Chapter 14: The Big Traitor Wu Yutian

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This teacher with a particularly dark face was named Li Boyuan, and he was very prestigious in Songhai Academy.

He was the crown prince’s mentor and only stepped down when the prince reached adulthood.
Because of his good relationship with the dean of the academy, he took the initiative to come to the academy to teach.

Even the princes, Cheng Xin and Cheng Xiao, would be more respectful to Li Boyuan, not to mention the sons of ordinary officials.

When the man, who was arguing with Wen Yantong, saw Li Boyuan, he was like the turtle who shrank his neck.
He was so frightened that he didn't dare to speak loudly.
It’s Wen Yantong who bullied me first…”translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st

Seeing this, Wen Yantong internally screamed: Not good!

Thinking that this black-faced master had a strong background, she also hurriedly bowed her head, posing as if acknowledging her wrong.

“The both of you, come out!” Li Boyuan said angrily.

After he finished speaking, Li Boyuan left the study hall.
Wen Yantong glanced at the students who were watching them with wide eyes before she slowly followed him out.

The man who just wished he could swallow Wen Yantong whole was like a beaten eggplant; he was completely wilted.
He followed Wen Yantong with his head down and kept mumbling.

Li Boyuan didn't walk very fast, so even Wen Yantong could barely keep up and maintained a distance.

But the man behind her fell further and further away.
It seemed that he wanted to slip away while the Teacher was not paying attention.

How could Wen Yantong allow him to do that?

Seeing him trying to escape, she yelled, “Teacher, he wants to run away!”

When Li Boyuan heard this, he turned his head.
His eyes were like two sharp knives as he stabbed at the man who was trying to escape.

“I’m not!” he quickly denied.

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“You don't even walk as fast as me, a lame man.
You clearly want to slip away when the teacher is not paying attention!” Wen Yantong was determined to get him in trouble.
“Even if you make a mistake and don't know how to repent, you sure know how to quibble!”translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st

Li Boyuan felt that Wen Yantong's words were very reasonable, so he scolded, “Knowing your wrongs, but refusing to repent; it's hard to sculpt from rotten wood.
Wu Yutian, you are twenty-one now and have failed three imperial examinations.
If this continues, it will be difficult to make future achievements!”

Wen Yantong was shocked when she heard the name; she didn't expect this person to be Wu Yutian!

Wu Yutian was not a major character, but Wen Yantong was filled with anger and hatred.
Her teeth itched when she heard his name.

He was an insidious and cunning scum who acted pragmatically.
At first, he worked under Chi Jingxi's subordinates.
Later, the emperor died, and a mighty battle for the throne broke out in Chaoge.
The power of the court was dispersed, and Shao Jing was in chaos. 

Seeing that he wasn’t able to gain an important position under Chi Jingxi, Wu Yutian leaked Chi Jingxi's plans as a bargaining chip.
He turned his back to the Prime Minister's hands and exchanged it for a position that led a thousand subordinates.

Later, in order to take credit and occupy a leading position, he climbed up through piles of blood and bones and even married Fu Shi as his wife.

Countless people were harmed by this wicked man.

When Wen Yantong didn't know who he was before, she only thought that his face was disgusting and very off-putting.
But now that she knew that he was Wu Yutian, she couldn't wait to kill him with the stick in her hand.

For the people!

But she was still in the academy and a crippled at that.
She really couldn't do anything except to make small remarks and to make a note in her heart.

After Li Boyuan finished lecturing Wu Yutian, he took the two of them to the Fuzi Hall and instructed them to guard the door, one on the right and one on the left.

Wen Yantong felt like a disobedient student being taken to the principal's office.
Unexpectedly, she was already so old but still experiencing youth.

She was wrapped in many layers, dressed thickly, so when she shrank her neck, she didn’t feel too cold standing outside.

But Wu Yutian was different.
When he left the study hall, he forgot to take his cloak because he was too scared.
He was shivering nonstop.
Even Wen Yantong could hear the sound of his teeth chattering.

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Hope you freeze to death.

But after standing for a while, the school bell rang, and the morning class was over.

Breakfast was served after morning class, and Li Boyuan had no reason to continue punishing them.
Before they left, he handed a piece of paper to Wen Yantong.

Confused, she asked, “What is this?”

“It's a separate class sheet for the martial arts class.
You can take it to the class and give it to the teacher.
It will be used for the martial arts class in the afternoon.” Li Boyuan replied.

It was actually a schedule.
Martial arts and literature were divided into different classes.
Literature is divided into four grades: Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding, each of which had six classrooms, for a total of twenty-four study halls.
But the martial arts classes were different: there were only twelve.

Arranged in order of Zi, Chou, Yin, and Mao.pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post

Wen Yantong glanced at the paper and found that her name was in Zi Hall!

“Teacher!” Wen Yantong was a little anxious.
“Did the arrangement make a mistake? Why am I in the Zi Hall?!”

“No mistake.” Li Boyuan said, “You hit the bull's eye in the martial arts test, so you will naturally be assigned to Zi Hall.”

“But my first two arrows missed horribly!”

“The test only recorded the best grade.” Li Boyuan frowned in disapproval.
“What's the matter with you, child? Others can't even go to Zi Hall.
Why does it look like you're reluctant?”

“How can it be?” Wen Yantong laughed quickly.
“This student was just surprised.
I didn't expect to enter Zi Hall.”

Li Boyuan nodded.
“As long as you know.
Okay, go eat.”

Wen Yantong nodded again and again.
After Li Boyuan left, the corner of her lips dropped, replacing her previous smile with a distressed look on her face.

The bull's eye was purely a ‘blind cat meeting a dead mouse’ moment.
She knew her strengths and weaknesses.

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Wen Yantong was putting away the paper with a bitter face when Zhang Jieran came to look for her.

The kind former roommate was afraid that her lameness would be inconvenient to move, so he came to take her to the dining hall with him.

Wen Yantong was really moved by this good roommate.
Upon closer inspection, this roommate was white and tender, tall, caring, and quiet, and the key point was that he was studious.

When Wen Yantong was limping to Dingliu Hall on crutches in the morning, he was already sitting in the Jiayi Hall reciting his texts.

How did he become a mob character in the book?translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st

After the two of them finished eating, Zhang Jieran was a little worried about her and insisted on sending her to Dingliu Hall before going back.
However, Wen Yantong refused to agree because she was afraid of delaying his time.

The two stood on the side of the road arguing.

Zhang Jieran was an introverted boy and not good at arguing.
He remained silent but expressed his firm attitude.

Wen Yantong was so anxious that she tapped the ground with her crutches.
“I'm really fine! I went to the school by myself early this morning.
How could something go wrong on this road?”

“What's the point of arguing?” Suddenly a voice came obliquely.

The two turned their heads at the same time and saw three people standing not far from the road.

Chi Jingxi was the one in the middle.
He didn't wear a cloak and only donned the academy’s uniform.

Originally, Wen Yantong had thought that this uniform would look very delicate when worn on a man, but when she saw him, she realized that these lotus-colored clothes could look refined on a man

Chi Jingxi was the perfect example.
The lotus color made his lips look more red and his teeth more white, but those smiling eyes remained a deep color.
Even if they looked at people without any emotion, it would make others feel frightened.

Just like a lotus flower covered with frost in the twelfth lunar month, it was refined and full of icy vigor.pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post

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Wen Yantong only made a quick glance, and this glance was only enough to see Chi Jingxi alone.

A student like Chi Jingxi didn’t need to attend morning classes in winter and usually only arrived after the morning class was over.
She just didn't expect it to be such a coincidence that they bumped into each other.

Zhang Jieran was also terribly frightened.
And although he didn't stand in the pathway, he hurriedly stood beside Wen Yantong.

Mu Yang walked up to her.
“It just so happens that I'm from Dingliu Hall too.
I'll take you there.”

Wen Yantong wanted to refuse, but after thinking for a moment, she thought it would be better to send Zhang Jieran back first, so she complied.
“I have troubled Young Master Mu.”

She said to Zhang Jieran, “Go back quickly, or you will be rushed when the bell rings.”

Seeing that she had help and in addition to being afraid of the trio, Zhang Jieran stopped arguing.
He nodded quickly, but as he was about to leave, he was quickly stopped by Cheng Xin.
“It just so happens that we are also heading to Jiayi Hall.
Since we are all going the same way, let's go together.”

Zhang Jieran was so frightened that his whole face turned red.
He didn't dare to respond and left trailing behind Cheng Xin.

Wen Yantong saw that Chi Jingxi looked a little lazy and didn't say anything.
She thought that he may have not completely woken up yet.pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post

After the three left, she breathed a sigh of relief.

It may have become a conditioned reflex, but whenever she saw Chi Jingxi, her whole body would tense up in nervousness.

Seeing that she was walking slowly with the crutches, Mu Yang reached out and grabbed her right crutch and lifted her body directly with her arm.

“Hurry up! We're going to be late!” he said.

After speaking, he strode forward.
He used his own strength to more than double Wen Yantong's speed, so she had to flap her left arm to keep up with his pace.

Ah, ah, ah!! Agreeing to go with him just now was the wrong choice!

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