sence of a beast, but they don’t approach from a certain distance, perhaps because Ciel is nearby.

“With Ciel around, it’s safe in the forest, isn’t it?”


Sora responds, perhaps feeling the same way.

Sora jumps up and down.

She is jumping around a little too vigorously and is hitting some branches, but she doesn’t seem to mind at all.

She seems to be in a good mood.

“Oh, it’s the river!”

I see the river glistening in the sunlight.

Heading out to the riverside, I found a tree nearby with berries growing on it.

From the shape of its leaves and berries, it seemed to be the kind of tree that bears sweet and sour berries, which I like.

“Sora, is that tree fruit edible?”


Sora’s reply draws me closer to the tree.

When I was deciding, how to respond to Ciel, I also decided on one way to respond to Sora.

I asked Sora to only make a “Pu~” sound when she agrees with what I was asking.

However, this was only when no one was around, so it would only be done in places like the forest.

Still, the easy-to-understand answers were very useful.

I climbed the tree and harvested the berries into my magic bag.

I was able to harvest a certain number.

I climb down the tree and look around.

I found another tree a little further away that was bearing fruit.

However, I had never seen this tree before.

Is it safe to eat them? 

Sora is hopping around the tree, so the tree seems to be OK.

As I approached the tree, I noticed that its branches were full of berries.

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