shouldn fight Arsh, They are just a bunch of kids and today you really did something horrible to them. They have serious injuries because of you ”

Samantha started scolding him in harsh voice.

”It was his fault for calling me bastard ”

Arsh rebutted angrily with tears forming near his eyes.

”He also said horrible things about you, i can stand people like him. He should be thankful i didn killed him ”

”ARSH!! ”

”Voilence is not answer to the problems ”

”It seems to work well enough ”

Arsh said while rolling his eyes.

”Why don you tell me anything about my father. Where is he, Why he left us all alone in this middle of nowhere ”

The mother went silent while her eyes downcasted and it was quite for some time with an awkward tension around both of them.

”You will know when the time come. That is all you need to know right now ”

Samantha said in emotionless voice.


After eating the lunch together they made thier way to village chiefs cottage.

”Hey Arsh you have grown again ”

”We literally just met yesterday ”

Arsh said in annoyed voice.

”Can you step out of cottage for some time there is somethings i need to talk about with samantha ”

Arsh left the house and started wandering around the village he saw Edward talking to a girl. While being genuinely curious he started making his way towards them.

”Hey Arsh what are you doing here? ”

The girl started leaving as soon as Arsh appeared there.

”Girlfriend? ”

Arsh said while raising a brow.

”Kid you shouldn be poking your nose where it doesn belong and i already have someone i admire ”

Edward glared at Arsh and started moving deep into the forest.

”Well i don have anything better to do so lets eavesdrop on our most fearsome village chief ”

Arsh started retreating back to the old cottage.

He climbed a tree near the balcony and moved closer to the room where they were talking.

”You know you can protect him Samantha ”

The village chief said in a low voice.

”I don care about that i alone am strong enough to kill any person who will stand in my way ”

”I don care if they are mythical beings or whatever ”

Samantha replied with full composure.

”Ask for forgiveness Samantha and they might let you live with your life ”

”I think we are done here chief. Don call me again if we are going to have the same conversation again ”

Samantha rushed out of the door and started moving towards the house.

”So how much you listen? ”

Arsh was startled by the sudden voice just above him.

”Who were you talking about? ”

Arsh asked with a grim expression.

”You don need to know child. Remember there will come a time when you will be presented with everything. You have to choose the path your mother always tried to open for you. The choice will be yours, remember you mean everything to samantha so don take it all the love she given you for granted ”

The village chief mysteriously said.

”Remember everything in this world is made for the sole purpose of praying to the gods ”

”If we went against thier will they won sit still, i think you already know about them and thier embelems ”

Arsh nodded . He really knew most of things there is to know about gods and mystical beings.

”It is for the better ”

”Now Go we don have much time left ”

The chief said hurriedly.

Arsh started rushing toward his house with his every thought in a spiral.

He had questions, several questions about what they were talking about and he knew it was about the time he got some real answer from his mother.

”It all sounds really Ominous ”

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