The Ningxiang Pill you bought has been shipped, please check the details herein.

This time, the cause of the aircraft’s crash was deemed to be within Jingyun Airlines’ jurisdiction.
Although the unstable state of the violent mental mutator was the primary cause of the accident, the airline did not rigorously enforce a thorough check on the psychological condition of passengers.
Thus, both grounds were to take responsibility for the consequences; the difference was that the airlines couldn’t avoid the huge responsibility, whereas the mutant could.


The main concern didn’t lay in the enormous amount of compensation they needed to hand out.
What really frightened the upper echelons of Jingyun Airlines was the fact that He Lin was also on that flight!


And who was He Lin, who made everyone cower in fear? This person was purely and simply the chief order maintainer of Ziyou Federation, the youngest S-level spiritual enhancer levels in history, the first heir of the He family, an honorable and formidable man, who possessed a mountain of gold and was regarded as the great male god by the citizens.


Although He Lin escaped death by chance, Jingyun Airlines had suffered from a massive blow unprecedented in history due to the incident, owing to his unrivaled status and popularity.
Not only did they have to deal with the higher-ups’ criticisms, but they also had to deal with the wrath of the masses.
Their stock had plummeted sharply, and worse, their credit had gone bankrupt overnight.


The public’s negative feedback had quickly blotted out the sky and covered the earth.
The reporters were also working like chickens and blood all day, looking for accident survivors and victims’ families for information to tell in the news.


An Xian, along with the other survivors, was immediately transferred to a specialized medical facility for immediate treatment and recuperation in order to avoid the swarm of raucous inquiries from reporters and journalists.


After verifying their identities, the hospital performed a comprehensive medical examination on the injured victims.


An Xian secretly cast a small spell before her turn to seamlessly conceal her gender.
When the examination was finished, she was admitted to a separate ward under the name ‘Roy,’ as she awaited the outcome of the accident’s investigation.
During this time, she was not permitted to contact the media or engage in any social networking activities, but she could reach her relatives.
However, whether it was one thousand eight hundred years ago or a thousand and eight hundred years later, An Xian had no relatives to seek comfort from, and neither did Roy.


Casting spells incessantly for a few hours sapped a lot of spiritual energy.
Although An Xian was eager to learn everything she could about this distant era, she was simply too exhausted and passed out as soon as her head touched the soft pillow.


“Your Excellency, your mental power is extremely precarious at the moment.
You must be treated as soon as possible!”


Within the walls of the basement research room, He Lin had just finished his whole body examination and was listening to several doctors reporting his medical results.


He Lin appeared to be leaning casually against the sofa.
His bare upper body was tattered with scars, his stretched taut forehead indicated the throbbing pain in his head, and his entire body exuded a thick aura.
Personally, He Lin could sense the abnormality in his mental power even without being informed by the others.
As an S-level enhancer, it was transparent that he had great control over his power.
Correspondingly, once his mental power suffered from severe problems, the treatment difficulty would also increase exponentially.


“Call Zuo Ge to come over here.” He Lin commanded in a deep voice as his fingers kneaded the space between his eyebrows.


“Zuo Ge is still in Nava country.
I’m afraid that it’ll take six hours to travel back here.” A doctor carefully proposed.
“Perhaps we could ask Dr Susie to come instead and treat you first?”


He Lin furrowed his brow and ordered, “No, all of you go out.
I need rest.”


Without another word, all doctors who attended to him obediently withdrew from the room.


When the last doctor closed the door behind him, He Lin’s usual imposing serious face collapsed, revealing his painfully twisted ashen countenance.
His fingers were deeply entrusted into his hair, tugging and releasing it repeatedly.
His body trembled slightly as his muscles were stretched extremely taut, and his ears eventually picked up a few crisp sounds.
The glass products inside the room abruptly exploded simultaneously, and glass fragments were flying chaotically around the room…


After a good night’s sleep, An Xian woke up in high spirits the next day.
After washing her face, she finally had the time to collect every necessary information she could glean in this world.


An Xian, as a human being born in the twenty-first century, was still very capable of comprehending the various high-tech innovations of the period.
In less than three hours, she had mastered the fundamentals of several commonly used networks.
Among those, the most suitable network for grasping the current state of affairs was the Phantom Network.


Phantom Network spread throughout the world and could be accessed by any working electronic communication device.
The wristwatch An Xian obtained from Roy could be connected online.
Unfortunately, it did not survive the crash and thus could not be used when she needed it.
As a result, she had no choice but to gather intelligence via the public network platform of the hospitals.


This place, as she had suspected, was the Tianyao Star a thousand and eight hundred years later.
According to historical records, more than 1,800 years ago, Tianyao Star was subjected to a catastrophic calamity that resulted in the cultural failure of their illustrious civilization.
From then on, all years of genuine cultivation content were wiped out and treated as myths and legends as time passed from generation to generation.
Up to now, there’s no trace of the existence of the cultivators, and the spiritual energy that had once circulated between heaven and earth had also dispersed with no traces of leftover marks.


Since then, humans in Tianyao Star had suddenly possessed spiritual powers with the ability to evolve, and this innate spiritual power was derived from their own bodies.
The intensity of their spiritual power determined their mental strength’s latent capacity.
The latter had levels of aptitude ranging from low to high, divided into seven ranks: F, E, D, C, B, A, and S being the most powerful.
The greater one’s mental strength, the greater one’s achievements in various fields of work.


Under the guise of his identity, An Xian’s target, Roy, was a third-level healer with a mental power level of D, and he could primarily heal mental powers enhancers lower than D level.
However, he studied diligently and worked hard, breaking through the level limits and expanding his treatment scope to level C.
Despite breaking through the confines of his original level, level C was only a passing line that could outperform a certified therapist.


Roy was not a genius.
In terms of creativity and flexibility, he had no distinguishing features compared to other enhancers on the same level.
Nonetheless, Roy wielded an excellent advantage that no one could match, and that was his hard work.
His study time was several times that of his peers, and he devoted all of his energy to tedious research.
Perhaps he would never be a prominent therapist, but he would undoubtedly be an excellent therapist.


Things were, however, completely unpredictable.
Before Roy could fulfill his ambitions, his life was taken by an aviation accident.


An Xian couldn’t help but sympathize with him.


“Mr Luo, it’s time for your lunch.” A nurse entered with a dinner plate and a charming smile for An Xian.
“This is a nutritious meal prepared especially for you by the hospital.
I hope you like it.”


“Thank you.” An Xian smiled back.


The nurse’s eyes instantly sparkled, and her heart was pounding.


The young man standing in front of her was the most attractive man she had ever seen.
His dashing eyebrows were thick and straight and stood above his starry eyes like a pair of sharp swords, and his skin was as white and fine as snow.
His long black hair was loosely hanging down to his thighs, displaying a confident and relaxed demeanour.


An Xian had been cultivating in the Lingyuan Sect for several years.
As a result, it’s no wonder that she’d adopted the typical earthly temperament of a monk, with a tall and upright figure, a mellow voice, and a calm and indifferent personality.
Even with her unique countenance, no sweet and delicate air of a woman could be detected, nor an impression of disguising oneself as a man.


“If you need anything, just ring this bell here, and I’ll be right there.” With a budding girl’s heart in high spirits, the nurse set down the meal tray and exited the room.


An Xian ate her lunch quietly and continued to gather information online.


Although her current cultivation base was not as strong as it had been, she could still adapt to her bigu period, during which she had abstained from eating grains, and thus her food requirements were not as great.
However, to avoid suspicions, she continued to eat normally in accordance with standard folk practices.


What worried An Xian now was that if there wasn’t a single cultivator in this foreign ear, and she couldn’t gather any spiritual energy, how could she cultivate?


The innate spiritual power within the human body was quite good.
However, obtaining it would be difficult unless she used coercive methods harmful to the body’s natural harmony.


‘Is there really no other way to absorb spiritual energy?’


An Xian’s fingers fiddled with the knife and fork in her hands as pondered over the matter, then she casually glanced over at the potted plants in the corner, and her entire being suddenly halted.


‘Ah? Was it a trick of light? I seemed to have sensed a trace of spiritual energy just now?’


An Xian stood up and walked up to the potted plants, and stretched her hand forward to twist a leaf.


‘That’s right, it really has a spiritual energy!’


A hint of pleasant surprise flashed in An Xian’s eyes.
Despite being extremely thin, it was indeed the natural spiritual energy she needed.


In order to verify her hopeful conjecture, An Xian immediately exited the ward and ran towards the garden downstairs.


With each and every vigorous stride all the way down, combined with the long and luscious hair flowing up and down along with each step, the man successfully attracted numerous passionate looks from the girls.


The various types of lush trees in the garden were brimming with life.
An Xian wandered around the area and discovered that, while most plants possessed spiritual energy, the concentration was insufficient to be used for cultivation.
The only solace he found was that the spiritual energy contained in flowers and other plants was much denser than that of ordinary green plants.


If there was a sea of flowers surrounding him, it should be able to sustain the bare minimum of spiritual energy required.


An Xian determined her future life goals and development strategy in a fraction of a second.
That was to plant flowers.


Three days later, several survivors, including An Xian, were each granted 700,000 credit points, and families of the unfortunate victims were offered 1.5 million.
The reason why the process was so efficient was mainly because of He Lin’s influence.


An Xian gave the majority of the credit points to the Gongji Orphanage, which was the sole recipient of Roy’s pension.
She obviously didn’t have the right to occupy and use some of it, but in order to adapt to this advanced era as soon as possible, she could only borrow a small portion of it at first, and then patch it up as the principal money she borrowed multiplied.
She had promised to look after the orphanage for Roy.


Three months later.


An Xian sat in front of a virtual screen and used her voice to enter text:【Dear, the Ningxiang Pill you just purchased has been shipped, please check the details herein.】


The screen above her head suddenly displayed a cartoon character with the username “Angel1,” to which it responded:【Shop owner, does the Ningxiang Pill you sell really make people exude a natural and fresh body fragrance as described in the information?】


An Xian:【Certainly.
All medicinal pills sold in this small shop have undergone evaluation and are certified by the Pharmacy Union.
Moreover, the quality of these ordinary pills is above 4 stars.】


Angel1:【I’ve seen and read the credentials.
Still, the selling price is only 700 points, which is significantly cheaper than those mass-produced ones outside.
I have some doubts.】


An Xian:【…This only indicates one thing.
The things I sell are inexpensive but have good quality.】


Ningxiang Pill needed only cheap materials and a straightforward process of refining to produce.
The price she had set was already five times its initial cost…


When both sides ended the chat, An Xian began to wonder if she should re-price.


Three months ago, she rented a house and a few acres of fertile farmland on the outskirts of Cangyan City and started growing flowers on a massive scale.
During her early days in the Lingyuan Sect, she was primarily in charge of planting medicinal herbs, and she was now, at long last, returning to her field of business.
The seeds she cultivated with her own spiritual power had such a high survival rate, took such a short time to fully bloom, and the quality and spiritual energy of the flowers had far outweighed the quality of those ordinary flowers by folds.


In order to create sustainable development, An Xian decided to open an online store on called “Huahua World” to sell pills and earn credits.
The pharmaceutical industry in this era was quite hot among the masses.
People had a high demand for traditional medicines that were somewhat unique in a sense, such as mental stability medicines, resistance boosters, beauty pills, cleansers, nourishments, and drugs to care for one’s health, and so on.
Rather than mass-produced drugs of poor quality in factories, the majority of people were still willing to risk it by purchasing medicines online.


An Xian’s pills had distinct characteristics and high-class qualities that could be purchased at a reasonable price.
The store had already gained several regular customers after only two months of operation.
The only exception was that the shop only focused on refining drugs that were typically pitiful and unexceptional in the eyes of the buyers.
Aside from that, the pills weren’t particularly appealing among the thousands of drugs available in online markets, and her income demand was low in comparison to other stores.


Originally, she didn’t care about her earnings, but she had recently developed an interest in a rare species of flower—Hui Xian Cao, which possessed the most prosperous spiritual energy of all the flowers she had seen so far.
Unfortunately, no seed of that particular plant could be found for sale.
Furthermore, she had discovered that the price of that high-end plant was very high, and purchasing a seed would cost at least one year’s savings.


{T/N: ₁.
回 huí – to curve || ₂.仙草 xiān cǎo – medicinal herb (genus Mesona); grass jelly}


To have that flower in the palm of her hands, An Xian was ​determined to refine several unique pills and offer them up at high prices.


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