I check around to see if any signs of people are around, and discover that there are a few people just a short-distance away.


I move away from them and take a look around.


They seemed to be heading in the opposite direction from where I was.


There were several caves in the opposite direction, I believe.


Maybe it’s work.


“It’s all right now.”


At my words, Ciel came down from above.


She was waiting for me in a tree.


She’s really smart.


“Good morning, Ciel, nice to see you today.”


I asked Ciel to show me where to set the trap.


Ciel is a good hunter.


She knew the habits of her prey.


If I could take advantage of their habits, I would be more successful in hunting.


So, Ciel should be a good teacher.


Paying attention to the presence of people, I walk through the forest, looking for traces of small animals.


After walking for a while, I was able to find a place that seemed like a good spot from my point of view.


“Ciel, how about this area?”


I look around to make sure there are no tracks of large magical beasts or animals.


If I set a trap in their path, it would only be destroyed.


I find a small footprint and make sure it is a rabbit.


Then I set the trap.


Before doing so, I have Ciel check it out.


Ciel is looking around, and she checks the perimeter around a tree.




…this one, is it? 


Come to think of it, I hadn’t decided on a how she should respond.


I couldn’t tell from her expression.


“Sorry, Ciel, um, if there’s no problem, can I ask you to squeal?”




She squealed if there was no problem.




“Well, is there a problem with setting a trap around here?”




Thank goodness.


It seems like a good place from Ciel’s point of view.


Or rather, this place was so good for me as well that I didn’t feel like I could find a better place to set traps.


I scatter the 10 traps I brought around the area and set them all up.


My goal was at least three wild rabbits.


This town has a large number of adventurers because there are several caves nearby.


The owner of the butcher’s shop I went to check out told me that the demand for dried meat was high because of this.


However, although there are many adventurers, most of them target caves.


There are no adventurers who go out of their way to hunt cheap rabbits and field mice to earn a few coins.


So, he asked me to bring them to him if I could hunt them.


He is willing to buy them with a little extra value, so I’m going to do my best.


When I finished setting the 10 traps, I stood tall and stretched out.


Sora, who had been jumping around me, stretches out with me.


As I watched, I noticed a slight change in the way Sora’s color was appearing.


Sora’s color now has a translucent blue and a translucent red mix.


Before, those two colors used to mix when Sora stretched out.


Now, however, there is a noticeable blank space between the two colors.


It is a slight change, but I am a little worried because I don’t know what this change will lead to.


I’d like to think that Sora is fine, but I’ll be a little careful.




Ciel rubs her face against me as she purrs.


I stroke the area around her throat with a little bit of force.


She is entranced, squinting her eyes as if she is feeling good.


Cute, like a big cat.


Or rather, she looks like a leopard.


“Hmm? A big cat? Leopard? What’s a leopard…?”


I subconsciously thought about it, but there’s a strange word mixed in.


Oh, is that what I knew from my previous life? 


That there was a cute Adandara like Ciel there too? 


Speaking of which, why did I bother to add the word “big” to the cat’s name, or is a cat supposed to be small?


A smaller version of Ciel…I would like to see it so much.

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