hood which is shortened because of this special sacrificial item, these thoughts enshrouded his mind. The anticipation had numbed all his other senses deafening his ears, blurring his visions and weakening his perception.

The child is accursed from birth dedicated to the gods and to be sacrificed to the gods one day. The child can be used as an item for any sacrifice which includes the crowning of the ceremonial king himself. And the possibilities of such a ritual going wrong were less than 10%, one reason why the accursed children are considered to be far more valuable than gold

Goke packed all the items into a small skin sack, picked up the calabash where he placed the child and rushed into the night, his destination? The enchanted forest.

The very core of the forest where the roots of 3 Iroko trees touch. The best place to perform a potent ritual. The only error in Gokes so-called flawless plan of gaining unlimited power is the cry of an innocent helpless child.

Goke lit 4 clay candles to illuminate the surroundings as he arrived at his destination and then he placed the child in between the 3 trees, he created a ring of fire using his innate spiritual ability called ”Agbara (spirit energy) ”

”The time has come ” Goke whispered.

Goke sat down crossed legged and began chanting into the night while emptying his skin sack of its content several snail shells, 2 tortoise shells, 3 eagle feathers and a host of others which he placed around the child, then he anointed the childs forehead with a black milky substance, he ceased chanting for a while in order to blow a hand full of white dust into the air then continued his chanting still oblivious to the wailing of a helpless child.

”Stop it! ” A female voice interrupted

”What are you doing here? ” Goke shouted, enraged by the interruption ”who are you? State your business and leave! ”

”You asked the wrong question, what you mean to ask is who are WE! ” The female replied

For the first time in several hours, Goke now had the ability to see through the fog that beclouded his mind, his perception had now returned to his dismay, the childs wailing had exposed his hidden location ”I am such a fool ” he said

The cry of a child is something that neither human nor spirits can ignore, its cry echoed into the night projecting its helplessness and its innocence for all the preying evil spirits to feed upon. In this case, the childs cry is used as a beacon to lead those who had noticed the childs kidnap to the location of the sacrifice.

”Hand over that accursed child, NOW! ” Another voice demanded

Goke now fully aware of his immediate environment cursed loudly, he is surrounded by the warriors of Ilu-ino, the village of fire and light. Goke cursed himself for his error and his stupidity

”Goke herbal doctor of curses I Balogun Alawo of Ilu-ino village order you to hand over the child Oluseyi whom you kidnapped back into the custody of the warriors of Ilu-ino ” the leader of the assault group announced

Goke felt as though his one and only opportunity to become a god slipping through his fingers and the small touch of stubbornness took over his mind demanding for nothing less than success.


Throwing caution to the wind and without even finishing the incantation Goke drew out his knife preparing to kill the child and seal his fate and the fate of the child, ”THIS CHILD WILL DIE ” he shouted again ”I ILL BECOME GOD!!!! ” Then Goke lunched towards the helpless child moments before the killing thrust his head disintegrated and the rest of his body fell limply upon the forest floor.

”Good job Lara ” Balogun said ”Im impressed ”

”Thank you agba (elder) ” the female replied

”Get the child and return to the village ” the Balogun commanded ”and the rest of you bury that fool ”

Lara picked up the baby and cuddled it, causing the child to cease its crying ”lets go back home little one ”

”His name is Oluseyi ” the Balogun corrected ”and he is a very important child so be careful with him ”

”Yes Balogun ” she said before walking back towards the village with the child cuddled in her arms, sleeping peacefully, the child is once again in safe hands.

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