The light in his memory has finally turned into reality and came into his world.

He Lin sat on the king-sized dark-colored bed.
A thin quilt was strewn over his lower body up to his waist barely covering his assets.
Rather, it accentuated the bare flesh of his body and the well-built rise and valley of his muscles, exuding a sexy luster under the soft lighting.


No more than ten minutes, He Lin slowly opened his eyes.
Although the very fibers of his strained body deeply longed for sleep and rest, his active mental power kept him from falling into a peaceful sleep. 


He kneaded his throbbing temples and got up to splash his face with water in the bathroom.
He then trod back to the bedroom, pulled open the bedside drawer, and took out a metal box that contained the exact medicines he ordered from Huahua World—twelve vials excluding the supplementary gift, Zhenling Pill.


He Lin initially planned to give these drugs to Zog for testing but changed his mind by the last minute.
If a gift out of gratitude could calm a frenzied S-level mental power in a mere minute, then what would be the level of efficacy of the main medicine?


He was unsure if Roy was aware of the value and particularity of high-level specialized drugs when she took his order.
A therapist or a pharmacist who could refine A-level specialized drugs to a 4-star medium-grade, no matter which country they were from, was a target of competition for all parties. 


Roy was only a Level 3 therapist with no illustrious family background and strong personal background.
Once people targeted him, trouble would surely follow.
Some people who sought nothing but profit would be unlikely to give him any choice of his own at all.
If they could not exercise complete control of him, then they would stop at nothing to take his prescription instead.


It could be seen from Roy’s investigation data that the young man bore an introverted personality, had no clue about the ways of the world, and might not even realize what astonishing talents he possessed.
Recalling back to how casual he was in taking his orders, He Lin highly suspected that Roy had not thought there was any difference between specialized and ordinary medicines. 


In fact, there was still a difference, that was, one was high-priced and limited, and the other yielded a small profit but rapid turnover.


Out of a protective mentality, He Lin decided not to take out those medicines for testing.
With his powerful spiritual sense of touch alone, even without proper instrument help, he could roughly analyze the intrinsic quality of the medicines and whether they contained poison.


Regardless of their specific effects, based on their appearance alone, the twelve pills refined by Roy possessed spirituality that ordinary drugs did not have.


With this in mind, He Lin logged onto the Star Network and clicked on the webpage of Huahua World. 


Ding dong — a tiny window popped out on the center of the page, spasming side to side the entire time. 


‘Feixing Dose?’


He Lin followed the icon included in the notification and found the “Daily Free New Products.” The first thing he saw was the three-dimensional image suspended in the center, showcasing two semicircular containers with sparkling and translucent golden liquids, like gems, that flow continuously on their own.
Next to the products was a brief introduction to Feixing Dose. 


[Feixing Dose.
A 3-star medium-grade specialized function, portable type medicine.
It requires acute mental power to control the volatilization of medicine, and is offered as a set of two that can last for 720 hours of flight.]


There was a demo video below the text. 


He Lin clicked on it, and a fully three-dimensional image unfolded before his eyes.
A slender silhouette of a person stood on the very edge of a building, overlooking the bustling activities under his feet.
Without warning, “he” moved, leaped, and flew towards the vast expanse of darkness and light underneath.
“He” conducted a magnificent and awesome performance. 


The golden streams of light streaked across the sky.
Along with the movements of the pilot, various lights and shadows were transformed, and everything was engulfed by He Lin’s deep eyes; twinkling with a peculiar radiance evoking memories hidden deep within his heart. 


The vague silhouette of the figure in the video gradually overlapped with the blue light he saw on the seafloor on the day of the airplane crash. 


“He” descended on the top of the tower, turned around, and faced the camera. 


A handsome face unbosomed itself before He Lin’s eyes without warning. 


“So it was you…” A low baritone voice sounded in the bedroom, and two clusters of brilliant flame ignited in He Lin’s orbs. 


The ray of light in his memory had, at long last, turned to be real and came into his world.


A short beeping sound caught his attention and noticed that there was only less than a minute left before the Feixing Dose auction. 


He Lin exited the video and began bidding right off the bat.
He practically, perhaps because of his reflex or by his natural disposition, became the first bidder.


[Fuck, who is this! ! !]


[I am not seeing things wrong, right? 30,000?]


[Can’t we all bid well? The starting price is only 500!]


[This internet speed truly is blazing fast as it’s flying.
I only have a 0.2-second delay on my side, and the bidding over there has already been finished!] 


[MDZZ, the local tyrant is amazing!] 


While netizens were clamoring and cursing, the original price of 30,000 abruptly jacked up to 35,000 for no reason.


[What the fucking fuck.
Another local tyrant emerges.]


[For this auction, I took out my three-month pocket money.
But it turned out that I didn’t even have a chance to fucking bid.]


35,000 soared to 50,000.


[…In an instant, this became a Shura field for local tyrants.] 


[Can’t you bastards leave a way for us, P people, to stay alive?!] 


[Tyrants, tyrants.
Listen to me.
There are five sets of Feixing Dose in this auction, so y’all don’t need to be anxious! Everyone bid rationally, calmly, and don’t be impulsive!] 


This comment had just been sent, and the price also changed from 50,000 to 55,000.]


[…I’ll now stop talking, just gonna watch them pretend BS quietly by the side.] 


He Lin glanced at the person competing with him—him—King’s Return. 


One finger slash: 100,000. 


King’s Return: “….” 


The comment area exploded again.
A group of 3-star mid-level functional drugs actually got 10W! This was not a specialty medicine, but merely an entertainment consumable.
According to the normal estimation, it would have been sold for roughly 15,000 but the result was actually a tenfold increase in only three bids! 


In the end, King’s Return did not make his desired comeback, and the continued price hike was very unfavorable for the subsequent auctions.
The guy who competed with him was obviously a wastrel who didn’t care about money.


He Lin succeeded in winning the first set of Feixing Dose.
However, as he dwelled on it carefully, he did a very naïve thing.


Although Feixing Dose was out of the ordinary, it was of little use to him.
As the chief order maintainer of the alliance, he must take into consideration his identity and image regardless of what he did.
If he truly used Feixing Dose to fly around the city, he was guaranteed to make headlines within the first three to five minutes.
It would also push Roy and Huahua World into the cusp of the storm.


However, seeing other people uttering cries of anguish in the comment section, He Lin felt an indescribable dark yet refreshing feeling. 


The rest of Feixing Dose sets were auctioned afterward.
He Lin paid no attention to it anymore and instead poked the Huahua World’s Leader flower bud profile.
But no response traveled back, crushing his budding giddiness no response traveled back, The auction was still in full swing.
The owner of the shop, was he not online? 


Once he withdrew from Huahua World, and his attention went back to himself again, waves of excruciating pain attacked him all at once. 


He Lin took out the porcelain bottle marked “Huyuan Pill” and put the medicine into his mouth.
According to the medication instructions, Huyuan Pill, Zhuoqing Pill, Yunli Pill, and Yangling Pill were to be taken three days apart in sequence each.
The other seven pills could be taken whenever he needed to, but only one tablet a day. 


After taking the medicine, He Lin reclined on the bed as he felt the gradual changes in his mental power.
He slowly nodded off. 


When An Xian came out of the refining room, the auction of Feixing Dose had already concluded.
Let’s look at the final transaction price—375,000 credits. 


‘Um? 375,000?’


An Xian almost thought she had read it wrong, but the five sets of Feixing Dose, to her surprise, were sold at a staggering price of over 370,000.


She checked the buyers who obtained the Feixing Dose.
She discovered that someone had taken the first set at a price of 10W, which caused the subsequent prices to soar.
The original starting price of the 2W just shot to 6W and to 7W.


The first buyer was Your Excellency H, who previously ordered her specialized medicines.
It really was a lot of money and waywardness. 


Many people detested him down to the very core and nicknamed him “H10.” 


As soon as the auction ended, posts about the auction appeared on the Tianfu forum at once, and the high transaction price shook everyone.
If this was a 3-star middle-grade specialty drug, let alone six to seventy thousand, there would be millions of people rushing to get a hold of each bottle.
But if you spent 60,000 to 70,000 to buy a set of functional medicines that could only be used for 720 hours, many people would deem it unworthy for such money and attention. 


The king who previously bid with He Lin returned and successfully sold the second set at a price of 70,000.
He posted right after receiving Feixing Dose, the appraisal would be broadcast live and would be judged by him whether it was truly valuable.
Many people commented they would be at his page, waiting to see another tyrant—the Medicine God. 


Within the harmonious, heated discussion, someone all of a sudden shared a post titled “818 The Orphan Who Gained Others’ Sympathy by Selling Tragedy, Swindled the Legacy of the Old Man’s Orphanage, Paid his Way Through a Prestigious School Diploma, and Finally Walked on the Pinnacle of Life as an Orphan.” The poster was “Undressed Myna.” 


An Xian was just about to quit the forum when she caught sight of this interesting post that hindered her not so. 


When she read the post title, she felt a strange feeling in her heart.
She clicked on the post, skimmed through it, and immediately guessed the identity of “Mister A” in the post.
The following evidence promptly confirmed her conjecture that Mister A was Roy, whom she borrowed identity from.


The post delivered a substantial guiding quality by mapping false speculation on events such as the death of the director of the orphanage, Roy’s large inheritance, his extremely poor qualifications that were admitted to a foreign prestigious school, and his early graduation.
The purpose is abundantly apparent—to throw mud at Roy. 


The post was issued more than a month ago, four or five months after the crash occurred.
Roy already kicked the bucket at that time.
So the only person who moved him black was probably the impostor herself. 


An Xian lived her new life in seclusion during this period and rarely had contact with outsiders.
The sole person she came into contact with was the brown-haired man, which Roy himself forgot whose name, Roy himself forgot the whose name, in the medicinal marketplace. 


There seemed to be no conflict between the two.
Just because she showed indifference that the man would post such against her? 


An Xian frowned.
She herself did not care about others’ opinions, however, the person they made light of and disgraced was Roy.
She had read Roy’s memory and probably no one in this world knew the young man better other than her.
Even though Roy was gifted with inferior talent and his personality bore some shortcomings, he was a very remarkable person.


An Xian borrowed his identity, and it was only natural for her to accept this karma. 


No matter what would happen, she refused to consent to anyone to calumniate such an upright person.

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