Chapter 7: Good Fortune Continues

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Concubine Chungui was the daughter of the most popular minister of the Ministry of War.
She only had one son: the Seventh Imperial Prince.

He’s also the main male lead of the book and He’s Chi Jingxi's rival in love, Cheng Xiao.

Did the little cannon fodder have any relationship with him? The answer was yes.

Cheng Xiao, who had been raised by the imperial concubine since childhood, was a cheerful and caring fellow.
When he saw the little cannon fodder was about to faint from the cold, he gave her his big cloak out of pity.

From then on, the little cannon fodder fell in love with Cheng Xiao, and even when she was put in jail, she still was infatuated with Cheng Xiao.
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In order to get closer to Cheng Xiao, the little cannon fodder took the initiative to do a lot of things to make people laugh.
And in turn, those people gossiped that she wanted to cling to the seventh prince.

Because of this, the little cannon fodder was bullied a lot, and even the famous dean of the academy came to beat her in person.

In fact, the little cannon fodder had nothing to do with Cheng Xiao at all.
Cheng Xiao helped her just because he was kindhearted, but he did not take a merchant's son to heart.

Wen Yantong thought about it and decided she couldn’t be too cautious, so she pretended to say casually, “His Royal Highness is extraordinary, how can he have friendship with this commoner.”

Chi Jingxi didn't react after hearing this, but there was a mist in his eyes, which made people feel unfathomable.

That was the scariest thing about this guy.
He had a lot of thoughts and was very perceptive, but because Chi Jingxi usually was indifferent, there were always rumors that the Little Marquis had a high position, but was reckless and brainless.

However, only power and the same of a reckless man would not be enough for Chi Jingxi to become the biggest villain in the book and confront Cheng Xiao to the end.
Wen Yantong felt she was in a very precarious carriage, so she decided to take the initiative and talk to the simple-minded fool next to her.

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“Young Master Mu grew up in the General's Mansion, so you’m should be very good at archery.”

After Mu Yang was stunned for a moment, he scratched his head embarrassedly, “I started practicing the bow when I was six years old, but I don't have any talent, so I'm not very good at flat shooting.”

“A tiger would not give birth to a pig, so Young Master Mu must be really amazing.” Wen Yantong exclaimed sincerely.

“I went to the academy to take the martial arts test yesterday, and none of my three arrows hit the bullseye…” He raised his eyes and looked at Wen Yantong, “I heard that you hit the bullseye with one arrow…Tell me, how do you usually practice?” translate(d) by puretl .
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Wen Yantong shrank back and said with a laugh, “Young Master Mu is joking, I can't even finish my studies on weekdays, how can I practice archery? That day was only a coincidence, it was just sheer luck.”

Mu Yang was very disappointed, and gave her the medicine bag backhandedly, “Then what are you doing here? So useless, so hurry up and get off.”

Wen Yantong was stunned for a moment, then stood up immediately and turned to leave, but was stopped by Cheng Xin, “The carriage is still on the road, don't move around and fall.” She sat back angrily, it seemed that the fifth prince was determined to send her to the gate of the academy.

Fortunately, no one in the car was embarrassing her for the rest of the journey.
It wasn't until the carriage stopped at the gate of Songhai Academy that Cheng Xin politely reminded her to get out of the carriage and be careful.

Wen Yantong was relieved, and after thanking the three young masters in the car, she entered the academy.

On the way back, she kept thinking about Chi Jingxi's attitude.

He had yet to fall for the heroine, and naturally he was not Cheng Xiao's rival in love, so his hostility to Cheng Xiao was not that deep.

Moreover, the fact that Chi Jingxi allowed her to get on the carriage meant that he held no hostility towards the classmate “Wen Yantong”.

So her current situation was fairly stable.
As long as her plan goes smoothly, she would be able to leave Songhai Academy and safely return to Chang'an and reunite with the Wen Family.

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Wen Yantong returned to the dormitory with a pack of medicine, and saw her roommate, Zhang Jieran, currently studying

Wen Yantong's roommate was very introverted.
In the past, the little cannon fodder was afraid that her secret would be discovered, so she seldom talked to Zhang Jieran.
Several times Zhang Jieran offered to shorten their distance, but was ruthlessly shutdown by the little cannon fodder.

Although the small cannon fodder only wanted to protect her secret, she had wronged Zhang Jieran, and he secretly cried a few times because of their poor relationship.

Wen Yantong didn't care so much, so after she arrived into this book, she took the initiative to talk to Zhang Jieran several times, and the relationship between the two slowly warmed up.

She leaned forward and said with a grin, “Zhang Jieran, I remember that your home is also from Chang'an, right?”

Zhang Jieran raised his head from the book and nodded shyly.

“Then whose carriage do you usually ride home?” Wen Yantong pretended to be chatty.

“My own.” Zhang Jieran replied.

Wen Yantong “ohh”’ed, then remembered that Zhang Jieran was also a rich second-generation.

She said, “Are there any carriages in Chaoge City that are safe to travel in?”

“I heard that Touran’s Horse Tour is pretty decent.” Zhang Jieran was stunned for a moment, and said, “School just started, are you thinking of going home?”

“How can it be?” Wen Yantong said with a smile, “I have a distant relative who wants to go to Chang'an and asked me to find a carriage for them.”

Zhang Jieran believed it and nodded, “Touran’s Horse Tour needs to be booked in advance.”

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“Ah, I still need a reservation?” Wen Yantong was surprised.
She couldn't even figure out the way to Chaoge, let alone Touran’s Horse Tour.

Seeing Wen Yantong's distress, Zhang Jieran said, “It just so happens that I'm going out tomorrow, so I'll make a reservation for you on the way.
When does your distant relative plan to leave?”

Wen Yantong said happily, “The sooner the better! Then I'll be troubling you.”

Zhang Jieran nodded with a blushing face, “We are all classmates, so we should help each other.” pure tl .
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“That's right! I will definitely not sit idly by if you have any difficulties in the future.” Wen Yantong smiled.

She hummed a little tune and carried the medicine bag to the dining hall.
Seeing that there was only a woman in her forties or fifties, she sweetly asked to borrow the kitchen stove to decoct her medicine.

Unexpectedly, the woman saw the thin and small Wen Yantong, thought of her grandson who was studying abroad, and couldn't help but feel soft-hearted.
She took Wen Yantong's medicine, insisting on decocting her medicine, and told her to go back to sleep and that she would deliver it once the medicine was ready.

Happiness came so suddenly, it blinded Wen Yantong.

She refused a few times embarrassedly, but the woman was very insistent.
She even wiped her tears and talked about her grandson, making Wen Yantong unable to refuse anymore.

So she returned to her bedroom to sleep.

When she laid in bed, Wen Yantong smacked her lips and wondered: Hadn’t her luck been too good these days?

The medicine was ready after half an hour, Wen Yantong hadn’t had the time to close her eyes.

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The woman was very considerate, she poured the medicine into the bowl and waited for it to cool before bringing it.

When Wen Yantong saw this bowl of dark medicine, she knew that there was going to be another sad person in this academy.

Her eyes were blackened by the smell of Chinese medicine, and the hand that took the bowl trembled.

When the woman said this, she smiled lovingly, “Pinch your nose and drink it in one breath, so it won’t be too bitter.”

Wen Yantong thought since she was in her twenties anyway, this couldn’t be considered too hard? So without saying a word, she pinched his nose and poured medicine into her mouth.

The moment the bitter medicine touched her tongue, Wen Yantong had realized she’d underestimated the power of traditional Chinese medicine and almost vomited.

Fortunately, she relied on the strong self-control of an adult to bite the bullet and finish the whole bowl.
However, it was so bitter that her eyebrows and eyes were wrinkled.
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The woman stuffed a piece of candied fruit into her mouth to relieve her suffering.
Wen Yantong was so grateful to the woman that she took out the two pieces of silver from her sleeves and put them in the woman's hands.

Although the woman refused at first, Wen Yantong insisted.
Since she needed to concoct and drink this medicine for the next two days, the woman reluctantly accepted.

Wen Yantong said goodbye to the woman and proceeded to lay in bed and sleep.
She slept until the next morning, her head no longer hurt, and her nasal canal was cleared.

And she no longer felt the pain behind her back leg.

Wen Yantong stretched comfortably, and even the crowing of the rooster felt less annoying.

Her days seemed to be getting better day by day.

But what she hadn’t expected was that the real misfortune was coming soon…

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