“Thank you for the meal.””

Nouga-san puts the meat in his mouth at the same time he speaks.

Then he smiled and continued eating without saying a word.

It was a little eerie…a little scary.

Marleek-san sighed loudly and also started to eat, but he looked a little pale, perhaps tired from the argument with the Deputy Leader.

Was he going to be okay? 

Deputy Leader-san seemed to be in good shape, though.

I took a small plate of salad and started to eat it.

“That’s an unusual way to prepare it.”

Cival-san said in an amused tone while eating the salad.


Did I do something wrong again? 


Which was unusual?

I was only eating a salad… a salad? 

But I guess it would be different from the custom of eating raw vegetables.

The stew should also be different because I have eaten some from a street vendor.

I looked around at the dishes I made, but I couldn’t recognize the difference.

Which one was it! 

“I’m pretty sure I’ve never had Toma in a stewed dish before.”

The Deputy Leader was curiously eating the stewed Toma.


I remembered eating this somewhere before….


Maybe my memories from before were mixed in? 

I see, now that I thought about it, I have no memory of having eaten it in this world.

Or even if I had, I may have never made it! 

“I had a memory of eating it before.”

I was not lying.

It was a long time ago.

Maybe a very long time ago.

“I’ve had that one before, but I’ve never had cheese shredded and poured over raw vegetables before.”

That one as well! 

I almost screamed at Cival-san’s words, but I held it in.

“I’ve tried it before, and it was delicious.”

“It sure is flavorful and delicious.”

Both Marleek-san and Nouga-san nodded in agreement with Deputy Leader-san’s impression.

Apparently, there was nothing wrong with the taste.

Cival-san was asking for a second helping.

But I should sort out my memory of the previous one as soon as possible.

I would better do my best tomorrow to avoid making another mistake.

…And by the way, this was the first time I made it, but it was delicious.

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