“Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s hanging in there and doing his job.”

…Albus-san, will he be all right? 

“Don’t push him too hard!”

I asked as I put the plate in front of where the Deputy Leader-san was sitting.

“What happened? Do you know Albus by any chance?”

Yes, he asked me if you had a message for me today, didn’t he?”

“…Oh! That’s right, thanks in advance for receiving the message.”

I looked at Deputy Leader-San with a little dazed eyes, and he laughed bitterly.

“Sorry about that.
I’ll be careful.”

Next to Deputy Leader-san, Marleek-san made a wonderful face.

What could I say, he looked so surprised and astonished, it was hard to describe his expression?

“What’s wrong? Marleek-san?”

“What’s wrong? That Deputy Leader said he was sorry…he apologized!”

I didn’t know what to say, but the last time I saw him, it was just to say hello.

I didn’t ask him about his personality, so I didn’t know.

“Um…well, I did not really know him well…”

“Was this the first time Ivy had met the Deputy Leader?”

“Well, the last time, it was only to say hello to him.”

“I see.
The Deputy Leader is famous for not apologizing.”

Marleek-san was saying some pretty terrible things.

“That’s rude, I’ll apologize if I feel bad.”

Deputy Leader-san didn’t seem to like it either, and started arguing with Marleek-san.

Maybe the two of them were on good terms with each other.

Cival-san was looking at the salad I was preparing.

Tilting his head, as I pour powdered cheese and herbs over the raw vegetables on the platter, I add the salad sauce for taste.

Then pour the salad sauce over the rest, depending on their preference.

I placed the platter in the center of the table and prepared small plates for the number of people and sat down on a chair.

The bread that Deputy Leader-san had bought for us was also served on a platter.

“Here you go.
Here you go.”

“Thank you for the meal.””

Nouga-san puts the meat in his mouth at the same time he speaks.

Then he smiled and continued eating without saying a word.

It was a little eerie…a little scary.

Marleek-san sighed loudly and also started to eat, but he looked a little pale, perhaps tired from the argument with the Deputy Leader.

Was he going to be okay? 

Deputy Leader-san seemed to be in good shape, though.

I took a small plate of salad and started to eat it.

“That’s an unusual way to prepare it.”

Cival-san said in an amused tone while eating the salad.


Did I do something wrong again? 


Which was unusual?

I was only eating a salad… a salad? 

But I guess it would be different from the custom of eating raw vegetables.

The stew should also be different because I have eaten some from a street vendor.

I looked around at the dishes I made, but I couldn’t recognize the difference.

Which one was it! 

“I’m pretty sure I’ve never had Toma in a stewed dish before.”

The Deputy Leader was curiously eating the stewed Toma.


I remembered eating this somewhere before….


Maybe my memories from before were mixed in? 

I see, now that I thought about it, I have no memory of having eaten it in this world.

Or even if I had, I may have never made it! 

“I had a memory of eating it before.”

I was not lying.

It was a long time ago.

Maybe a very long time ago.

“I’ve had that one before, but I’ve never had cheese shredded and poured over raw vegetables before.”

That one as well! 

I almost screamed at Cival-san’s words, but I held it in.

“I’ve tried it before, and it was delicious.”

“It sure is flavorful and delicious.”

Both Marleek-san and Nouga-san nodded in agreement with Deputy Leader-san’s impression.

Apparently, there was nothing wrong with the taste.

Cival-san was asking for a second helping.

But I should sort out my memory of the previous one as soon as possible.

I would better do my best tomorrow to avoid making another mistake.

…And by the way, this was the first time I made it, but it was delicious.

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