ased his hand and said to his lackies, “Hold him up!”

The two people at the front stepped forward, holding Wen Yantong's arms on both sides.
Wen Yantong's crutches fell to the ground.

She twisted her arms and struggled.
“What are you doing?! Let me go!”

Jiang Yan took a few steps forward, took the bow and arrow from someone else's hand, and readied an arrow.
He smiled coldly at Wen Yantong.
“Now your identity is different.
Since you have become the Fu Residence’s Third Young Lady's benefactor, I dare not provoke you.”

What nonsense… Wen Yantong thought.
If he didn’t dare to provoke her, why ask others to restrain her? And why was he holding a bow and arrow?

She panicked.
“What do you want?”

“Don't panic.
This isn’t our first time playing.” Jiang Yan pulled the bowstring, raised his hand to meet Wen Yantong, and replied, “If my arrow hits your hat, then I'll let you go.
If I miss…”

what would happen?” Wen Yantong didn't even notice the tremor in her voice and stared at the arrow pointed at her.

“Wait for the second arrow.” Jiang Yan laughed.

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Wu Yutian also smiled smugly, stood beside him, and said, “Young Master Jiang is too close… according to your archery skills, even if you take fifty steps back, you can still hit the mark.”

Jiang Yan nodded.
“What you said makes some sense.” So he took a dozen steps back.translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st

Wen Yantong looked at the distance and was instantly filled with fear.
What if this person misses, and the arrow goes through her forehead? Would she still live after that?

For these noble sons, killing civilians did not incur any crimes.
With their high ranking family background, just a random bribe would wash all grievances.

When Wen Yantong thought of this, she struggled desperately and pushed the person beside her.
She tried her best to throw away the other person and escape without her crutches.

It was just that her injury was still in the process of healing, so the pain was piercing as soon as she exerted force on her injured leg.
Under the double pressure of pain and fear, Wen Yantong fell to the ground before she took two steps.

The person who she pushed off hurriedly chased after her and held her back.

“Useless waste.
Can’t even hold a lame person!” Jiang Yan scolded and reloaded the bow and arrow.pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post

After that, the two of them held Wen Yantong firmly.
No matter how much she struggled, they wouldn’t move.
She cried out, “Can the nobles just randomly squander the lives of commoners? You dare ignore the imperial decree?!”

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Jiang Yan snorted.
“Imperial decree? Even if the Son of Heaven arrives now, I will still shoot this arrow! Stop squirming, or else you can't blame me for shooting elsewhere.” Jiang Yan had already started to aim, and he was still saying innocent words.

Wen Yantong was frightened as she looked at the arrow pointing directly at her head.
There was still a trace of calm in the panic, thinking that after the arrow was released, she would just squat down and save herself!

Just as Jiang Xun released the arrow, another arrow suddenly flew from the side and hit Jiang Xun's bow and arrow, nailing his left thumb into the bow!

He only heard the short whistling of the wind and felt a sudden pain in his left hand.

The arrow stuck on the bow was deep red with a snow-white tail feather, and there was a circle of gold threads around the very end.
Jiang Yan's angry expression turned pale in an instant; he was frightened stiff.

Everyone in Songhai Academy knew that the gold thread inlaid at the end was the unique feather arrow of the Little Marquis!pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post

Everyone was stunned, unable to respond to the sudden change.

Wen Yantong's heart was beating so fast that she couldn't help panting.
She looked in the direction of the arrow and saw a few people standing not far away.
Like the previous few times, her eyes were locked on only one person.

It was the handsome Chi Jingxi.
As always, there was a bit of arrogance between his brows.
He mockingly chuckled.
His beautiful eyes were full of frost as he looked at Jiang Yan contemptuously.

Holding the luxurious mahogany bow in his left hand, it was clear he was the one who shot the arrow.

Before anyone could speak first, someone suddenly ran up and punched Jiang Yan hard in the face!

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