” ”Hey Mom i am home

A kid with black hair and skinny body says as he enters his house.

” ”Wash your hands first Arsh

The sound of his mom comes from the kitchen. He sits on the table with his mother

and a curious expression appears on his face.

” ”Mom why we live so far away from the main city

The women ponders a bit then answered

” ”Its quite and peaceful in here

” ”But first why don you tell me about the black eye you got there , you got into fight again ?

The boy sudders and answers in a low tone.

” ”It was his fault he called me an orphan

The mother went silent and it was quite for some time.

The boy asked her mother in a low voice.

” ”Why we don follow any gods ? Mom the villagers says every person is born for the purpose of praying to the gods

His mother face turns expressionless and she says in a baritone.

” ”There is no benevolent beings in the world. You are curious as to why we don pray to gods it is because they abandoned us long ago. They are not what you heard from other people and i don want you to know how they really are

After some time of silence his mother says

” ”You asked why we live in the most far away wasteland its because we are forsaken and being hunted by the churches of those filthy creatures

” ”Promise me arsh you will never leave this village

The kid stays silent for a bit then lift his head up to say

” ”I promise if you promise me to tell everything about it

A pained expression appears on his mother face as she says with a sigh.

” ”Ok I promise i will tell you everything

But the promise was never meant to be kept.


”Hey mom i am going to get the firewood

Arsh says as he leaves the house behind.

”Why the other villagers pray to gods if we are forsaken , why was we forsaken anyway is mythical beings even exist?

Arsh ask himself all the questions on top of his head but never be able to get a hint of the answer.

He sighs and due to his weak physique he is only capable of taking a days worth of wood with him .

As he walks back home still curious about what his mother is about to tell him .

He sees a number of villagers walking toward his house . Panicked he start to run for his house when he reached there out of breath, he saw the most grotesque sight the human can ever hope to see.

Blood and body parts all over the house but after he turns to the living room his heart nearly stopped beating and all the force left his body.

” ”m….mo…m

He saw five people with different embelem on thier clothes is sitting there with her moms body with her head decapitated.

” ”You are late to the party kid

One of the man says with smile on his face and his mothers head beneath his leg.

” ”Arlo we are here for a purpose not for your entertainment

The kid broke down on the floor with sobs and tears . His mind went blank and his body was powerless and every bit of light leaving his eyes.

” ” Hey cutie you should stop the crying its annoying and you are the reason we have to kill our old comrade–


Arsh was in the deepest pit of despair he doesn care who they were ,why they were, he just wanted his mom back .

A wind of black fog start blowing with very high speed around them every villager is attacking the intruders in the matter of seconds .

One of them Screams–

” ”Save Samanthas kid

One of the villager picks arsh up and starts running towards the highest peak of the mountain while every bit of chaos leaping everywhere around him .

He start shout

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