ing at the kid —

” ”Hey KID you are alive right??!?

But he got no response from the kid he knew the kid was alive as he was breathing but his eyes were hollow and seemed to lost every meaning of life.

The man shouted while grabbing the kids collar.

” ”I don give two shits about your mopping, samantha died for you over and over again and you are going to let her sacrifice in vain. While her killers will roam free in the world you will be waiting for your death to come .

The man went quite and starts running again and then says in a low voice.

” ”Did you ever loved her you cursed kid


The man ran frantically to the peak of the mountain where a beautiful building was situated panting he left the kid near the entrance and start giving him instructions.

” ”What i am going to tell you may sounds like bullshit but there is still a way to save your mom and the villagers. You have to pray to god inside of the temple, he is not benevolent but you have to make him help us at any cost now Go quickly before its too late

The man threw the kid inside the temple and left to go back to the village or whatever is left of it.

Arsh was silent his eyes had no lights in it just a faint glimmer of hope for his mother to be saved again he walked in the corrider to the centre of the room . He started pleading with his lifeless eyes –

” ”Please save my mother you can take whatever you want from me i don care if you are benevolent or not just please save my mother please

He pleaded until his legs gave out even then he didn stopped pleading, the light around him started to dim he knew what this feeling was – he was nearing his death.

Then he heard the voice which seems to come from all directions and seemed so close at the same time very far away.

” ”Death is eternal i even the death god can go against the order of the nature

Arsh stared in darkness for a moment

Then he started shouting with every fiber of his being.

” ”What the hell you mean you can save my mother you are gods ,you created this world we pray to you, you are the myths that created this world there is nothing impossible for you

The voice remained quite for a bit and then said again in the baritone.

” ”Let me rephrase it then – I won help you whatever you are ready to sacrifice i don need it so go back and live your life back in the mountains ,away from the eyes of the other god

Arsh went silent and then said in a hollow voice-

” ”That man and mom was right. Gods are not benevolent and the crest carved on the clothes of those men was of the church . Now i am thinking straight , i guess i was asking for help from my mothers killer

He took a deep breath and said in the seething rage.

” ”I will kill every single one of you. You are playing gods while you are no different from a demon , i don care what anyone gonna do , i am going to live and butcher every single one of you in the most grotesque way possible

” ”I swear that on my mothers name Samantha. Ill kill the death itself if it means i can revive my mother . Just wait and see, any being in the universe will not be able to stop me.

The dark voice said in monotone voice

” ”Death is eternal

” ”Beginning is the start of the end

As the dark voice faded the whole temple started rumbling then with a explosion arsh got thrown away from mountain to the river around the mountain.

Now his eyes was not hollow; it contained meaning,rage and coldness. As he drifted in the cold river he said in a low voice.

” ”I s..w..ear i a…m gonna Kill ev…ery sin….gle one of the…m.


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