Chapter 16: Instigate

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If Wen Yantong hadn’t known Xu Yingquan was a retired general, she would have thought that this person was thorny and mean.

Let a cripple walk around the drill ground’s perimeter in winter?!

Wen Yantong widened her eyes.

Xu Yingquan was born a commoner himself, so he wasn’t like those teachers who looked down on the commoners.
He patted Wen Yantong's cotton hat and said earnestly, “You have to move your body, so it’ll get better faster.”

How could Wen Yantong dare be reluctant? If Xu Yingquan jumped and kicked her left leg, then she would really need to be carried to class.translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st

She hurriedly replied, “What Teacher said is very true, and this student dare not object.”

Xu Yingquan nodded with satisfaction and grabbed her gray jacket.
“Take this off.
It's too heavy and will affect walking.”

Wen Yantong was a little reluctant now.
“This student was chilled and caught a cold a few days ago.
This student will be cold without this coat.”

“It's okay.
You'll be more energetic when you're cold, and you'll be hot after a few laps,” he said.

Listen! Listen to this.
Are these words inhumane or what?!

Wen Yantong suspected this person was deliberately making things difficult for her!

She felt the cold wind pouring into her neck.
Wen Yantong really didn't want to take it off, so she wanted to appeal.
“Teacher, I think…”

“This rat skin of yours seems very precious.” Chi Jingxi interrupted her suddenly.

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He raised his eyebrows slightly, and the corners of his mouth were calm.
His expression looked very bad, as if his patience had reached the limit.

The people around him snickered when they heard his words.

Rat skin? Rat skin? ! !

If the speaker wasn’t Chi Jingxi, Wen Yantong would have definitely retorted back!translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st

However, when she heard his voice, she wilted very quickly.
She reluctantly grabbed the ends of her big gray coat, put the crutches on the side of the weapon rack, and slowly took the coat off.

She was wearing her school uniform inside, and the lotus-colored jacket made her skin whiter instantly.

Under her snow-white robe inside was also replaced with fleece innerwear.
The wooden splint on the right leg was re-tied.
Since the boots could not fit, she specially ordered a pair of shoes that were very similar to cotton slippers.

As soon as her coat was taken off, Wen Yantong shivered.
Her teeth were locked like Wu Yutian this morning, chattering like a machine gun.

Seeing her thin body, Xu Yingquan sighed and said, “You still need to exercise more.”

Wen Yantong nodded while shivering. 

She also wore a cotton hat on her head, so before Xu Yingquan asked her to take it off, she hurriedly walked away with her crutches.

As Xu Yingquan said, at first, she was shivering with cold, but after walking half the perimeter, her body began to heat up.

However, it was very difficult to walk on crutches.
She was afraid of hurting herself if she walked too fast.
However, if she was too slow, Xu Yingquan would shout from a distance, so she had to circle around the martial arts field at a neither fast nor slow speed.

Xu Yingquan did not lecture during the first martial arts class.
He had stone weights bought over, instead, wanting to test everyone's current strength.

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The students in the Zi Hall were very likely to become military leaders, so Xu Yingquan's teaching curriculum was different from other halls.

What's more, the two princes, Cheng Xin and Cheng Xiao were also among them.
In addition to martial arts, war tactics were also included in this course.

Wen Yantong was not interested at all.
She was out of breath as she watched those people lift stone weights bigger than their heads.

Fortunately, her leg was lame.
Otherwise, she would have to fight with these weights for an afternoon.

Wen Yantong watched Chi Jingxi lift the two stacked stone weights with one hand.
The thick jacket could not hide the strength of his arms, and suddenly, she felt very fortunate.

It's no wonder people who were beaten by Chi Jingxi did not dare to provoke him again.
To single-handedly lift fifty kilograms, would it be considered difficult to knock out a person's front teeth with one punch?

But having said that, although she escaped being kicked by Chi Jingxi, she was still hit by a carriage and became crippled.
Could it be that the things set in the book were unavoidable?pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post

Wen Yantong was at a loss for words, and without realizing it, she walked many circles.
Eventually, she became more and more proficient while walking on crutches.

After the academy bell rang, there was a half-hour break, and the students on the martial arts field dispersed.

After watching Xu Yingquan leave the martial arts field, Wen Yantong thought of skipping classes.
She thought that she had walked long enough, so she might as well.

And so, she put her plans into action; she hid in the crowd, left the martial arts field, and then went around to another secluded road to leave.

Wu Yutian was still holding a grudge after the morning altercation with Wen Yantong.
He was waiting for the right time to enact his revenge.

As soon as everyone started to disperse, he saw Wen Yantong leaving the martial arts field.
He quietly followed, and he saw her turn to a remote path, thinking that his opportunity had come.

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He ran to find Young Master Jiang, who often bullied Wen Yantong, and said, “Young Master Jiang, I finally found you.”

Jiang Yan was leaning against the wall and talking to a girl from Qinlouchu Brothel.
He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Why are you looking for me?”

“I heard Wen Yantong say before that you are a dog and that you can't do anything but bully people… that you are a waste who can only bark.” Wu Yutian was quite good at provoking people, and he said with a beaming face, “He also said that you can’t even compare to half of Chi Jingxi.
He was also planning to butter up Chi Jingxi and have him teach you a lesson!”

Jiang Yan raised his eyebrows in anger.
“That little cripple really said that?! Does he have the guts?”

“That's natural.
Didn't he ride in Mu Residence's carriage a few days ago? I think his wings have hardened…” Wu Yutian continued to fan the flames.

“Where is he?” Jiang Yan's anger seemed to burn to his eyebrows, and his delicate face became hideous.

Wu Yutian pointed out quickly.
“He went down that path.”

“Stop that cripple! I'll show him who's boss!” Jiang Yan aggressively chased down the path, followed by a row of people.

On the other side of the bamboo house, Chi Jingxi took the wet towel from the guard and wiped the dust on his hands slowly.pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post

Mu Yang frowned.
“Did Wen Yantong really say such a thing? He seemed to want to flee faster than a rabbit whenever he sees us.”

Cheng Xin smiled.
“It doesn't matter if he said it or not.
Jiang Yan may not care.”

“That bastard killed a ten-year-old girl a few days ago.
He’s really not human.” Mu Yang scolded coldly.

“The Jiang family really needs to be cleaned up.
Why don't we take this opportunity?” Cheng Xin looked at Chi Jingxi.

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Chi Jingxi was silent at first, but knowing that Cheng Xin was speaking to him, he raised his eyebrows slightly.
“Why don’t we make a bet?”

“What would you like to bet on?” Cheng Xin said.

With a smile, he wiped his fingers clean, then threw the towel at the guard, and said, “Get my bow.”

Wen Yantong was completely unaware of this matter and was currently thinking of taking a good nap with the heat pack in her arms after returning home.

But the sound of chaotic footsteps behind her interrupted her thoughts.
When she turned her head, she saw a furious man striding ahead.pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post

She was a little flustered.

Why does he seem to be coming her way?




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Wen Yantong is just a half-sprouted girl with no power nor knowledge about martial arts, so of course, she’s weak.

But she has a golden finger.
She just hasn't discovered it yet.

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