our fates were intertwined.

I pulled out a pill capsule from my sleeve, took it, and pulled his hair back.
The Adam’s apple on his neck grew stretched as his head leaned back at an angle.

Well, well. 

Cassis was a charming young man.
His facial scars seemed to accentuate his masculinity.
I wanted to aggravate him by reaching out and touching him more.

His stare when we first met had frightened me.
The young man now appeared to be kind and relaxed while his eyes were closed.
His soft skin served as a reminder that we were about the same age, if not somewhat older.
He was seventeen years old when he was captured, according to the book.

A shame,  I thought..

I would have taken my time to study his face, but I needed to get things done right now.
Unfortunately, Cassis nicely complemented Charlotte’s taste.

Charlotte was the one of the children who had begged our father to play with Cassis earlier.
Her sadistic pleasures and hot temper made her an ideal villain.She was the perfect villain thanks to her fierce temper and cruel delights.
Her favourite pastime as a little child, three years younger than I, was playing with the “toys” that my father occasionally brought home.

I slowly peeled apart his bloodied lips with one hand still holding his chin.
When I touched him, he winced and remained motionless other from that.
I stopped, unsure if he would eventually awaken.

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It was not surprising that he was unconscious.
Few prisoners in this facility fared any better.

I put a tablet in his lips pensively.
He probably would not have readily accepted my assistance if he had been conscious.

“Ugh” He groaned.

Was he this time actually waking up? Before I finally caught sight of those golden eyes again, his eyelids trembled.
In an effort to clear his eyesight, he blinked slowly while maintaining an unfocused look.

Oh well.
I hoped he would stay unconscious.
Too bad. 

We made eye contact.

“Ah, hello,” I smiled.

He remained silent.
He soon became aware that something was in his throat as a flash of recognition appeared in his eyes.

“Wha….tttt…..tthe…” He spoke slowly, as though his motor functions were still weak.

In response to his distress, I reacted by touching  his mouth again with my finger.
It was a reflex.

At my touch, his eyes appeared to fly out of his sockets.
To throw me off, he violently shifted his head.

Do I now appear to be the pervert? I pondered and had the urge to chuckle.

Oh my, this prisoner was quite energetic.
The fact that he still had this much energy surprised me, but I didn’t feel threatened.
He was unable to move because of his bounds, so he continued to sit pitifully on the ground.

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He started coughing and gagging as he attempted to vomit the tablet I had given him.

“Don’t spit.
I gave you an antidote.” I said


“Please listen.
If I had intended to kill you, I would have chosen an easier method.”

In an effort to get the pill out of his system, he persisted in struggling and gargling his throat.
It was comprehensible.
He had been nearly beaten to death while being held captive by a deranged family.
Was one of the house’s mistresses attempting to save him at this point?  It didn’t make sense. 

Regardless of how he felt, I still needed him to take the medicine.
he pill had to digest completely in his stomach.
After I had negated any potential slow-acting poison his assailant may have given him, he could complain or ask questions. 

I said in a casual tone, “Sorry in advance.” When he was putting up such a fight, it was impossible to avoid it.

I wrapped my fingers around his neck with my other hand while I placed my palm firmly against his chin to close his jaws.
Cassis gulped involuntarily.
The tablet was still in his throat, and I could still feel it.
His eyes rolled back as if he was about to pass out once more.

He exclaimed, “Wh-what aa-are you…? “.

“Sorry, oppa.
Try to swallow one more time,” I coyly said.

I hit him in the stomach after removing my hand from his throat.
Now, I could almost hear the pill as it entered his gut.
Before fainting once more, Cassis let out a low moan.

Did I hit him too hard?

Despite not being very strong, I had developed the same fundamental combat techniques as any of my siblings.
If I made use of my surroundings, I would have a good chance of dominating any boy or girl my age.
In addition, Cassis’ wrists and legs were chained, and he was feeble.

He had to have trust in me to get him out of here safely.
Should I have gone with a different method?

It’s too late now, I had decided.
Cassis was lying on the floor, unconscious, and in a cold sweat when I exited the dungeon.

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