Chapter 25: Attracted Fu Shi's Attention Part 1


Wen Yantong didn't know that her Old Man Ding had caused a disaster at all.
Contrary to Chi Jingxi, who was having a bad day, Wen Yantong felt that she was very lucky today.


During class, Li Boyuan brought a small wooden box containing the name of every Dingliu Hall’s student.
He randomly drew lots and called ten people to question their progress.  Both Mu Yang and Fu Zixian were selected, but not her.


At noon, she then went to the dining hall for lunch.
Fu Zixian wanted to help get her meal, but she was too embarrassed to make him queue up.
So she got up and went to get her meal herself.
After she went, however, she found that there was no one in line for her favorite dishes!


In the afternoon martial arts class, Xu Yingquan did not let her walk laps and directly approved her to go back to the dormitory.


To put the cherry on top of a wonderful day, she heard that Wu Yutian had a bad fall.
He had tripped and twisted his waist, forcing him to walk with a hunch.translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st


Hahaha! Wen Yantong couldn't help but sigh.
What kind of sh*t luck was going on today!?


Thinking that she had nothing to do in the afternoon, Wen Yantong went to the Qin Hall with her xiqin.
Hua Mo was very happy to see her and pulled out a music composition sheet for her to look at.


Wen Yantong looked at it and was glad that she had studied ancient music notation.
Although it was more complicated than modern staff notation, the music notation Hua Mo took out was not too difficult to understand.


She contemplated for a while before trying a section.
Hua Mo was quite happy and praised her skills repeatedly, saying that she would add this section to the string orchestra.
But Wen Yantong felt that this did not match the set music of the guqin and was not as good as the one she had in mind.


Hua Mo seemed to see that she was hesitating to speak and said, “If you have a better piece, do not hesitate to tell me.”


Wen Yantong didn't talk nonsense and immediately started to pull the strings of her erhu.
It was a section from Yan Ying's “Outside the Long Pavilion.” She slowed down the rhythm and pulled out the sound.
The xiqin's unique thick and long sound made everyone intoxicated.


She only played a section, and when it was over, Hua Mo was stunned.
She clapped her hands in excitement and immediately appointed this piece of music as a solo for the qin performance during the First Snow Banquet.


The girls in the piano hall were talking a lot, and their voices were buzzing.
One of them was a little louder and said, “This piece was well played.
There is not just a small difference between the two pieces.
If one lacks the ability, it is better not to show off, so as not to make others laugh.”


Wen Yantong had a bad premonition when she heard this.
The words were peculiar, and it was obvious that someone was using her to step on another.


Then, she saw Fu Shi smile slightly and softly say, “I didn't expect Wen Yantong to be able to pull out such a heavenly song.
It's true that I don't know enough about xiqin.
I have made a joke of myself.”


Wen Yantong looked at her beautiful face.
Her smile was full of softness and embarrassment, while her words were both self-defeating and complimenting.
Wen Yantong’s heart suddenly trembled.


What happened? Today's luck was over so soon??


The last thing Wen Yantong wanted to provoke was Fu Shi.


This woman seemed quite pure and gentle, but in fact, she was narrow-minded and her methods vicious.


If something goes wrong with Fu Shi before she hugged Chi Jingxi's thigh, she was afraid to even think about the consequences.


Just as Wen Yantong was about to speak to ease the atmosphere and return Fu Shi's self-humility, she saw Hua Mo maintain discipline with a cold face.
She perfunctorily criticized a few girls' qin skills and then let everyone practice freely.


Wen Yantong could no longer say anything, so she lowered her head and fiddled with her xiqin.
She secretly hoped that Fu Shi's mind would not be so narrow.


Hua Mo sat beside her and said in a quiet voice, “The first snow is coming.
Since you can't come to the piano hall to practice often, you must be more diligent in private.
If you get a place in the banquet competition, your demerit will be removed.”pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post


Wen Yantong nodded earnestly.
“This student knows and will definitely live up to the Teacher's expectations.”


Wen Yantong, as a ‘boy’, didn't stay for long.
After chatting with Hua Mo for a while, she left with her xiqin.


It was not completely dark when she came out of the Qin Hall.


After walking for a while, she heard the end of class bell ring three times, and the youths scattered from the martial arts field one after another.
Some rushed to the dining hall, while others left the academy in a carriage.
It was very lively for a while.


Fu Zixian saw her from a distance.
He hurried to catch up with her and said with a smile, “You went to the Qin Hall again?”


Wen Yantong replied, “Yes, I became idle in my room earlier, so I figured I might as well go and practice the qin.”


Fu Zixian said, “Tomorrow is a rest day.
Is there some place you would like to go?”


After asking, he said, “By the way, Third Sister recently asked me how your leg is recovering.
When she heard that you were practicing xiqin recently, she said that she wanted to give you a tailored qin.”pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post


“That’s not necessary.” Wen Yantong said, “I don't lack that silver.
Besides, my xiqin is pretty good, so there's no need to change it.
Thank you to Third Lady Fu for her kindness.”


Fu Zixian pursed his lips, his two dimples appearing “I'll relay your words to her.”


Wen Yantong smiled and nodded.

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