You succeeded in getting my attention…

An Xian registered an account in this forum under the name of “Huahua World Leader”, created a virtual room for her small store, and posted a promotion for the new medicine that would soon come.


[Want to know what latent capacity your genes hide? The magical “Deformation Pill” will make you more gorgeous as you transform— Huahua World will randomly select five flower friends and give them a free “Deformation Pill” each.]


A few minutes hadn’t passed, when it was soon followed by someone after the post was released.


1st floor: [Deformation Pill? What’s that?]


2nd floor: [This sounds very suspicious and awkward.
I want to try it.]


3rd floor: [It’s actually from Huahua World? Support it.
Owner, I am your loyal buyer.]


4th floor: [Owner, dare you to introduce the medicinal effect of Deformation Pill in detail?]


5th floor: [I came here for “free.”]


6th floor: [Owner, pick me ah.
I’ll make a live broadcast for you.]


7th floor: [The upstairs really do lack common sense.
Who couldn’t make a live broadcast nowadays?]




These kinds of forums astounded An Xian for its popularity among the netizens.
Her post had quickly built up into a high-rise building, even though most of the floors were only there for the free quota.


During the heated discussion for a lot of matters, with some including other off-topic things, An Xian announced the names of the five lucky ones: naked crested myna, doubled eggplant, daomei, quizhang¹, and Fenghuaxueyue².


A moment of silence rolled from the floors, and then instantly replaced by an uproar.


47th floor: [Your cow, Host, do you want to shoot so quickly?! I haven’t even finished taking my pants off, yet you’ve already finished?!]


48th floor: [The host is really something of a stunner ah.
He doesn’t play the cards at all in their usual rules.
Others have to have an appetite for at least a few days before picking, yet the host can do it in less than ten minutes? It is definitely the great shot king of the fast gunners.]


49th floor: [Hahaha, I really am a king of luck and I was the first to win.
Don’t worry, Owner, I’ll give you s live broadcast as I take the medicine.]


50th floor: [I wasn’t careful to regard that as “eat as we fly.”]


51st floor: [Will likely watched that live broadcast.]




An Xian did not continue to pay attention to the lively comments of the floors, and left the forum with the sentence  “Deformation Pill will be sent in three days.”


Put the finished products of the first refining session in the furnace away and cleaned the furnace of any medicinal residue.
An Xian busied herself in refining the new medicine that would be delivered to the winners later on.
Placing the new material in, fetching it out, and continuing to make more.
Although the other orders of the customers had not been completed, there was still time to refine the five Deformation Pills, which would take about a day to start doing so since some additional materials needed to be ordered elsewhere.


One of the reasons why An Xian chose the Deformation Pill was that the materials for refining the pill were easier to find.
Moreover, the prices of them were not expensive, although the quality may not be as good as those she cultivated herself.
Fortunately, the junior Deformation Pill was just kind of an entertaining medicine and only required low spiritual energy to consume.


Two days later, An Xian refined 15 Deformation Pills, and its quality was tested as 2-star middle-grade.
Despite the similarities, her 2-star middle-grade was not in the same class as the Zongyun Pill she had encountered days ago.


According to the addresses left by the five people.
An Xian mailed the Deformation Pills one by one, and just waited for the live broadcast of the testers.
In order to let them take the initiative to make a live broadcast on their own, An Xian specifically stated the effect of Deformation Pill in the email and promised that there would be new drugs in the future, and they would have the first priority for a free trial.


The postal speed in this era was as fast as that of a rocket.
Even if the recipient’s location was distanced by half of the planet, it still could be delivered on the same day as it was shipped.


Mi Duo was a student of Azure University.
When the courier arrived, she was chatting with her roommates in their dormitory.


“Mi Duo, what did you buy again this time?” roommate 1 asked curiously.


Mi Duo casually said, “This was drawn randomly in the forum lottery, and I don’t know what it is.”


“Open it up and let’s take a look.” Roommate 2 urged her with interest.


Mi Duo unpacked the package, and what appeared in front of several people was a glittering and translucent, simple and unadorned small bottle.


“Wow, what a beautiful bottle.
Is this what you got?”


The semi-transparent bottled was sleek to touch and cold.
Mi Duo caressed it lovingly for a while as if entranced by it, then shook her head and said, “It’s not the bottle, but the contents of the bottle.”


Opening the bottle’s lid, an elegant and sweet fragrance immediately assailed their nostrils, like a fresh dew of the morning light scent, invigorating the people’s spirits awake and relaxed.


Mi Duo was itching to get on with the pill’s instructions.
After reading it, her face was full of excitement.


“Quick, quick, quick! I’m going to take the medicine and make a live broadcast right away!” Mi Duo searched for her favorite clothes in her closet and got dressed, and sent a post on the Internet with enthusiasm.
Posts could be set to text mode or converted into virtual live broadcast mode.


[Just received the Deformation Pill from the Leader of Huahua World.
The live broadcast of Daomei will begin!]


Mi Duo’s online username was “Daomei”, which was quite popular in this forum.
Not long after it was dispatched, the post swiftly gained a number of followers.


Daomei: “Let’s show the refined packaging of the Deformation Pill first.
It’s absolutely high-end and impressive in quality.”


The camera revolved 360-degrees only encasing the small bottle as its primary subject.
With the lighting cast upon it, the crystal luster of the bottle was plainly visible.


56th floor: [This bottle alone is worth thousands of points! Luxurious, it is indeed extravagant ah!]


74th floor: [Classical-styles small container, very exquisitely made.]


77th floor: [I have seen similar imitations, but none of them have this extraordinary gloss.]


81st floor: [With just the bottle being gorgeous, I started to look forward to the efficacy of the Deformation Pill.]


This comment was followed by a long list of + + + +.


“Deformation Pill, 2-star middle-grade, lasting effect for 3-5 hours, According to personal genes, the body will undergo different wonderful changes,” Mi Duo gave a brief introduction of the Pill, and then shyly added, “I’m so nervous.
I don’t know what I will become.
If I become ugly, please, don’t despise me.”


112th floor: [Daomei, worry not.
No matter what you change into, I will love you.]


13th floor: [Same with upstairs.]


[Fenghuaxueyue awarded Daomei 1999 courting death coins.]

[Cherry Prince awarded Daomei 999 courting death coins.]

[The King Returns awarded Daomei 999 courting death coins.]


167th floor: [Wipe, surprise the local tyrants.]


Daomei: “Thank you for your support.
I’m ready to start taking medicine… Oh, it tastes like mint with a slight floral fragrance.”


Mi Duo stood in front of the camera and closed her eyes as she waited for the effect of the medicine to take place.


In the previous minutes, a crowd of ravenous wolves howled, “Goddess is so beautiful.
Goddess, marry me.”


Two minutes later, all the howling of the wolves seemed to be stuck in their throats and was replaced by a deafening silence.


Mi Duo stood exactly still in the video.
Seconds had passed, a lavender halo slowly emerged on her body, translucent enveloping her magically.
She had brown curly hair, and starting from the top of Mi Duo’s head, a smudge of red-like blood smeared the strands.
Then, the pair of beautiful almond-shaped eyes gradually become thin, slanting a bit upward into phoenix eyes.
The pair of pupils presented a bewitching sanguine color, followed by layers upon layers of black and gold scales in the corners of the eyes; her fair complexion also transformed into a semi-transparent and was covered with a thin layer of frost.
Two pointed ears, quietly peeking into the virtual room; and on her fingers, sharp nails grew with dark purple awns.


With a shua³ sound, a pair of huge black fleshy wings suddenly unfolded from behind Mi Duo, filling the entire screen in an instant.


Everyone stared at this scene, dumbfounded.


Mi Duo, who originally looked as pure as an angel, had turned into a gorgeous and mysterious blood-sucking queen in a blink of an eye.
If they hadn’t witnessed the whole transformation process with their own eyes, they wouldn’t think they were the same person at all.


Tens of seconds of silence had passed, series of earth-shattering howls broke out in the live broadcast room.


252nd floor: [Queen!! Please accept my knee!!!]


253rd floor: [Ahhh, my heart!! Hep, I need artificial respiration.]


254th floor: [Is that a pair of real wings?! I really want to touch it!]


266th floor: [Pardon me, Queen.
I was so ignorant before that I thought you were just a simple white bunny.
Now that I know the truth, I must sincerely confess to you.
Please forgive this humble one.]


273rd floor: [Queen, take off that unpleasant lace dress on you in haste.
It’s ruining Your Queen’s temperament!]


278th floor: [I second!]


Mi Duo stared at herself in the mirror in astonishment, mixing with the look of disbelief.
Soon after that, a thought popped in her mind and the wings on her back immediately waved a few times.


“Ahhhh! Wings really moved!” Mi Duo screamed in excitement, completely disregarding the gentle image of the past.


Someone immediately jeered in the live broadcast room, “Daomei, see if you can fly!


This was originally just a joke, but no one thought that Mu Duo could really fly!!! Although it was only more than a meter above the ground, it really flew!!!


Everyone was witlessly stunned again.


Someone even subconsciously took another look at the grade of Deformation Pill—2-star middle-grade.


Such a heaven-defying effect turned out to be only a 2-star middle-grade?! And the person was transformed, okay! Also supplemented with innate talent skills! It’s only a 2-star mid-range product in the paper, yet why was it still mixed with other 2-star mid-range products?


Don’t say any more, this kind of 2-star mid-range product, give them a dozen!


At top speed, everyone rushed to trace the post of the Huahua League Master and asked about the price of the Deformation Pill, its specific medicinal effect, and when it would be released in the market.


However, no response was received.


During the chaos of the netizens, An Xian was concentrating on refining medicine this time and did not pay attention to the progress of the post at all.


People who couldn’t get any feedback could only continue to follow other people’s live broadcasts.


Following daomei, the other three winners—naked crested myna, doubled eggplant, and the chief who received the Deformation Pill also started their live broadcasts.
The fantastic oddities of everyone had aroused the field of vision to expand.
The most sensational among them was not Daomei, but the chief who had never done a live broadcast.


The chief was an old friend of the forum.
He was low-key and knowledgeable.
If anyone had any difficulties in life, you could basically get a satisfactory answer as long as you reached out to him.
He was quite respected in the Tianfu forums.


This time, the chief hosted an unprecedented live broadcast, and everyone was surprised that he was actually a disabled person with his right hand amputated.
With today’s medical technology, even if one was born with a deformity, there were ways to treat it.


It was extremely rare for the case of chief’s unless he was not treated in time when he had his arm broken that caused his body to fail to regenerate.


When the live broadcast started, the atmosphere was quite sluggish, and there was no activity in the live broadcast room at all.
However, when the chief took the Deformation Pill, the audience finally couldn’t restrain the predominant power in their hearts and screamed in exhilaration.


Because the chief mutated, his broken arm became a mighty and domineering beast giant claw.
After testing, his strength had prodigiously reached 400 catty⁴.


Broken arm regeneration, increased strength, was undoubtedly challenging everyone’s G-spot.


The mutation effect of the Deformation Pill depended on the user’s own genetic attributes, which stimulated the activity of hidden genes, thereby creating a real gene projection.


The elementary Deformation Pill could only be regarded as an ornamental environment goods.
Although it seemed that the mutated body tissues could be mobilized freely, they could only be used for a short time in reality.


Even if it only possessed an elementary-ranked effect, it was, nevertheless, enough to make people lose their shit.


As they say in the commonly used B phrase: You have succeeded in attracting my attention…



[1] 酋长 qiúzhǎng – chief of the tribe
[2]风花雪月fēnghuā-xuěyuè – wind, flowers, snow and the moon— 1.
referring originally to certain types of literary works and later to effete and sentimental writings in general 2.
love affair.
But this time, it’s a username of course.
[3] SFX for rustle
[4]斤 jīn – catty or approximately 500 g

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