There are a total of eight maids by Ji Yu’s side, from the oldest to youngest are Xia Wan, Chang Le, Nan Su, Mo Xiao, Lai Ying, Ling Shang, Zi Kou, Bi Ruo. 

Although these eight maids could not be considered exceptional, they were still all first-class beauties.
Their expense of food and clothing are also very good, much more grandeur than the average maid. 

Each of them had their own set of things that belonged to them, from clothes to jewelry.
So the first thing that happened after I became A’zhi, was that I was pulled into the best satin store in the Song Kingdom to pick fabrics for clothing. 

When I pointed to several silk cloths, Ji Yu seemed to appear somewhat surprised, and said: “I did not expect you to like the color, cyan so much.” After saying that, he carefully looked at me, and laughed: “It does quite suit you, but all of it being cyan is quite monotonous.
Lai Ying, Chang Le, go and pick out a few more fabrics for her.” 

The two females listened, and after a while, they came out with a few fabrics in their hands, and the fabrics were indeed very beautiful, also very suitable for me.
After that, we went to a rouge shop and a jewelry shop.
Everything is custom-made.
Although I don’t quite understand the prices in the market, I still knew that everything must cost a lot.
However, Ji Yu did not care at all, and it is rumored that young noble, Ji Yu, is very good at business, and that he was already very wealthy during his times traveling among various nations.
It can be assumed that this rumor is indeed true. 

As soon as the clothes were here, I was ordered to change into them, and was dragged to sit in front of the mirror.
Four females were dressing me up with my hair rolled up in a bun, and a face full of rouge and powder.
After everything was done, I looked at myself in the mirror, nearly unable to recognize myself. 

In the mirror, another beautiful face appeared above my face.
It was a sixteen to seventeen year old girl smiling innocently, and she said: “Sister A’zhi is not bad-looking, and must have been following around so many beauties for a long time that she does not have the confidence to dress up.
After tidying up, Sister A’zhi is truly good-looking.” 

I turned my head back, and there was a young girl wearing a pinkish-purple dress standing behind me.
She only saw me as Qiqi’s maid.
In her eyes, there was no concealment of pleasant surprise and praise, neatly and cleanly to the very end. 

I laughed, and pulled her hand: “Nowhere near as pretty as you, Zi Kou.” 

Zi Kou was the first girl to laugh and chat with me, but it is not that the other girls are hostile to me, it’s just that they don’t like to get too close to strangers. 

Ji Yu has many rules.
Xia Wan and Nan Su told me about his taboo temperament one by one.
The days passed by very fast, and in the blink of an eye, the national funeral and the succession to the throne ceremony were done.
Li Yan became the new Monarch of the Song Kingdom.
It was heard that he had newly bestowed a title to a woman called Madam Zhen.
Although she is extremely pampered, Madam Zhen’s health is not very good, and she always stays inside the palace, rarely meeting people. 

As the sun set, the vast royal palace was dyed with a golden red color, as alluring as an immortal’s palace, that is the place that everyone yearns for.
I took one last glance at the palace, and then turned around, following Ji Yu up onto the big boat. 

Madam Zhen, Madam Zhen, he treats you like a treasure, but will never be willing to let you live under the sunshine. 

Qiqi, goodbye. 

Ji Yu wanted to leave the Song Kingdom to embark on a journey to the Fan Kingdom.
I don’t know what his intentions are, but I also did not ask too much.
When he needs me, he will tell me himself. 

I never knew that a boat could be such a terrifying thing.
When I was resting on the railing for the first time, I could not vomit anything anymore, and my stomach was tumbling and entangled.
My head was dizzy, and no matter what I looked at, I felt dizzy.
I grabbed onto the railing, and slowly slid to the ground.
I used my other hand to rub my forehead, trying to stop the clamor in my head. 

Zi Kou said that once you get used to it, you will be fine.
The young master travels among the nations, and it is often necessary to take a boat.

While I was in the middle of the dizziness, a pair of satin shoes appeared in my field of vision.
I looked up, and saw Ji Yu’s frown.
He was wearing the Song Kingdom’s ice satin clothes, very elegantly like a young noble.
It was just that there was a bit of irritation in his eyes, and for one to be able to get on this ship, they must be either very rich or noble.
He probably thinks that I am an embarrassment to him by being like this, but I also don’t want to be like this either. 

He just stopped in front of me, and then turned around to leave, leaving behind a sentence: “Clean yourself up, there is sour plum soup in the kitchen.”    

After drinking sour plum soup for a few days, or perhaps I gradually got used to being on the boat, I now basically don’t vomit anymore.
I only get a little dizzy occasionally; therefore, I also have an extra habit of blowing in the wind while standing on the deck of the boat.
From the Song Kingdom to the Fan Kingdom, there were mostly mountains all the way.
I often look at the green mountains and forests on the shore.
The mountains are hazy, and full of life.
That feeling of dizziness felt a lot better. 

Sometimes I would meet a young married woman who was dressed in very gorgeous clothes, and the clothes are in the style of the Zhao Kingdom.
The white jade inlaid with gold around the waist is something that can only be worn by the royal family of the Zhao Kingdom.
It seems to be a certain lady of a royal family in the Zhao Kingdom. 

Normally, the nobles would all be in their rooms, or in their pavilions, looking at the scenery.
It is uncommon to see one on the deck, and I could not help, but take a few looks at her from a distance.
She would always lean on the railing, and look at the landscape and scenery, followed by a group of maids. 

When I saw her again today, there was not a single maid behind her.
Her face was full of tears, but she did not cry out loud, instead it was as if she was sleepwalking.
Her eyes were empty, and it was only her tears that kept falling. 

It seems that I should not bother her at such a time. 

I was about to go back to my room when I saw her suddenly climb over the railing, wanting to jump down.
By the time I could react, I had already rushed over to grab her hand.
She hung on the wall of the boat, and under her feet was the surging river water.
As long as I let go of her hand, she will fall into the river. 

I shouted: “Somebody help! There is a person about to fall into the water!”

She began to struggle non-stop after waking up, trying to withdraw my hand.
Her fingers scratched blood marks on my arms, and I tightly held her.
After nearly using all of her strength, she cried and shouted: “Let me die! My child is gone, and my home is also gone.
I have nothing left…” 

I was stunned, and could not help, but chuckle: “So what?” 

Perhaps it was my expression, and the inevitable and correct tone1means that her tone sounds very proper and reasonable that startled her.
She was bewildered, and looked at me without saying a word.   

While speaking, there were already many people that had rushed over.
A few people helped me pull that young woman up.
She did not know when she stopped struggling, and had lost her soul, allowing us to pull her up to sit on the ground.
The blue dress contrasted with her extremely pale complexion.
Three to four maids raised their skirts, and rushed over.
They did not care about etiquette during this time, and hurriedly supported the young woman. 

A man in a black robe with a clear appearance pushed through the crowd, and ran to the front of the young woman.
He raised his hand high, and slapped the young woman.
When the young woman was dazed, he firmly hugged the young woman into his embrace.
He used a lot of strength, as if he wanted to melt her into his body.
He leaned, and said something in the young woman’s ear.
The young woman shivered for a little while, and eventually also tightly hugged him, starting to weep loudly. 

He said, how do you bear to leave me?

Many of the richly dressed novels who hurriedly arrived after hearing about the commotion, also spoke some comforting words.
Ji Yu also stood among them, and looked at me with a haughty expression from a distance.
With a contemplating smile as if something new and odd was discovered. 

I ignored his gaze and just stood aside, looking at the married couple hugging each other, and crying.
I felt calm, and dazzled.

1means that her tone sounds very proper and reasonable

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