Chapter 19: Method to Erase Demerits 

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Chi Jingxi was the best candidate.


Not to mention this Songhai Academy, even if one looked at the entire Chaoge City, there was still no one who could compare to Chi Jingxi.


Chi Jingxi had a special existence in this book.
He was born on New Year's Eve, and the national astrology department had calculated the national fate was on his shoulders.
The emperor was requested to name him with a character from the dynasty's name, linking his life with the Shao Jing Dynasty.


Chi Jingxi grew up among the love of thousands.
No matter how many he stabbed and how many disasters he caused, he was easily dismissed and never severely punished.
As a result, Shao Jing became more and more prosperous, natural disasters became less and less, and the country expanded wider and wider.
This was why the emperor favored him so much.translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st


Later, when Chi Jingxi died tragically, the first thing Cheng Xiao did when he ascended the throne was to change the dynasty's name.
In addition, he set up a large altar to hold a mighty sacrifice, because he was afraid that Chi Jingxi's death would affect the nation’s fortune.


In fact, when Wen Yantong read this, she assumed that the person from the astrology department might have been one of the Marquis's people.
In order to consolidate the power of the Chi family, he deliberately used Chi Jingxi to build momentum.
But it was quite successful.
After all, before the emperor died, who could compare to Chi Jingxi's favor?


Although Chi Jingxi died tragically in the end, as long as she left Chaoge before the emperor's death and avoided getting involved in the struggle for imperial power, she shouldn’t be endangered.


Regardless of whether he was a villain or a decent person, as long as he could protect her, he was a good person in her books.


Wen Yantong thought for a while and didn’t realize she had been staring at Chi Jingxi for too long.
After she came back to her senses, he had already made his way to her.


Chi Jingxi's indifferent eyes swept away and said in a displeased tone, “What are you looking at?”


Wen Yantong quickly lowered her head and walked a few steps to the side.


How many rainbow farts do I have to blow to hug his thighs?


Moreover, Chi Jingxi hated other people's flattering faces.
What if she blindly flatters and gets beaten up!

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She must not be impatient.
Wen Yantong thought to herself.
She had to think long-term.pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post


Mu Yang glanced at Wen Yantong who shrank her neck and slipped away.
He then said with a smile, “Brother Xi, look at how he is.”


Chi Jingxi frowned contemptuously.
“Fear exuded from head to tail.
Mice pulled out of the dirt hole were more courageous than him.”


“You saved his life, but that rascal didn't even know how to say thank you.” Cheng Xin added.


Chi Jingxi sneered.
“It wasn’t to save him, so why should he thank me?”


“That's true,” Cheng Xin said, “but you gambled with your arrow to bully others.
Everyone knows that you have great precision in archery.
What a waste of an opportunity to clean up the Jiang family.”


Chi Jingxi narrowed his eyes.
“There are many opportunities to clean up the Jiang Family.”


Xu Yingquan walked slowly to the martial arts field, and Zi Hall's students stood in a neat queue.
No one spoke.


Wen Yantong glanced at Chi Jingxi from a distance and unexpectedly found that Xu Yingquan was staring at her.
Thus, she hurriedly stepped forward and continued to walk around the martial arts field.


In the afternoon, she didn't exercise her legs very well, but she became proficient in using her crutches. 


Wen Yantong was really tired and was thinking about finding a blind spot to take a secret break.
Who knew that she ran into Teacher Zhao as soon as she stopped.


“Hello, Teacher.” Wen Yantong greeted him politely.


“Isn’t your leg still injured? Why did you come to the martial arts field for class?” Teacher Zhao asked.

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“Teacher Xu said that the more I rested, the slower my leg would heal, so he asked me to exercise more.” Wen Yantong pursed her lips, her eyebrows showing the utmost grievance.


Seeing that her head was covered in sweat, Teacher Zhao said, “Does Teacher Xu really think that the students are as rough-skinned as him? What if this walking hurt the bones!”


Wen Yantong immediately fueled the fire.
“My legs hurt so much—”


“Don't walk anymore.
I just so happen to be looking for you.” Teacher Zhao suddenly exclaimed righteously, “I'll go talk to Teacher Xu.”


Wen Yantong was immediately happy and followed behind Teacher Zhao excitedly.
Afraid that the joy would overflow from her eyes, she lowered her head low.translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st


Teacher Zhao led her to Xu Yingquan's side.
“Teacher Xu, Wen Yantong's leg is dislocated and needs to lie in bed for a few days to recuperate.
How can you tell him to walk around? Look at how much this child is suffering.”


Teacher Zhao's voice was not small, and everyone in the Zi Hall who was practicing archery immediately looked over.


Wen Yantong was not tall and thin, so she didn't look bloated even when wrapped in a thick padded jacket.
There were small but dense beads of sweat on her forehead.
She accidentally rubbed the cotton cap crooked when wiping the sweat, which made her appear a bit funny.


Wen Yantong was well versed in playing her pity card.
Her eyes were wide open as she innocently looked at Xu Yingquan.


Although Xu Yingquan was a military general, he didn't have a bloodthirsty air on his body.
Instead, he looked like a scholar and replied in a low voice, “But he has been lying on the bed for several days.”pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post


“Looking at his appearance, you know that his body is weak, so he should lie down for a few more days.” Teacher Zhao sighed, “I need to talk to him for a bit, so I’ll be taking him away first.
For the future martial arts class, give him a more appropriate routine.”


Xu Yingquan nodded.
“Teacher Zhao, take care.”


Wen Yantong was overjoyed, but she still pretended to be uncomfortable and said goodbye to Xu Yingquan honestly.
She then wrapped the mouse skin from the weapon rack and left slowly.

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After following Teacher Zhao out of the martial arts field, Wen Yantong's nerves relaxed, and she was the first to ask, “What matter is Teacher looking for this student for?”


“You attempted to escape from the academy.
Although Third Young Lady Fu blocked the public, the academy had noted it.
If it is not erased by the end of this semester, it will affect your final evaluation.” Teacher Zhao walked very slowly.


Wen Yantong had been informed of this before, but since Teacher Zhao mentioned it specifically, he must have had other intentions.
Thus, she asked, “How can this student erase it?”


“I read your enrollment book.
It says you can play the guqin?” Teacher Zhao asked.


“I- I can’t.” She replied blankly.


Teacher Zhao gave her a strange look.
“Then why did you write that you can play the guqin?”


Wen Yantong was stunned for a moment and suddenly thought that the small cannon fodder may have had knowledge of playing the guqin, so she wrote this when she was entering school.
But Wen Yantong had never touched the guqin before, much less know how to play it.


This idea slipped around in her mind for a bit before she replied, “I used to know, but after this student entered the academy, I focused on studying.
How can I waste time having fun? It’s unfamiliar to me now.”


Teacher Zhao was quite puzzled.
“I haven't seen how good your knowledge is.
You haven't passed the summer test.”


“…” Wen Yantong smiled awkwardly.
“It's because this student is too stupid.”pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post


“I thought you could play the guqin, but now you can't do it…” Teacher Zhao asked while twirling his beard, “Do you know any other musical instruments?”


Wen Yantong's words were on the edge of her mouth, but she swallowed them back and asked warily, “What does Teacher want this student to do?”


“This year's First Snow Banquet is different from previous years.
Due to the inclusion of female students, the academy has also recruited two qin (string instrument) Teachers.” Master Zhao said, “The qin Teachers will also participate in the First Snow Banquet and compose qin music to compete during the banquet.”

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“Compete?” Wen Yantong repeated subconsciously.


“If the composed song wins the competition, your demerit will be eliminated.” Teacher Zhao said, “I also heard about it by accident.
I wanted to let you participate, but I never thought that.


Wen Yantong finally understood that Teacher Zhao was looking for a way for her! She hurriedly added, “Although I don't know how to play guqin, I know how to play the xiqin.
Is xiqin okay?”


Teacher Zhao hesitated.
“I don't know, but I can ask the qin Teacher.
If it’s possible, I'll tell you.”


“I will be troubling Teacher Zhao.” Wen Yantong bowed at him gratefully.


Teacher Zhao's work efficiency was really high.
He came to tell her the next day that the qin Teacher allowed it but needed to evaluate her skills.


Wen Yantong was so happy that she immediately asked someone to buy a xiqin on the street.


What kind of qin was xiqin? It was actually an erhu.


Wen Yantong’s family was poor when she was a child.
Her parents wanted her to follow her third uncle, who had been playing erhu for a lifetime, to learn erhu and go to the streets to beg for food.pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post


She followed him to learn for ten years.
She especially remembered the days when she sat on the street with her third uncle and played the erhu in the cold winter.


Wen Yantong's education was not high.
After graduating from high school, her family could not afford college, so she dropped out of school and went to work.
Later, a fire took away her parents and her younger brother, who was in junior high school.


No matter how hard or tired Wen Yantong was, she never minded too much about the hardships that the little cannon fodder in the original book went through.


But when Teacher Zhao led Wen Yantong into the qin study hall, Wen Yantong, who had gone through wind and rain, was stunned on the spot.

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