Chapter 12.
A Man Who Knows My Past Life

It was when Carlot Perdia was five years old.


Carlot had one older brother and one older sister.


Among them, Elodie Perdia, a sister two years older than him, was a little unusual in the family.


Unusual, not special.


Even though she was his sister, until the year Carlot turned five, he could count with one hand the days he saw Elodie’s face.


Because Carlot, Jansi, the duke and duchess of Perdia stayed in the main mansion, and Elodie in the annex.


When they were young, they didn’t even have a commitment to eat together once a month, so he had no opportunities to see her.


Carlot was always curious about his sister.


Because the people of Perdia are not interested in each other and have strong individualistic tendencies, they didn’t even tell him anything about Elodie. 


Carlot wished to have a friend.


However, the family did not fulfill Carlot’s wish.


The friendly but subtly distant older brother, parents who just exist, and the employees of the family who served him politely.


Carlot, who occasionally attended gatherings of his peers, realized that his home environment was unusual.


A child whispered first.


“My mom and dad kissed each other.”


“Oh! My mum and dad, too!”


While everyone was making a fuss about seeing that, Carlot just sat back and listened to the conversation.


He had never seen his parents seated next to each other, let alone a kiss.


Even during teatime, the two of them were sitting facing each other on opposite ends of the table.


A child asked Carlot, who had been quiet all along.


“Carl, what about your mom and dad?”


“My mom and dad….don’t.” 


The child looked at him incredulously.
“They don’t? They don’t kiss? They don’t even hold hands?” 


“No, they don’t.” 


Carlot, a direct descendent of one of the four major families, was a great presence for the children of the group.
Because their parents told them to look good in front of Carlot.


However, as soon as the children who were unknowingly jealous of Carlot found a weakness that could be undermined, they rushed in and began to undermine it.


“Carlot, what’s wrong with your mom and dad?”


“That’s weird!”




Carlot was very angry when the children, who usually couldn’t say anything to him, laughed at him as if they had planned it.


But he didn’t know why he was angry.


It was one day that Carlot, who was playing alone and exploring the mansion, overheard the conversation of servants.


“It’s really creepy.
She’s pretty because she looks like her mom, but she doesn’t cry.”


“She doesn’t really think of herself as a Perdia, does she?”


“She can’t show her power.
What kind of Perdia is that?”


Carlot, who had been eavesdropping, narrowed his eyes.


‘Isn’t my sister a Perdia?’


In the meantime, the servants’ conversation continued.


“Originally, the relationship between the duke and duchess wasn’t that friendly, but doesn’t it seem to have become more distant since that illegitimate child came in?”


“Is that so? I guess so….”


“Anyway, that illegitimate child is the problem.
It’s a stain on Perdia.”


An illegitimate child.


It was the first time that he had heard that word.


‘The reason my parents have a bad relationship is because of my sister……?’


She was a sister who had never been called a sister.


The voices of the servants, which were never heard because he was not interested, began to be heard clearly after that day.


Carlot learned why Elodie was staying in the annex.


It was said that she was living in a separate building because she was born outside by a woman who was not his mother.
It was also told that his parents’ relationship deteriorated since Elodie came to Perdia.


It didn’t matter if it was true or not.
As a child, Carlot believed the rumors circulating around the servants.


Except for education and training hours, the people in the mansion didn’t care what Carlot was doing.


Carlot, who was moving around the main mansion, impulsively made his way to the annex.
Thinking that there would be no one, he unexpectedly faced Elodie who was out in the garden of the annex.


A lovely girl with light platinum blonde hair and bright pink eyes was staring at Carlot in surprise. 


Far from greeting, his sister hesitated and stepped back.


‘How dare you avoid me?’


Carlot’s heart was filled with a childish emotion.
He opened his mouth, pointing at Elodie.


“You illegitimate child.”


Pink eyes blinked back at him.


“Everyone says so.
You are an illegitimate child.”


Elodie just blinked without saying anything.
It was as if she were ignoring him, so Carlot felt even worse.


“An illegitimate child is dirty.
Then you must be very dirty!”


“I’m not dirty.
I wash myself clean.”


“But aren’t you an illegitimate child?” Carlot pushed further.




“Go away, you illegitimate child.”


Carlot’s small hand pushed Elodie’s shoulder.




He didn’t push that hard, but Elodie collapsed helplessly on the floor.


“What? Don’t pretend to be weak! You illegitimate child!”


“I didn’t pretend to be weak.
I was just a little surprised–”


“Young master!”


The maid, who was looking for the missing Carlot, hurriedly ran to them.


“Oh, young master.
How can you disappear so suddenly? Let’s go back.
You’re not allowed to come here.”


“I came because my illegitimate sister is here.”


The servant looked around uncomfortably.
“Uh, you shouldn’t be saying things like that.”


The nanny glanced at Elodie, who had fallen, left her alone and returned to the mansion with Carlot.


Since then, Carlot has often visited the annex and bombarded Elodie with sharp words.


Elodie just ignored Carlot with a blank face.


Ironically, when he spat out abusive words at Elodie, the servants took excessively care of Carlot.
He was the one who was mean, but it was also him who received the sympathy.


‘I’m pitiful.
My parents don’t get along well because of that illegitimate child.’


The people’s interest was good.


Although the relationship between his parents was still bleak, Carlot only fulfilled his formal obligations.


Time passed quickly for young Carlot.


A few years later, Carlot, who had once again been impulsively heading to the annex, hid behind a large tree at the sound of a whimper.


Elodie Perdia was crying.


“I want to die Nanny.
I wasn’t born because I wanted to be born either.”


“You can’t say that, miss…..”


Elodie’s nanny cradled the child in her arms, but Elodie’s shoulder still trembled slightly.


“Actually, Nanny also thinks that something like me should be dead.
I’m a dirty bastard…….”


“Oh, who the hell said that…..!”


“Is Mom really dead? Can’t I ask her to take me too?”


“Oh my God! You can’t say anything about her.
His excellency is going to be very angry.
Got it?”


The scene where Elodie, who ignored him every time, burst into tears because she wanted to die was a shock to Carlot.


After overhearing the conversation, Carlot no longer called Elodie an illegitimate child.


However, the relationship that had already been twisted was not repairable.


The two were eager to scratch and hurt each other.


Maybe hate had become a habit.


‘Why are things coming to my mind from when I was young, now?’


Carlot clenched his teeth, scratching his head roughly.


“Where did you go, idiot……”


Perdia’s power, which is praised as great, was of no use for finding a missing person.


‘Should I tell my father? No, if he thinks I’m incompetent–”


Hated for being an incompetent child would be worse than dying.


So, he couldn’t announce Elodie’s disappearance.


Carlot began to wander around the area again to find Elodie.




In the distance, I could see the tall magic tower.


There are a total of four magic towers on the continent, each in one direction, and the place I found was the Somnia branch of the West Magic Tower.


Suddenly, I realized that the sun was bright, and my hands were light.


“Oh, I left my parasol behind.”


It was my favorite parasol.


I would be in trouble if I went back to find my parasol and ran into Carlot.
In the end, I gave up my parasol and hurried my steps diligently.


From the beginning, when I thought about going out today, it was planned to leave Carlot and act alone.


In order to deceive Carlot’s good senses, honed by reaching the semi-master rank of swordsmanship, it was better to hide among the crowds.
So, I deliberately led him to a patisserie with a lot of people.


The plan was based on a number of factors.


‘Carlot wont tell the Duke right away.’


It was calculated that due to the proud nature of Carlot, he would not immediately report the disappearance of his escort target. 


If he noticed that I was gone, he would probably search around alone.


Reporting to the Duke would also not be unexpected, but I hoped it wouldn’t go so far.


If it is found out that I went somewhere after evading Carlot, I might be put on probation again.


The goal was to arrive in front of the patisserie before that.


‘I’m going to say that I went to a nearby café because I was thirsty.’


Thinking of that excuse, I stepped inside the west magic tower.


The unique interior structure, with a spiral staircase extending to the top of the tower, caught the eye.


As I headed to the reception desk, the staff greeted me with a friendly smile.


What are you looking for, Lady?”


“I want to invest in the magic tower business.”


“Recently, gold mining investment has been active; are you interested in it?”


Of course, investment in gold mines is good, but it was difficult to make a big profit because there were so many people investing.


The place where I’m going to invest has already been decided.


“I heard that there is also an investment in the form of a nomination for sponsorship.”


“Ah, yes, of course.
Is there a wizard you want to nominate?”


“I will invest in the wizard Elby.”


Then, the employee widened his eyes in disbelief.




“8,000 larit.”


The employee took the bag full of money with a puzzled face.


It was a natural reaction.


Because the wizard Elby was a new, low-level wizard who wasn’t even listed in the investment promotion leaflet.


“Do you really want to invest all 8,000 larit?”




“Why don’t you think about it again? There are better investments out there.”


“No, I will fully invest,” I insisted firmly.


There was a reason to invest in wizard Elby.


It was written in the book that the magic tool that the now invested wizard would invent sooner or later would record an unprecedented hit and make a huge amount of money.


When my attitude was firm, the staff gave up persuading me anymore and offered me a magic contract.


It was a contract that could prove the other party by magic to prevent disguise and forgery.


“Please tell me your name.”


It didn’t matter if you didn’t use your real name because it was a magic contract anyway.


I thought it would be better to use a pseudonym, in case the source of the money was tracked down and could eventually reveal my powers.


But why does my mother’s name come to mind?




As I pondered about the name, I replied to the waiting staff.


“Lily Arcel.”


My nickname was Lili, but the nickname was common.
Therefore, no one will associate me with the name Lili.


“Yes, Lily Arcel.


Having successfully completed the last mission of the day, I immediately got out of the Magic Tower. 


If I go back to the Patisserie, will Carlot be there? Or should I go right back to the mansion.


‘Just in case.
There might be an uproar when I go back.’


It was when I was walking toward the patisserie with the mindset of being as good as I can.


Someone rushed over and held me by the shoulder.




I thought it was Carlot, but it wasn’t. 


A sturdy physique with a remarkably tall stature.
Black hair that was darker than darkness and eye-catching red eyes.


He was an unusually handsome man.


He pressed his lips together.




‘What are you saying?’


I couldn’t hear it properly, so I was frowning and focused on his face, when I heard a clear voice in my ears.


“Yoon Ga-eul.”




It was a strange experience.
The sensation of the voice being engraved on the eardrum.


At that moment, time seemed to stop. 


The sad red eyes stared at me.


I faltered and backed away.




Why does this guy know my name from my previous life?

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