The Goal is Catching 3 or more Rabbits


Deputy Leader-san did not seem to have anything special to talk about.


We had dinner, talked a little, and left.


When he left, he said with a smile, “I prefer grilled meat to stewed meat, next time I’ll have grilled!”.


Does this mean he will come back for dinner? 


I have no problem with that, but I would like to be informed in advance if they are coming.


I couldn’t tell Deputy Leader-san, so I asked Cival-san to leave a message.


While cleaning up breakfast, I saw off everyone who looked tired.


Among them, Cival-san and Nouga-san are in good spirits.


Nouga-san is also very efficient, I think.


As expected of him, he is holding Cival-san back…and supporting him.


The supper I made yesterday was gone by morning.


I was surprised because I thought I made quite a lot.


Seizerk-san seemed to like it and asked me to make it again for the first time.


It is very nice to be asked to make a dish again.


Rattler-san liked the cheese he had on his salad, and he had been shredding a lot of cheese and eating it with raw vegetables since this morning.


Did he like the flavor of cheese?


Maybe I should try making something with cheese next time.


After seeing everyone off, I returned to the tent.


Sora was happily hopping around in the tent.


Today I am going to set the traps I made in the woods.


After that, I plan to spend some time with Ciel.


Yes, I should buy something before going to the forest.


I took out a small magic bag and checked the money inside.


It looks OK, as there is almost 3000 Dal inside.


Since I met Borolda-san and the others, they have been paying for all my meals, so I can spare some money.


“That’s great for me, but is that okay?”


I noticed that the ingredients for making meals had been bought before I knew it.


A wide variety of ingredients.


I was surprised when I saw some high-end ingredients mixed in.


The variety of medicinal herbs was also amazing.


It was fun to see some herbs I had never seen before, but I could not use them all.


“Sora, let’s go.”


I put Sora in my bag and also carry the bag containing the traps over my shoulder.


I put the magic bag with the money in it into the bag wrapped around my waist, and I was ready to go.


I exit the tent and close the entrance tightly.


I look around to see if there is anything wrong, and seeing no problems, I head for the forest.


Walking through the town, I noticed that the town looked a little different from yesterday.


The people of the town had gathered and were speaking with puzzled expressions on their faces.


I listen to their conversation a little.


I walked slowly as I listened carefully.


“What, those people as well?”


“Yes, it seems so.
I don’t know how many new people are being caught.”


Apparently, there are people who are involved with the organization who have been caught again.


There really are a lot of them.


I hope things will settle down soon.


I go to where the food stalls are gathered.


I usually don’t eat at noon, but I’ve been trying to eat a little more recently.


The reason is, well, for growth.


I don’t want to look like a six or seven-year-old.


I have a feeling that I will be targeted even more easily.


But I can’t eat much because I haven’t eaten that much in a long time.


Since the meat for the evening meal is enough, I want to have something light for lunch.


I found something that resembled a small piece of bread.


It was the size that I could eat in about two bites.


But I don’t know what kind of food it is.


“Excuse me.
What is this?”


“Come in.
This is a little sweet pastry called “Donac””


It was a pastry.


But it looked delicious.


“I’ll have this, please.
Enough for 100 Dal, please?”


“No problem, 100 Dal will be 5 pieces, is that ok?”




I took a copper plate out of the magic bag and handed it to him.


I took the bag of donac, thanked him, and left the stall.


It’s just the right size for me to eat.


I’m glad I found something good.


Passing through the gate, I head deeper into the forest.


After checking the surroundings, I took Sora out of the bag.


Sora was shaking and stretching and doing flexibility exercises.


I wait for Sora to finish getting ready and then once again head deeper into the forest.


After a while, I felt Ciel’s presence.

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