h floor, facing the road from the balcony.
The road she was facing was just a connecting road from the main road.
She observed the surroundings.
There were a few cars that were coming and going in but their speed was fast like they were escaping from something dangerous.
This scenario gives her an idea on what was happening.

She got curious and at the same time she felt nervous.
She stretched out his head to see the direction of the traffic.

From what Fu Erdie’s location, she saw a car accident and a smoked on the main road.

Her heart rate increased.
Fu Erdie suddenly remembered the sound of the bottles falling down when she took a bath earlier could be that loud.
The explosion.

It was the sound of the car accident outside!

Fu Erdie’s house has a good sound insulation effect.
Because the air conditioner was turned on as well as the speaker and the doors and windows were closed were the reason why she did not hear anything outside noise and explosion.
She made this feature of her house because many noisy sounds from outside like whistles, screams, shouting and many more made her head extremely pained and buzzed.

In her mind, a car accident could not be that rowdy.

She thought that the noises were might made by zombies?

Her mind was fighting.
In the end, she worriedly said, “No, not likely, right ……?”

She remembered her friend who was calling, “Zhao Xiaolu, where are you at this moment?!”

Fu Erdie carefully listened to the noise from the phone.
Zhao Xiaolu was panting over the phone.
She was hurriedly fleeing from work.
She did not have enough time to explain the situation.
It was really an emergency call.

Zhao Xiaolu did not answer.
Fu Erdie thought about where her friend might be.
It is the industrial park that is three stations away from Fu Erdie’s house.
Zhao Xiaolu might have got off the bus midway, and now she is coming to Fu Erdie’s place.

Xiaolu answered, “In….uh…”, she was a little out of breath and reluctantly said, “Half an hour away from your house.
I will run as fast as possible!”

Fuerdi immediately said, “I will come and pick you up!”

“Pick up my ass, are you crazy?! You are a scumbag and now you are picking me up?!” Xiaolu yelled at her and added, “When I come to your house, I will call your name before you open.
So, you will know that it was me! Did you understand?!”

After what she said, she hung up the phone.

Fu Erdie flustered when she just heard the tone of hanging up.
She did not even have time to reply to her friend which made her overthinked.

The community Fu Erdie’s lived in was fully occupied units.
There will be many people coming into her building.
Those people were on their way from work and had not arrived home.
Though, there are not as many people as there are at night.
There are also many elderly people especially in the lower part of the building.
A few people who came out for a walk today did not only mean that there were only few people who came out to see the situation after the accident.

In the laws of nature of elderly people, they were easy to worry about.
If they came out after the car accident, there must be more people coming into their building than on a normal day.

If there were really zombies, there would be a group of infected people coming later.
Can Zhao Xiaolu successfully pass and get home safely with so many infected people arriving at home?

If there were many elderly people, who would be worried about them? She looked down and tried to see the windows.
She saw a figure of an old woman.
Fu Erdie could not see properly on the balcony because of the plant.
She ran inside her home and got a hammer.
She used her other hand, she lifted the hammer and beat the soil on the side of the flower bed.
There was a grandmother looking for help floors away from her unit.
She called the grandmother yet could not notice Fu Erdie.
She held the phone in another hand and dialed the number of grandmother and she rushed downstairs.

While she was running and rushing to call the grandmother floors away from her unit…

She got a busy signal.

and a no answer.

She sent text messages and weibo messages to her parents.

The little gray circle that went round and round when sending a message turns into an exclamation point that means it could not be sent out.

She turned to call Cen Xiyang, as well as sister-in-law and family members.

She lives on the 16th floor.
She had fear in elevator accidents.
She never took an elevator, she always took stairs.

But when she was just two floors down where the grandmother lived, she faced an old man with a blue face.

His pupils were cloudy, the whites of his eyes were blurred, and his walking posture was very strange as if his joints were dislocated and upside down.
But as soon as he saw her, the old man immediately twisted his posture and quickly jumped over.
The speed was so fast that he looked like a strong man!

Fu Erdiei turned around and ran upstairs desperately.

There were two stairwells in this building.
She sensed that her speed was not as fast as the man, she faked her run by going the other way.
She went up again when the old man rushed over to the other direction and she continued to go upstairs.
She relied on a very flexible route which barely opened the distance and returned to her unit, 16-1 residence.

She took out her keys and suddenly dropped it because of nervousness but she quickly picked it up from the floor.
Then, she had trouble inserting the key.

When she finally inserted the key, the lock core which had a minimal rusty inside could not be twisted and was not working this time!

The zombie old man went up to the sixteenth floor.
The sound of a doorbell running echoed in the hallway, and each sound was a sign of life.

Fu Erdie forcefully twisted the key hard showing her wrist veins bulge.
Then the key and lock core collided which made a sound.

The infected old man turned a corner, he finally found Fu Erdie and rushed towards her.


The door lock opened.

Fu Erdie strongly pulled the security door that left a distance between her and the infected old man.
She quickly moved to her place and let the man enter the unit.
After the collision, she could hear that there was a muffled sound.

Fu Erdie hid behind the security door outside the house near a broken fire hydrant beside her where she accidentally slammed her waist against the lower edge of it.

She heard Gouzu.
He had been barking all the time at home, which also found a chance to bite the ankle of the infected old man.

When the man saw he was about to be bitten, he kicked away the dog and slammed it against the anti-theft door of another unit and diagonally opposite the security door and fell to the ground.

She heard something that slammed and fell to the ground.
She was going to peek at the entrance of the door when she was surprised by what she saw.
It was her dog.
It was whimpering and whining which made her angry.
She readied herself and tightly gripped the security door handle and slammed the old man into the door frame which allowed the old man to regain strength and half of his head came out to the door.
She added pressure and pressed the door into the man as much as she could.

She did not know if fate was on her or she was only lucky.
The door frame pressed against the infected old man’s head.
The skull made a cracking sound that made a person’s teeth tingle.
Blood flowed and bones were all over the place.

Fu Erdie was frightened and felt nauseated.
She wanted to let go of her hand to avoid her gaze at the blood.

She was afraid that if she released her hand on the door, the zombie was not completely dead and regained more strength than before.
She would not handle that anymore.

But she was more afraid of that situation where the man was not a zombie and things were not as bad as she thought but she had killed someone by mistake.
And all of what happened was only a prank.

Her hand that was holding a phone trembled slightly.
She was very terrified.
She was afraid and nervous.
She slightly moved the door and the old man fell to the ground.
It was not moving.
She hurriedly ran towards her dog and picked it up.
She kicked away the old man’s body outside.
She closed her door and locked the anti-theft feature in a swift move.

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