Should I talk to them about it? 


I believe Rattler-san and Cival-san would be fine talking about it.


Sora was okay to talk about, but I wonder about Ciel.


I knew they felt safe because they were thinking that I tamed her.


What if they found out I didn’t? 


Would she be a target to be subjugated? 


I wondered…


“What should I do?”


I hugged her tightly and she felt warm.


Sora jumped up and down on Ciel’s back.


…That was an epic jump for Sora.


Sora had gotten stronger before I knew it.


I should get stronger as well.


First, I should believe in the people I want to believe in.


“I was certain that it will be all right.”






Fufufu, Sora’s squeals were still so relaxing~.


un, alright.


I should believe tin hem, they were the ones who protected Sora and me.


“Okay, once I’ve decided that.
Oh, I remember them saying they’re going to be late starting today.”


It looks like there was a lot of work going on with the organization.


The paperwork, I heard, included the names of the nobles of the surrounding villages and towns, as well as this town.


They were in contact with the various neighborhood watch groups and guilds, but the suddenness of the matter was causing a great deal of confusion for those who were informed.


Borolda-san and the others were surprised to learn that so many people were involved.


The people they caught also started blaming each other for their sins after a day, apparently.


Thanks to this, sins that were not even known yet were released in a huge amount.


Cival-san said that he guided them very cleverly and made them spit out their sins.


As expected of Cival-san.


“…I think I’ll prepare something tasty for dinner so that I can wait for them to come back anytime.
If it’s stewed food, it will taste even better reheated.”


I would do what I could.


After that, right, I should do some hunting.


“I think I’ll pick up what I need for hunting from the disposal site.”












I heard a strange sound.


I looked at Ciel and saw him staring at me.


“Did you just nyan?”




It was cute.


I couldn’t imagine how cute it sounded from the way she looked.


But then again, I didn’t remember reading anything about Adandara making a nyan noise.


I think it was written that when they purr or growl and would sound menacing.


…Right, there was no mention of such a cute sound.


Sora was bouncing on Ciel’s back.


She seemed to be in a good mood after hearing Ciel’s voice.


She was bouncing around, but I was a little nervous that she was going to fall off.


“Sora, you’re going to fall.”


At my call, Sora made a small bounce and got on Ciel’s head.


Ciel didn’t show any sign that she didn’t like it.


“Ciel, you have to tell me if you don’t like it, okay? I don’t think Sora should ride on your head either, so let’s get her off.”


I picked Sora up in my arms and patted her lightly.


“Puru puru~”


Was that fun?


Until yesterday, I wasn’t certain if I could really fend off the organization’s grasp.


Whew, okay! 


“Let’s go to the disposal site and then back to town.”


First, I’d have to go to the disposal site to find the tools to make traps.


There were some ropes left, but they were running low.


I also would like to get a basket, but I should start practicing making my own.


If I wanted to make a basket, what would I need?




I should ask someone how to make one before I try.


After that…ku-i-kkk…hmm? 


I felt a tugging sensation and looked behind me.


Ciel was holding my clothes in her mouth.


“What’s wrong? You’re stretching my clothes.”


Ciel let go of his clothes and purrs.


Come to think of it, she sounded like this a while ago.


That was when I said, “Let’s go to the disposal site.”


Did Ciel hate the disposal site? 


“You don’t like the disposal site? But you’ve never had that kind of mood before.”


I once went with her to a disposal site that was in the woods.


At that time, she didn’t show any sign of disliking it.




“Are you going on a hunt?”




Does this mean that she wants to take care of the hunting for me? 


Certainly, since Ciel started participating in the trip, we never had a problem with meat.


There had been times when there was too much meat, though.


Ciel would always come back with a catch in her mouth from somewhere along the way.


It would be a more reliable outcome than me hunting.


But it wouldn’t be good for me if I did that.


Hunting was good for studying demons and animals.


It was also a study in how to explore the forest in other ways.


“You know, Ciel, hunting is for my studies as well.
So, from now on, we can both hunt together… let’s work together.”




Ciel purred happily at my words.


Thank goodness.


I never thought she would give me such a sad look just for refusing to hunt.


I couldn’t say “I don’t need it” when she looked at me like that.

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