she had to swing a hammer at the zombies who were still human yesterday?

In her mind, “The zombies are sickening.
Corpses are disgusting.
Death is scary.
Then, why do all of the people I need to face this?!” She was talking to herself as if she had someone telling her feelings.
She was all alone in the beginning and she started to feel loneliness every second.

When she returned to her own home from the balcony, Fu Erdie had slightly calmed down.

Her own home still looked the same as before the apocalypse happened, quiet and comfortable.

She took a bath and blow dried her hair.
She turned on the air conditioner.
She ate rice and pickles.
She also fed her dog and cleaned its bed

Everything is in order, nothing was different from before.

But Fu Erdie knew that it was different.

She put the cleaned garbage into a bag and put the cardboard box where the ornamental plants were placed yesterday.
She remembered that she planned to hang it downstairs with the plants at dawn.

When she finished transferring the plants, the box was half empty.
She sighed out of frustration.
Then, she decided to fill it up with more things in a few days before throwing it away.

She stood up and was satisfied to see her balcony cleaned and neat.

As for those ornamental plants that were supposed to be released yesterday, she thought it irresponsibly.
There was no difference between downstairs or on her floor because it also had a sidewalk floor tile which was no soil or or a thing she could place the plants on.

After a night of chaos, the traffic outside was no different.
Hence, there was no change too.

Everyone knew that no one could move the car that was involved in the accident.
If there would be more car accidents, it would be difficult to move them apart.

If someone tried to enter the road, they would not be able to grab the road because of the jam packed vehicles.
If someone blocked it, no one would be able to leave.

Moreover, like Zhao Xiaolu, there were many people who chose to drive away the car whose owner died after being blocked.

From the balcony, Fu Erdie saw 10 of the same incidents.
However, only three groups of people got on the bus successfully.
The others were left behind on the road in the middle of day in the clear sky and blocked by other zombies like they found food to share.
The scene was extremely bloody.

The other survivors on the ground floor saw the scene.
They wanted to help those people but they could not do anything because they possibly could have been eaten by the zombies too.
All they could do was pity them.
They thought, if they wanted to survive, they had to save themselves and learn from that experience.
They chose to act at night when the zombies’ vision has a poor view

Fu Erdie stood upstairs.
She looked at the busy crowd on the road as if she was looking at the passers-by.

She knew that when her water and electricity were cut off, she would be like the countless people below who were begging for their lives, who were trying to be tough because those people were also trying to survive.

The scene on the road was not the same every day.
There were also different situations in every corridor of the building.

On the first day, most people were like Fu Erdie.
As long as they did not turn into zombies, they would either find a car to escape or stay at home.

At the time when the zombie outbreak happened, the corridors were mostly filled with elderly and children, or office workers who left work early.

There were only a few people and many of them were also waiting for their family members to come and meet them.

The next day, people who could not contact their close friends or relatives, or who were abandoned by their family members, began to call on everyone to fight the zombies.

After what happened in the past two days, she could not do anything but to think of all possible solutions to survive the apocalypse.
Since, the zombies were not fast.
She thought it would be a good idea to clear out her corridor on her floor and help those survivors to kill those affected.

Fu Erdie planned and observed the fight going around in the building for a few days.

But these days, people have been scratching one after another.
Even if they did not die on the spot, they turned into zombies that kept scratching or banging on the door, or knocked the door of every unit to find their food to eat which was human flesh.
If not, they would wander outside or in the corridor.

Gradually, fewer and fewer people dared to come out to fight zombies.
The symptoms of stress increased.
Survivors who saw their bitten high-spirited accomplices before turning into monsters became timid.
They cried and dared not to come out anymore.
As each day had passed, they became scared and terrified.
They felt the hunger even more as well as the will to survive.

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