A dignified S-level enhancer.
Can you be a bit more ethical?!

[The 60-minutes of entering a high point one after another indeed allowed you to experience the thrill of flying.]


[Our goal is to conquer the sky.]


[Last night, my male god led me to pretend to be a B and took me to fly.]




Last night’s flying live broadcast was clipped into a video posted to Huahua World’s “Free New Products Monthly” space.
Soon after, it was reposted in Tianfu Forum, where various clickbait writers traded blows, making people’s eyes roll in contempt.
Those troublesome people who had vowed never to shop at Huahua World again appeared to suffer from collective amnesia, in which they ostensibly forgot the cruel words they had said before and flocked to Huahua World, kneeling and patiently waiting for the sale of new medicines.


An Xian’s handsome posture, exquisite control of power, various flying movement techniques, and lightning-like speed displayed in the live broadcast made her famous overnight.
But since the live broadcast was only released under the name of “Huahua World,” everyone did not know the identity of “he” nor did they know how to call “he,” so they gave “he” a name instead.


Nickname: “Alos,” the legendary king who symbolized the sky. 


Feixing Dose was the first new drug officially released in the “Free New Products Monthly” individual space.
It would be sold in an auction format, with a starting bid of 500, and only five sets of the drugs were available for purchase.
And each set could last for 720 hours of flight time.
There was no requirement for a specific level of mental power, but cognitive control must not be lower than conventional standards.


The official auction date was scheduled tentatively for the beginning of next month.
Before that, a random flower friend would be drawn to receive a free trial quota of the drug from among the flower friends.


[Leader, you must stabilize first.
Stabilize first! One must by all means not perform the mistake twice.
Don’t proceed by granting a free trial in less than three seconds before starting.
Let us brew our emotions before we start!]


[That’s right.
Leader, you listen to me.
The steps of the lottery should be like this.
Announce the news first, determine the time and draw a method.
When all the flower friends have occupied a seat, you wash your hands neat and clean, don a suit, burn incense and pray for three minutes, engage in a countdown with the flower friends, and finally be tentative and prudent in the drawing.]


[Leader, didn’t you always have five free slots before? Why is there only one this time?]


[That too.
Leader, you are no person who would only do for one person at a time, ah.]


[I think at least three should be the bare minimum.]


[Five is too few, seven is too much.]


[Same thoughts with all upstairs.]


[Leader, since we all are so familiar with each other, can you walk us through the back door?]


[Upstairs, can you also walk through the unfathomable back door of the leader? Careful, you might not get out once you step foot in.]


[Rest assured, I have the most advanced positioning system.]


[No matter how awesome your system X is, it won’t work if there is no signal.]


[How do you know if there is no signal?]


[If there is no signal, the back door of the leader should already have been penetrated.
Are you still waiting to explore the cave for treasure hunting?]


[What are you talking about upstairs? I can’t understand it at all.]




The thread of comments became more and more magical, and An Xian had already lost interest to see. 


She logged out of Huahua World, put away any distractions, and entered the mode of medicine refining. 


An Xian’s side was carried on like wind and streaming water, while He Lin’s side was camped to advance gradually and entrenched with vigilant steps. 


Tikaman was more formidable than imagined.
And with just a moment of face-to-face, He Lin’s mental power suffered a slight shock. 


Fortunately, the pseudo-divine pill refined by Master Wen Tai was indeed out of the ordinary, which helped him offset most of the pressure and stabilized the fluctuations in his mind.


However, with Tikaman’s acute senses, even slight abnormal fluctuations of a split second may be noticed by him. 


In the following exchange, Tikaman used practical actions to show his strength and arrogance to the fullest.
Whether it may be a meeting, a visit, or a meal, the people surrounding him could feel at varying heights the incessantly released pressure.
It was against reason that the handsome face of a middle-aged uncle still carried a smile, appearing as a loving saint as if he was saying, “I’m teasing you.
Quick, come and fight me, ah.
I’ll just lie flat and wait for your hate to show.”


You are a dignified S-level enhancer.
Can you be a bit more ethical?!’


People on the alliance side were like dogs who were too furious to dare growl anything.


Nobody could withstand the immense pressure of an S-level enhancer for a long time, more if two of them were present.
Soon enough, no one else existed within twenty meters of Tikaman and He Lin, including the other ambassadors of Yava country. 


“Since the venue has been cleared, let’s talk business,” He Lin endured the severe pain caused by the mental shock without changing his expression and said in a steady tone.


“Aren’t we talking about business all the time?” Tikaman replied, a humble smile still plastered on his face. 


“For the sake of the friendship between the two countries, it is better for Mister Tikaman to exercise restraint.” He Lin scanned the few cracks on the teacup, looking all uninterested and insipid as he said, “I wonder if you were so unscrupulous when you were in front of His Royal Highness William?” 


Tikaman’s face submerged a couple of degrees down as his eyes narrowed at He Lin.


Yava was a constitutional monarchy country, but the heir to the throne was not limited to the direct descendants of the imperial family.
All heirs of royal families were eligible to take part in the election, and William was the second-in-line successor supported by Tikaman. 


“His Royal Highness William is 19 years old this year.
Indeed, a very active phase of age.”


“What do you want to say?” Those words finally wiped out the smile of Tikaman, his voice grim.


“It’s nothing.” Now, it was He Lin’s turn to smile.
“It’s a good thing for young people to be energetic, but you must also be cautious.
After all, his Highness William’s noble status will inevitably incur some unscrupulous people conspiring against him.”


Tikaman’s eyes were now a pair of razor-sharp daggers locked on him, and the pressure he emanated became extensive to handle. 


He Lin gripped the handle of the armchair hard enough for his knuckles to turn white as if the blood vessels in the rest of his body were about to rupture, but he still sat as firm as a mountain and no changes on his face.
He took an ostensive casual breath and said, “Your country’s situation is far more complicated than ours.
However, with Mister Tikaman in charge of the overall situation, His Highness’s safety should be assured.
This He hopes that the two countries can shake hands and be friendly, and a peaceful and stable environment between the two is the basis of maintaining a friendship.
What do you think? ”


Tikaman stared profoundly at him as he smiled.
“You are right.
Nothing is more important than the friendship between the two countries.”


The two puissant individuals “exchanged” insights somewhat cooperatively. 


It wasn’t until after the show ended that the waiter came to clean up the table.
He almost dropped the tray he held when he found the dishes on the table, which looked intact on the surface, had actually turned into fine powder. 


In fact, He Lin began his preparations more than a month ago.
He initially did not hope that his injury could be concealed from Tikaman.
Instead of passively defending, He Lin might as well take the initiative to seize Tikaman’s weakness to make him not dare give his full strength when William was the breakthrough He Lin chose.
If Tikaman wanted to go against him, then he would not mind letting his boat sink into the sea. 


As long as Tikaman would not make a move, the rest would not threaten He Lin. 


“Lord He.” Seeing He Lin’s dull gray complexion and his heavy gait, Fei Tuo rushed to his side at once. 


He Lin waved his hand and said, “Send me out of the city.”


“Out of town?” Puzzlement quickly etched in Fei Tuo’s worried face.


When He Lin got in the car, he pressed on his tiny earpiece.
“My mental power is about to collapse.
I can’t stay in the city center any longer.
Find me a sparsely populated place.”


Fei Tuo’s expression was overwhelmed with shock, yet he did not dare delay further.
He revved up the car and sent a message to Zog to prepare him and the medical team. 


However, Fei Tuo’s message failed to send out because He Lin’s violent, uncontrolled mental power disturbed the transmission of the signal, and even the maglev car they were riding in was also affected. 


It was not just them.
As He Lin’s mental power became more and more tempestuous, the nearby vehicles also progressed disorderly. 


“Damn it!” He Lin slammed a fist on the seat, his expression turned a little hideous as intervals of sharp pain stabbed his mind. 


The spiritual coercion exerted by Tikaman on him still broke through the effect of the pseudo-divine pill, triggering a much worse mental backlash.


An S-level mental power berserk state is sufficient to defeat all mental defenses below A-level within a radius of several kilometers.
It would also impact the economy and society, with damages far more extensive to be deemed incalculable.


“Hurry!” He Lin let out a low, suppressed growl. 


Fei Tuo was in the epicenter of madness and violence, and to be under tremendous pressure, blood had already flowed out of his four facial orifices.
If he had not been an A-level enhancer, all that would be left of him was a dead body.
Even if he tried to get past the chaos of vehicles caused by small-scale traffic jams, Fei Tuo could not pass through quickly, even if he wanted to.
Coupled with the simultaneous malfunction of the driving system because of the erratic bursts of mental power, it would inevitably lose control even if their car was modified for situations like this. 


“One minute.
One minute to drive me out of the city!” He Lin said, his voice rasped.


Fei Tuo burst into tears with blood smeared on his face.
Not to mention one minute, he could not drive away even in ten minutes—the car was on the verge of falling apart!


He Lin curled his body.
The roots of blood vessels protruded on his skin almost to the point of bursting, and his consciousness gradually fell muddled.
Two choices emerged in his mind.
One was to sever the spiritual vein in his body, which would thoroughly decompose his mental power from the source and disperse his soul.
The other was to let go of the shackles and allow this spiritual power to rush out and wantonly destroy it until the power was exhausted.
In this way, he would not die, but his spiritual level may be impaired. 


With He Lin’s character, it was improbable to pick the second option.
Neither was he a person who rashly conceded defeat.


Inchmeal, He Lin opened his strained eyes, revealing a pair of slightly crazy bloodshot eyes.
He stretched out his hand and took out a porcelain bottle from his pocket, his hand trembling the entire process.
The words “Zhenling Pill” were engraved on the porcelain bottle majestically.


This was an elixir An Xian gave as a present to He Lin when she started preparing the specialized medicines.
The medicine could immediately calm a berserk mental power in a short period. 


Only that He Lin had not had the time to test its efficacy.
However, the situation called for urgency this time, and he could not afford to lose mere seconds just for that.
He unscrewed the lid, picked up the porcelain bottle, and poured the contents directly into his mouth. 


Meanwhile, Tikaman stood at the window in a specific building, his gaze affixed to the commotion on the street in the distance.
The other people on the same trade with him did not notice any abnormalities and even muttered regrets that He Lin was not mentally damaged, as stated in the intelligence. 


A sneer hung from the corner of his mouth, but he said nothing. 


He indeed visited with the desire to take advantage of his illness to kill him, but He Lin was not an easy nut to crack.
If he indeed had an accident, the He Family would not let Tikaman off that easily.
Tikaman knew he was fastened to William too tightly, and if a mere hair was pulled, the whole body would follow suit.
Although he was uncertain how He Lin possessed much control over the situation, with his understanding of He Lin, he would open a card even if he was in absolute uncertainty.
Hence, Tikaman did not dare gamble. 


He was very conflicted—not only wishing for He Lin to disappear, but he also did not wish for himself to be implicated. 


However, his dilemma was useless to think about now.
He Lin’s mental power had burst out of control, and whether he could survive relied heavily on luck.
Nevertheless, it failed to obstruct him from having a schadenfreude mentally from seeing He Lin causing trouble in his country. 


After estimating the time, Tikaman thought that the show was about to be staged. 


He waited for a minute, two minutes, four minutes, seven minutes… ‘Huh? What happened?’


This was an S-level power—even if that man was exhausted, it still would be impossible to suppress the overwhelming might of that level.
But how come nothing happened? The breeze was still and calm, and the once clogged-up traffic seemed to have recovered?! 


‘Could it be that He Lin severed his spiritual vein?’


Tikaman immediately negated his guess because just now, a familiar and powerful mental power surrounded the building, then disappeared quietly like an empty wind. 


That mental power belonged to He Lin, and Tikaman could not have been more confident. 


And because of this shocking event, it made him feel even more inconceivable. ‘Such a terrifying fierce mental power has calmed down in just a few minutes?! This is an S-level mental power which is comparable to the terrifying existence of an atomic bomb!’ 


‘What method did he use?’ Not only did the riots calm down, but He Lin did not seem to sustain much damage to his mental power.
After all, he even had a leisure time running to him, an S-level powerhouse—to brush his sense of existence. 


After wasting a long time expressing his feelings, Tikaman’s mood became sour in an instant. 


Back to the research room, Zog and the others wasted no time performing a comprehensive inspection on He Lin.
The results stunned them that there was no significant problem apart from some loss of vitality, and even the mental strength remained at the original level of injury. 


Learning that He Lin took a drug to pacify the violent state of his power, Zog could not help show his excitement as he asked.
“Was it the drug Master Wen Tai helped you prepare?”


“No, I ordered it from an online store.”


“Online store?” Zog thought he had misheard and was stunned, “Is it Yuqing Pavillion or Cuiyu?” ‘Although they were well known, do they really can refine medicine to control an S-level mental berserk?’ 


It’s Huahua World¹.”


Zog looked even more dumbfounded.
“Huahua World? I haven’t heard of it before.
Where did that beautiful² place open?” 


At this moment, Fei Tuo standing beside him was kind enough to explain.
“This is a newly opened online store which has a current level of two stars.
The owner is a level 3 therapist.”


‘Excuse me? A new store with only two stars? And the owner is merely a level 3 therapist?! He Lin dared to order a drug from such an online store and then resolved a chaotic S-level crisis?’


The point was — Lord He, why did you order medicine in a little-known two-star shop? Not only was it a low-starred drug, but the effect turned out to be pretty good! How could this be let off by the group of six to seventh-level pharmacists and therapists without feeling embarrassed, ah?! 


He Lin even had the cheek to tell them that this Zhenling Pill was just a gift…




[1] huā huā shì jiè (花花世界) — the world of sensual pleasures 

[2] fēng yuè (风月) —  “breeze and moon”, a figure of speech for “beautiful scenery”

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