The sun had just gone down the western horizon and the rays of light gave its final performance illuminating the forest canopy in beautiful red light, the leaves danced joyfully in the cool evening breeze without caring about the torments that by dawn. Goke chuckled within himself the only living thing in existence that flaunts its beauty to the world without caring about the consequences of its actions or the implications that its actions might have in future, every single day the leaf lives its short life to the fullest, bathing itself in the happiness of the sunlight and in the gloomy rain. The leaf would fall victim to the herbalist who cruelly exploits it for its healing properties and sometimes to experiment with and the animals chew it down into nothing but food for the undergrowth a pitiful life.

Goke chuckled within himself the leaf is indeed a colourful aspect of nature used and abused by man for both a tool of healing and a weapon of destruction, the more colourful the leaf the more potent the result but none is more potent than the potions made from the human sacrifice. This is why he is here today to collect a very important sacrificial item; ”a child ” one of the rarest sacrificial items in the empire some would call such a child a kings ransom, a bird flew out of a nearby tree disturbing the silence and breaking Gokes chain of thought. For the first time in several hours, he became fully aware of his environment and the footsteps hidden within the rustling leaves.

”Did you bring the child? ” Goke asked without looking back

”Why didn you tell me that the child would be protected by monsters? ” The other replied walking out of his hiding place, ”The warriors of ilu-ina village are relentless ”

”The item is very rare, and presently there are only 2 of such items within this region ” Goke replied ”did you bring the child ”

”Yes, its here ” the stranger replied

”Hand him over! ” He demanded

”Not until you pay me, 5 strings, no one double-crosses me Akewo! The night shadow ” Akewo replied

”Very well, ” Goke replied, handing Akewo 5 small sacks filled with cowries ”here is what we agreed on, now give me the child ”

Receiving his payment Akewo quickly vanished into the nearby bush to return moments later with a child covered in white cloth, sleeping peacefully oblivious to its surroundings not knowing that it is in mortal danger. Gokes hands trembled in anticipation as Akewo handed the child over to him, and once in his hands, Goke cuddled the child as though it was the most precious object in the world, as though the childs life was worth more than his own, Akewo noticed the ecstatic look in Gokes eyes but had no idea what made him so excited.

”I guess you
e pleased with the child, ” Akewo asked curiously

”Begone ” Goke snapped after regaining his senses ”tell no one that youve been here, in fact, we never meet ”

”As you wish ” Akewo replied offended that Goke dismissed him so casually without even thanking him for the service, but Goke after all, is just one of those customers who preferred to be left alone. Turning towards the opposite direction Akewo vanished into the forest without even giving a side-way glance, leaving the child with his employer.

Goke moved as quickly as his legs would permit, he found it difficult to contain his excitement and his mind refused to stay still, thoughts of how he is going to use the child as his sacrifice kept flowing through his mind, ”should I pound him into pulp and use him as a medium for unlimited wealth ” he smiled

”No, Ill harvest his blood first to appease my gods thereby receiving more power and influence over my enemies, no I will use this child as the key ingredient in my Orisha (white god) project and through that, I can become a god! Yes! That is what I will do ”

Unable to contain his excitement Goke rushed home to his personal shrine where the remaining items of his chosen sacrifice are kept. It seemed like the journey home would last forever.

He dumped the child roughly inside a calabash unintentionally disturbing its blissful rest and in protest, the child responded the only way it knew how, by crying, Goke was long past caring, his mind so filled with his obsession that he heard nothing, he journey to god

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