r dinner as I headed to the plaza.


For some reason, my stockpile of meat was never getting smaller.


Nouga-san was constantly replenishing it, even though he said he didn’t have time to spare.


Many people like meat, so I decided to slow-cook some chunks of meat.


For seasoning, I would use herbs and a vegetable called toma, which was slightly sour and sweet, instead of herbs.


It could be eaten raw, but it was delicious stewed as well.


As the large amount of meat and toma slowly cooked in the cauldron, a nice aroma wafted around the place.


Sometimes the adventurers surrounding our tent turn their heads to check out the aroma, but they seem to give up as soon as they see my tent.


Borolda-san and the others’ tents seemed to be custom-made, so it was easy to tell who the owners were.


When they know that the tents were made for them, they never bother me with anything more than a hello.


Since no one was complaining, I could work in peace.


I looked at the entrance and exit of the square, but no one seemed to be coming back.


“I guess it was difficult.
They seemed so busy.”


It had been a while since I’d had supper alone.


I looked at the inside of the pot and prepared a meal for one.


The stewed chunks of meat were tender because of the time I spent on them, and the potatoes I stewed with them looked delicious, soaking up the flavors.


The potatoes were a little less sweet, so they tasted good in the stew.


I especially like the way they turned out, so soft and chewy.


“They look delicious!”


“Heh? Deputy Leader-san?




Strange, the person I was supposed to go see tomorrow was right in front of me.


Next to him were Cival-san and Nouga-san, and Marleek-san with a tired look.


“…Thank you for your hard work.
Would you like to eat with me? But I am still preparing food for Borolda-san and the others.”


“If I bring you something, I can eat as well, right? So, here.”


Deputy Leader-san handed me a warm loaf of bread.




I just heard a strange remark.


If he brought something for me, he could eat it? 


When did this happen?


Even if he didn’t bring me anything, I wouldn’t mind if he had some.


The food was for Borolda-san and the others.


“It looks so good, you know, it was a good decision to take a break, right, Marleek?”


“Huh? What are you talking about? I was forced… well, okay, it certainly looks good, and the Deputy Leader is with us.
Seems like Albus might be in a bit of trouble…”




I listened to the names I knew as I served the food on the plates I had prepared for the four of them.

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