Its been 4 weeks since Alan started arshs training ”Run Kid run , run like your life depends on it ” Alan shouted at Arsh who was running away from a magic beast.

”Yeah F**ker, my life really depends on it . Help me before this thing kills me ” Arsh shouted at Alan.

Its been tough 4 week for Arsh, the first 3 week was just physical excercises and after that Alan left him with random magical beasts. He have to come up with a way to escape or kil the beast, killing the beast was currently impossible for him.

After he managed to escape the beast somehow he walked towards Alan with angry expression on his face ”You think it will be funny if i died fighting one of those thing? ”

”I guess ” Alan just shrugged his shoulders.

”Come here first we need to talk about some important things first ” Alan signaled him to sit in front of him.

”First lets start with the basics ; You can be either good in Swordsmanship or Magic ” He stared at Arsh then sighed and added.

”Though it won be enough for you , You won be able to get out of northern continent without either one of them. So i am going to drill all the techniques and spells i know in your head for the next 2 years ” He continued-

”After that ill send you to the southern continent magic and Swordsmanship school when you will be 14. The senior batches average age is 14 so youll be able to get admitted. I will organise everything so you don have to worry ” Alan said in serious tone.

Arsh looked upto him and said in a serious tone ”Why you are helping me so much? I don think any person just do all this for free ”

Alan turned to face him and said ”There is 2 reasons for that. 1)You have to save my sister which are in the same school. She has affinity for divine magic which is very rare in humans. ” Then Alan strted telling his story in very low and sad voice.

”They didn hesitated kidnapping our whole family just to get her to work for them. I was sended to espada camps while she was sent to school as some saintess when she was just 10 years old ” Alan said in sad voice-

”They promised me that i can meet her once every month if i completed my task, but they always tried to reduce our contact so she can be accustomed to living without her family. They didn killed us because it can have a bad effect on mentality of my sister ” He added while trembling-

”I Killed hundreds of kids like you in order to keep my family safe. I was one of thier best assassin so they can just replace me easily. So they started baiting me with my family to complete my tasks. Its been 4years Arsh , 4 FUCKING YEARS. I just tugged my tail and ran to northern mountain, while i am sure they didn left my family unharmed after i betrayed themm ” He said while tears slowly began forming in the corners of his eyes.

”For training you i want help in exchange . Help me save my family from them and then we can go our seprate ways ” He declared then continued –

”2) This is my way of atone for all the people i killed in my life. ” He said in a low tone.

Arsh walked up to him and said in cold voice ”you seems to misunderstanding something, i am not here for your atonement or your family. But if it is a condition for training me i will help you out ” He continued-

”I don care what i have to do in order to get enough power to destroy them. I don care about the path as long as i gets the results. Help me train Alan ,i am going to destroy the very order they have established on this world ”

Alan looked at him and said ”Says the kid who can kill a mantis level beast ” And smiled at him.


”Daggers are perfect for assassination and stealth attacks. While swords are powerful in face to face situation. You need agility, raw strength and cool mindset to even stand a chance against assassins. While you won stand a chance against swordsman without techniques and footworks ” He explained it all to Arsh and continued-

”Magic mostly depends upon users talent and will, Its not my area of expertise, but i can say for sure you will be able to excel in it. You have a aura of a magician not a swordsman but i will teach you both. ”

Alan started smiling wickedly after explaining everything to Arsh.

Arsh took a step back but Alan caught him before he can run away. Alan throwed him into the river near the waterfall and started shouting ”You have to swim against the stream otherwise you can lose a few limb from the fall. ”

Arsh knew better than to argue with that guy so he started swimming with full force. Even though the stream was storng Arsh was able to hold out for 5 min in it because of the last 3 weeks physical training.

After 5 min he fell from the waterfall ,but before he lose some limbs he was caught by his potentially crazy master in midair . Alan gave him a careless look and dropeed him from half the height.

The water felt like concrete to Arsh as he was dropped from a height of 6 floor building. He came out of water wincing in pain.

”Are you really trying to kill me before the churches or gods can do so ” He shouted at Alan who gave him a indifferent look.

”Hmmm, I think you can survive more high fall, i should have let you fall all the way ” Alan said while appearing deep in thought.


After continuing the physical training for another month Arsh was much more agile and fast but still nowhere near the level of Alan.

”Ok now i can teach you how to use daggers. You are in better shape than before ” He said sarcastically to the running Arsh. Who was chased by magic mantis.

A magic beast with shape of mantis and size of bull ot was truly a fascinating sight to see a big ass mantis chasing down a kid.

After escaping from the giant mantis he turned to face Alan who was spinning dagger in one hand.

”So we have to start with the basics again, he sighed and continued. A dagger is a very useful tool due to shorter size, you can also use it throw at your enemies. It doesn requires all those footworks or techniques. It mostly depends upon catching your opponent offguard. ” He finished explaining it and gestured Arsh to follow him.

He gave Arsh 2 daggers and said ”Listen always try to think ahead of the situations at hand. if you won take your future in consideration while fighting, you are going to end up crippled in no time. Now you go Kid ” After smiling like a maniac again he throwed Arsh in front of the Red hound Beast.

It is taller than Arsh, about 2 meters in height and his body was like a bear with whole blood red color. After being startled by sudden intruption , the beast stared at Arsh with bloodlust eyes and started running toward him with full speed.

Arsh also started running toward the forest again he knew his mentor is not gonna help him even if he is going to end up half dead. He started devising a plan with the daggers as fast as he could. He Saw the river again and thought of the sudden idea.

He started running toward the river with full speed and the hound also increased his speed. When Arsh was running toward the bank of rive he pulled himself with full force and jumped over the bridge. He was confident he will be saved now but after he turned back to see the bear again he saw the bear in midair jumping through the river, He started running again while shouting-

”THAT DIDNT WORK AT ALL ” his speed was now slow compared to the start he was too tired but the hound seemed to notice that and started increasing his speed.

Arsh was too tired to even run another kilometre he started thinking of a plan. Then a very bad idea pop up in his brain , he knew he was going to get killed if he messed up even a single percent of his plan.

He stopped and started staring at the hound when the hound was just about to jump him he threw his dagger at full speed at the beast eyes.

The beast dodged it without any difficulty at all , it was like the beast expected it to come his way. Arsh also knew it wasn going to work so he needed a faint.

Arsh jumped just above the blood hound and let the dagger dug deep into his neck below his head. Due to it being a major important part of body the hound jereked himself to get rid off the dagger and the kid.

But it was too late for the hound, in the last ditch attempt beast threw his arms around Arsh which scratched the whole part of his left arm, After struggling for a bit he died.

”I Should question his training methods ”

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