As light as a feather, floating like fine dust.

Days flew by in the blink of an eye, and now it was time to ring in the new year.
An Xian received a letter from the orphanage, hoping she would be able to return home for the new year.


‘Come back “home” for the New Year?’  The orphanage was Roy’s home, not hers.
She had nowhere to call home during this time.
Furthermore, her several hundred years of cultivation life had already accustomed her to solitude for a long time.


If she did return, it would still feel unnatural as An Xian didn’t know how to interact with those who cared about Roy.
Thus, she had no choice but to decline the invitation by refining medicine.


Eight to nine months had elapsed since she woke up from Cangquan Mountain.
The weather was turning colder.
Most of the flowers in the flower field were still in full bloom, unaffected by the cold, and only a small portion withered.
An Xian had already stored and bred third-generation seeds for several of the flowers planted, which could only be planted once the weather warmed up.


The spiritual qi in three-generation seeds was much higher than in previous generations, due to that, they would become the primary force in accelerating the cycle’s formation.


An Xian leaned against the fence, a hip flask in one hand, watching the flowers flutter in the breeze, unhurried and content.
She already made up her mind about the new medicine to be released this month.
When refining Feixing Dose, there were some materials left over that could be used this time.


[At 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, the new product will be broadcasted live.
Stay tuned.]


Early that morning, the Tianfu Forum boiled over because of this news.
Huahua World had just issued a statement that they would release new products after the last flying live broadcast!


Just after the stigmatization posting incident, the popularity of Huahua World and the Leader skyrocketed, and their supporters shot through the roof as well.
Coupled with Feixing Dose’s growing popularity, the news drew widespread attention as soon as it was released.


On the hotly awaited day, a large group of flower friends flocked to Huahua World even before 7 o’clock ticked by.


[I don’t have a clue what type of product will be launched this time.]


[No matter what, I am down.
If you get it, you get it!]


[Last live broadcast, the Leader only showed his face.
Hmph, this time I must watch it!]


[Upstairs, are you here to see drugs or people?]


[People or drugs, come into my baby bowl!]




Meanwhile, He Lin sat upright at his desk at the International Center Union Building, passively listening to Elsa’s report on today’s itinerary.
Huahua World’s space page took up the entire virtual screen next to him, and the countdown was coming to an end.


When the clock struck down to 30 seconds, He Lin said, “I see you, you can go now.
Don’t disturb me for the next two hours.”


Elsa could not help but raise her head and gaped at He Lin when she was interrupted in the middle of the report.
Seeing him staring at the screen so solemnly as if a more important project was keeping him occupied at the moment, Elsa withdrew with doubts. 


The countdown ended.
A live video appeared on the space page right in time. 


An Xian appeared in the video standing on a small hillside without shoes.
Her bare feet crushed the dew-stained grass beneath.
The audience was struck by the jade-white toes and yellow-withered vegetation, as well as the warm flesh and wet cold sludge.


[This is the legendary foot!]


[Leave that patch of mud, change it to my hand!!!]


[Leader, you look sexy without shoes!]


[In such cold weather, please don’t patronize showing your good looks shamelessly.
Be careful from freezing your feet.]


[It’s all right, the Leader has medicine.]




Those elegant feet, even in exquisite clarity, bore no trace of flaws.
The round nails shone with a clear, healthy luster.
He Lin gazed at them, feeling a particular emotion arising in his heart.


At this point, the camera moved slowly, orbited half a circle, and turned to face An Xian.
The camera then focused on the porcelain bottle she was holding.
The translucent porcelain bottle held ten green pills the size of soybeans.


An Xian took one out and placed it in her mouth.
Her eyes closed shut, lashes fluttering.
As soon as they opened, a mirage suddenly flashed and disappeared from the camera.


The lens shot up, capturing the figure as it leaped into the sky.


‘Is it another flying drug?’


Countless pairs of eyes stared at their screens without blinking. 


They saw the figure reach its maximum peak, slowed down, and rushed down as they fell. 


That’s right, it’s “floating”.
Like a feather, it’s light and graceful.


Like a gentle poke, the tip of the toes landed on a leaf.
The leaf sank so humbly and bounced back.
As if it was wind borne, the figure sprang along with the motion.
Occasionally rising and falling.
The lithe figure never stopped gliding forward as it crossed the hillside, sailing over the dew-scented grass and even passing by a lake.
Its feet brushed against the duckweed buoying on the lake and it hopped toward the opposite bank, splashing no water on its feet.
The only trace it left were circles of ripples. 


Everyone was dumbstruck that they forgot to flood on the forum. 


‘A person could actually be so light! As if there is no weight, even leaves can hold him up!’


If flying manifested speed and adventurous zeal, then at this moment, only lightness and elegance were shown.
Two completely different styles, but equally fascinating.


An Xian soared to the top of the mountain in a matter of seconds.
Under her feet stretched ten thousand fathoms of an abyss, vaguely obscured by the mist and clouds and ironically made clear by the swirling of nipping chilly air.


[Shit, that familiar sense of déjà vu!]


[The Leader is going to jump again.]


[Hurry and prepare Rapid Heart Pills!]


In contrast to the trepidation of the audiences, An Xian did not hesitate.
She hovered a foot lightly and jumped. 




[What are you howling for? Watch!]


An Xian closed her eyes, spread her arms, and lay on her back, gently rippling the clouds and mists around as she plunged like a leaf boat, swimming leisurely at ease.


[This cozy and satisfying scene makes me want to jump onto the screen and swing with him!]


[Rippling, swaying, why are you so flurrying~]


[The planet’s gravity has completely lost its effect on the Leader.
Is this really not an evil technology?!]


At this moment, An Xian flipped over, and little by little glided toward a cliff.
Her hand snaked out and snatched a wild fruit from under the claws of a witch monkey.
The angry indignant squeaks of the monkey fell on deaf ears while An Xian wiped the fruit on her clothes.
She took a bite, and a frown formed in an instant on her forehead. 


[Leader, you didn’t even let go of a monkey!!!]


[Demonic spirit, you here? Someone robbed a poor monkey just now.
Haste over and take him away!]


[I’m sure that wild fruit is unpalatable.
See that look on the Leader’s face—it was wrinkled with dejection!]


[Hahaha, that monkey’s expression was too funny.
I want to cut it off and make it into an expression pack.]


An Xian turned her body upside down without warning, grabbed a thick vine, and reached out to catch a bird chick that stumbled over and fell from its nest.
In one move, she swung upright, put the chick back into the nest together with the wild fruit that had only taken a bite.


[Leader, a harrier, is a carnivore.
What are you doing throwing your leftover fruit into someone else’s bird nest?!]


[Bullying a naïve baby harrier.
Where is your morality, Leader?!]


[Where is the Mama Harrier? Come quick, someone here is throwing rubbish in your house.]


[Leader, do you plan to float until the end of time? It’s been solid five minutes and you haven’t landed yet!]


[Precisely, get down now.
If this continues as if like I’m watching a celestial deity in the sky, I am going to beat someone.]


[Upstairs is adequately jealous and hateful.]


An Xian did not hear the anguished wailing of everyone, but she wasn’t that far from the bottom of the cliff by this time. 


She straightened her body until her feet faced the ground and was about to land, only to find that a large area under her feet was actually covered in slithering poisonous snakes awaiting her landing!


[Snakes, snakes, so many snakes!]


[Fuck, I’m scared to death.
Leader, be careful!]


[There are at least a thousand densely entwined pieces below!]


[I have a severe phobia of them.


An Xian did not panic.
She extended out a hand and grabbed onto the nearest protruding rock.
An Xian used her falling momentum to whirl around the rock and shoot out horizontally like a leaf.
The poisonous snakes below raised their heads, hissing, as they looked at the figure passing over them. 


The tall silhouette sailed out of the snakes’ scopes and landed outside the cliff after only ten seconds of constant speed.
The eyes were opened to a vast green clearing.
A wide grassland stretching across the horizon, meeting the setting sun, whose last light poured out across the land, staining the earth in gold and warmth.


An Xian looked around at the ethereal scenery.
She took a deep breath and whispered, “It’s time to go back.”


As soon as the voice faded, she stepped to the cliff’s edge and leaped upwards deftly, as if on solid ground.
She drifted between clouds, like an immortal.
An ethereal scenery of a figure amongst the clouds and skies.
Only the soles of her feet were streaked with dust and mud, and the insteps were still as bright and clean as before.


As light as a feather, floating like a cloud of dust. 


This was her new product—Light Dust Pill.


Ten capsules per bottle.
Each capsule lasted for 30 minutes. 


Grade: 2-star middle grade.


Leap onto roofs and vault over walls; cross the forest and walk on water; climb the houses and traverse the bridges in no time.
One could do all of this, and all you have to do is follow their heart—either walking or traveling unrestrained.


An Xian let the people of this era witness and experience themselves the cultivators’ style more than a thousand years ago. 


[The Leader astounded me this time.
If I have to use a word to describe him, it’d be — “Fallen Immortal.]


[The whole time, I was kneeling while watching the Leader.
It’s just so beautiful!]


[Ah, with the Alliance Leader, other vulgar powders can no longer re-enter my eyes.]


[Such a beautiful and passionate leader.
I wonder why you were nameless before? Was it because everyone is blind or the Leader is too low-key?]


[From now on, the Alliance Leader is my only male god!]


After An Xian concluded the live broadcast, he updated the description of Light Dust Pill in the space.


Still the same old mechanics.
A bottle would be given as a gift and 5 bottles were auctioned. 


Light Dust Pill did not require a certain level of mental power, nor did it necessitate an elite level of mental control.
So long as one mastered balance and practiced it a few times, one could improve.
To achieve its maximum effect, it was necessary to take advantage of the availability of the surrounding resources.


The auction was scheduled for two days later, and everyone was gearing up—ready to fight against immorality, speed, and staking financial resources.


He Lin had no intention of grabbing the Light Dust Pill this time.
He just kept watching An Xian’s videos.
His eyes shone with rapt concentration as if he wanted to engrave every movement and expression she made.


For the first time, he desperately wanted to meet someone. 


This young man was more outstanding than he thought.
More beautiful, so interesting… that he refused to share the person with others. 


‘Seeing everyone’s admiration and love for him, I am glad that I signed the contract with him in time.’ And for the next three years, he was her boss—the only boss.

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