It’s definitely the same pattern as Sora’s, I was sure of it.


But it wasn’t connected to me.


When I touched Sora’s mark, I felt a connection somehow.


But when I touched Ciel’s mark, I felt nothing.


“Ciel, is not tamed, right? What is this mark?”


I asked Ciel.


Ciel tilted her head, and after a while, her forehead glowed a little.


“What…it’s gone!”


Right before my eyes, the mark disappeared from her forehead.


When I touched her forehead, there was nothing there.


What happened? 


I tilted my head and the mark appeared again, glowing slightly.


When I gently touched it, I felt the mark’s presence on my hand.


“Don’t tell me this mark is made by Ciel?”


I looked into Ciel’s eyes and asked.


Ciel whirrs and stared at me.


Her eyes seemed to be telling me I was right.


The Tamer mark was the manifestation of the form of the master’s magical power, not something that was created.


The form of magic power varied from person to person, and no two people had the same form.


And since it appeared naturally, if it were a fake, it would be easily discovered… is what I had read in a book.


Was that information wrong? 


Or was Ciel special? 


Either way, what was in the book was generally known, so it would be a big problem if it was found out.


The mark might be better not to be seen too much.


But if it was discovered that the mark was fake, it would make her a target of subjugation.


It’s a tough issue.”


Besides, even if I could get her tamed, I doubt she would be able to go with me to the town.


That’s what Borolda-san told me.


Adandara were known to be rare and strong enough to be among the top 10 demons.


Therefore, he told me that I should not take her to the town because it would cause chaos in the town.


I learned that they were strong and rare, but I didn’t know they were so high-ranking demons.


“Ciel, I can travel with you, but I can’t go to town with you.


Responding with a Growl, Ciel didn’t seem too bothered by it.


But still, the Mark, what should I do?

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