The Warriors of Oduduwa 2, The Crowned Hunter.

The Fatal Flaw and the Hunter\'s Tragedy

it on to the next generation until finally, they taught it to the warriors of Oduduwa ” Ade continued, ”You have come to this village to turn everything to dust; now you are the one who will become dust ” 3 bright lights appeared above the Igbo-ẹso, at first they seemed harmless, but then they began to increase in brightness and intensity, the heat became unbearable, the witch suddenly realised that the only person feeling the effects of the light was her person.

”You bastard! ” Igbo-eso shouted ”this is a divine chant; how can a mere hunter possess this kind of power ”

”A secret you will never learn, to the dust ” Ade chanted

The lights suddenly began to concentrate all their bright radiance at the exact spot that Igbo-ẹso stood threatening to incinerate her into nothing, Igbo-eso felt every nerve in her body tingle in fear ”so this is how I meet my end ” she thought regretfully. Ades lips moved rapidly, it seemed like he spoke another language instead of the native Yoruba, the flow of Agbara began to increase in its intensity drying up Igbo-esos youthful skin mercilessly. Ade felt the sigh of victory, he could smell the scent of success in the air just a few more words and the witch would be dead, the Ẹbora banished and everything would be returned to normal. He felt the blade pierce him in the back, he saw the sword sprout from his ribs, he felt the pain flush throughout his entire being ”how? ” He thought in sudden shock

”So close ” Igbo-ẹjẹ whispered as she pressed her blade deeper into Ades back, she smiled, the fool was so carried away by the hope of victory that he had not noticed the approach of a new enemy and he failed to recognise the warning screams of Ogunlara from afar off ”its a pity hunter, but you forget when witches hunt for vengeance we hunt in groups ”

Ade groaned in reply, blood flowed from the stab wound and his mouth, he wondered what would kill him first, loss of blood or the pain?

”Its about time you got here ” Igbo-ẹso grouched

Without the divine enchanter to power the divine chant, the divine chant was broken and Igbo-ẹso was set free, the force that held her completely helpless evaporated enabling her to be able to push the stone pillars aside with a great deal of her self-confidence restored

”So you think you could capture the shadow of the forest without being judged for it, ” Igbo-ẹso said gloatingly ”the termite that wonders from one mountain to another claiming the land for itself will one day wander into the hole of a snake ”

Ade couldn respond, he couldn even move, the blade in him might have damaged some of his vital organs. Igbo-ẹjẹ the one who had stabbed him stood uncomfortably close behind, caressing his face in mock pity. Judging from the pain and the sensation of the blade as the witch behind him moved then and again, she must have stabbed him right through his spinal cord, it must be a chanted blade and poisoned. Ade decided to count the seconds, how long will it be before his vision would go dim and he would finally join the ancestors. At least he tried, at least Adebisi was safe and at least his unborn child was safe.

”Does it hurt? ” Igbo-eso inquired ”it should, we intend to make you suffer and we intend to make you die in torment ”

”Iya wa (our mother) ” a voice sounded from afar off ”it is done ”

Igbo-ara emerged from the background dangling a necklace between her fingers with a smile on her face to Ades horror. The witch threw the necklace towards Ades feet, ensuring it landed within his line of sight that way he would be able to identify the strange ornament

”No! ” Ade said too shocked to scream, the necklace belonged to Adebisi.

”Thats Adebisis necklace ” Ogunlara shouted helplessly, if only Ade had someone fighting by his side, if only he had support things would have turned out differently, she thought. The only thing she can do now is watch helplessly as the witches play sport with the man she admires. All of her strength was being used to hold down the Ebora if she should break the connection the beast would be freed.


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