Chapter 23: Slept Until Li Boyuan Came Back 1


Seeing his expression, Wen Yantong felt bad and hurriedly added, “If you want me to write like you, it's impossible… My hand…
My hand was sprained a few days ago, and it hurts badly.
This is already pretty good.”


Chi Jingxi sneered.
“Why didn’t your hand hurt when you were eating on the inkstone?”


Wen Yantong muttered, “The pain is intermittent.”


Chi Jingxi probably thought she was annoying and ignored her.
Wen Yantong frowned and continued to write bitterly.

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Copying the article again took a lot less time than the previous try, and the resulting work looked neater than the previous one… at least in Wen Yantong's eyes.


Once she finished, she handed the paper to Chi Jingxi again and watched his reaction with wide eyes.


Chi Jingxi's beautiful eyes were full of ridicule.
“Do you know how to make horizontal and vertical strokes?”


“If I knew, wouldn't I be able to write it out?” Wen Yantong retorted.

Chi Jingxi didn't talk nonsense with her.


Wen Yantong had expected this even before he said it, so she hurriedly took the paper back.
She knew that she would not be able to complete her assignment today.


She slowly picked up the pen and looked at Chi Jingxi.
Chi Jingxi took things very seriously; even now, he was sitting upright, with a straight back, unlike modern-day people who tend to sit around with a hunched back.


The way that he was sitting made others feel full of vigor and strength.
It looked very dignified.
Wen Yantong imitated him subconsciously and straightened her back.


He already had a stack of copied paper by his side.
Unlike her handwriting, which became all jumbled up after a page was filled, the font of his work was neat and distinct. pure tl .
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Wen Yantong looked down at the book at hand and suddenly had an idea.
She leaned forward and asked softly, “Little Marquis, can I use what you wrote to practice calligraphy?”


Chi Jingxi didn't even bother to lift his eyelids.


“Okay.” Wen Yantong retracted her neck.
After lowering her head and writing a few more words, she realized that Chi Jingxi didn't seem to be as angry as the word he had used, so she couldn't help but feel a little bolder.

“Little Marquis, your writing is so beautiful.” Wen Yantong opened her mouth and blew rainbow farts, her tone very serious.
“I have lived up to this age, but I have never seen anyone whose words are better than yours.
I don't want to practice standard fonts.
I want to imitate your writing.”


Chi Jingxi didn't bother answering her.


Wen Yantong continued, “What I said was sincere! You have written so many, so give me one.”


There was still no response.
Wen Yantong waited for a while, then tentatively reached out for a paper by his side vigilantly, “Then I'll…
take one.”

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Wen Yantong's movement was very slow since it would be easier to dodge should Chi Jingxi suddenly decide to hit her hand.
However, she was surprised that she was able to take back a piece of paper with such movement.


Chi Jingxi acquiesced to her behavior!


Wen Yantong was so happy that she wanted to celebrate by dancing.
She put the paper in her hand and smoothed it out, carefully looking at every stroke Chi Jingxi made.
Then, she tried to imitate it.


Wen Yantong preferred the words written by Chi Jingxi more than the standard script.
Thus, she was more interested in imitating his handwriting, which was in beautiful cursive.
She realized, however, that his penmanship was more difficult, so his work was quite laborious for her to recreate.
After she finally finished copying, she felt that her work didn't look like his at all, so she didn't show it to Chi Jingxi.  Instead, she took out another paper and practiced again.


Wen Yantong was really quiet now.
She seemed to be fascinated by practicing calligraphy.
She continued to practice the characters one by one, feeling that this was actually quite enjoyable.

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