Chapter 12: The Not-So-Smart Fu Tanghuan

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Cuixiang Building had nine extremely famous signature dishes, and when every single one was lined up on the table, the table would be almost filled.

These nine dishes are all top-notch in terms of color, aroma, and taste, which is why the Cuixiang Building was so famous.

However, these nine signature dishes rarely had the opportunity to be served at the same table.

After the dishes were served, everyone was amazed at Wen Yantong's luck.
They obviously took a ticket when they entered the door, but only Wen Yantong's ticket was exchanged for the nine signature dishes.translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st

Even Wen Yantong felt that her luck was mysterious.

To say she was lucky, then she wouldn't be crippled; to say she was unlucky, then how did she win the lottery?

Confusing as hell.

Cheng Xiao laughed and joked.
Then, he removed most of the dishes he had ordered.
Later, when all the dishes were served, the servant who had been standing behind Cheng Xin came forward and inspected each dish three times.

Like the others, Wen Yantong silently watched the servants try every dish.

Chi Jingxi and others used their own personal chopsticks, made out of sterling silver and embedded with ivory.
It just reeked of luxury.

When everything was ready, Cheng Xin moved his chopstick first, and then everyone started to follow.

These princes and nobles were very particular about eating.
Each had two pairs of chopsticks, one of which was a public chopstick.

Wen Yantong has eaten for more than 20 years and has never had the habit of eating while switching chopsticks.
Unable to adapt, she subconsciously used chopsticks stained with her own saliva to pick the dishes. 

Who knew that before her chopsticks touched the dish, she happened to raise her eyes and meet Chi Jingxi's gloomy gaze.

Immediately alerted, she quickly retracted her hand, secretly consoling herself.
Oh my god! How embarrassing.
Hopefully no one saw!translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st

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Unfortunately, she was seen, and someone immediately said sarcastically, “Oh.
Wen Yantong doesn’t seem to be used to using public chopsticks… Surely he hadn’t used them much.”

Wen Yantong suspected that this person had been staring at her and was waiting for this little mistake.

That’s true though.
In this big table, only she was a commoner who came from a merchant's family.
She was even scolded by Chi Jingxi for being stupid again.
Who else would they step on if not her?

Wen Yantong chewed the crispy chicken bones in her mouth.
Because of the special situation they were in, she pretended not to hear the underlying meaning in his words and smiled shyly.
“I really haven't used it a few times.
Most of the time, I eat at home.” 

“What a bad excuse.
Whether or not to use public chopsticks mainly depends on the identity of the person at the table.
It has nothing to do with being at home.” Another person laughed.

“That's true.” Wen Yantong laughed until her eyes narrowed.
“I am really lucky to bump into these His Royal Highnesses today.
Compared with this, these nine dishes are nothing.”

You use me, then I’ll use you… Think only you can spit out rainbow farts[1]?

“Your luck is extraordinary.
Not anyone has the opportunity to become the Fu Residence Third Young Lady's benefactor.” The man sneered.

“Of course, I really got lucky.” Wen Yantong said with a laugh.

Inwardly, she had already scolded this dogthing’s whole family tree.
If it weren't for her low status, she would have jumped up and scolded him!

The other party felt that his fist had hit cotton, so he turned to an old account.
He took a piece of chicken, put it in Wen Yantong's bowl, and said in a concerned tone, “Eat more.
I heard you were always in a starving state.
In the middle of the night, you secretly wanted to kill our academy's Wu-Dou.
Heard you were punished for it.
Better not attempt it a second time.”translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st

Wen Yantong was fuming, almost about to explode.
She looked down at her bowl and saw that he had given her a small, dry chicken neck!

The people around the table laughed again.
Seeming to find it interesting to make fun of Wen Yantong, they all commented on the matter.

The surroundings became lively for a while, and they bullied the weak to flatter the strong without sparing any effort.
Who knew that the sound was too loud and made the Little Marquis unhappy.
He put the chopsticks down and asked in a deep voice, “You guys always talk like this when you eat?”

Everyone quickly shut up.

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This was not to protect Wen Yantong but because the flattering atmosphere really disgusted Chi Jingxi.
He didn't save anyone’s face as he got up and said to Cheng Xiao, “Seventh Highness, take it slow.
I'm full, so I’ll be leaving now.”

See that? And you dare to flatter yourself with this dog's temper?

“Little Marquis, walk slowly.” Cheng Xiao seemed to be used to Chi Jingxi's temper and replied as usual.pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post

Cheng Xin smiled and said, “Go and sit in the carriage first.”

As soon as Chi Jingxi said he was leaving, Mu Yang stopped his chopsticks and wiped the corners of his mouth with a brocade cloth as if he was ready to leave also.

Chi Jingxi nodded in response and put on the cloak handed over by the servant behind him.
He didn't bother to give alms to others as he coldly walked away.

Cheng Xiao looked at the people around him.
Although his tone remained relaxed, he was not as kind as before.
“It seems the dishes in Cuixiang Building are not to everyone's taste.
Nothing much has been eaten.”

The people at the table didn't dare to make trouble again.
They did not continue to talk nonsense and ate the dishes with their heads down.

Cheng Xin snorted inexplicably, sat on the table for a while, and left together with Mu Yang.

In the end, this meal ended unhappily.

However, as soon as the meal was over, Wen Yantong was elated.
This meal was extremely torturous, so when she was carried back to the academy, her stomach was still growling.

But what surprised her was that when she returned to her living quarters, she found Fu Tanghuan waiting at the door.

There was a swing added by the door at some point.
She was wrapped in an apricot-yellow cloak and swayed on it.
After seeing Wen Yantong, she jumped down and waved to her.
“Come here.
I have something good for you!”

So mysterious, but it successfully aroused Wen Yantong's curiosity.
Thus, she hurriedly said, “Carry me over quickly.”

After approaching, Fu Tanghuan took out a palm-sized porcelain bottle from her sleeves and handed it to her.
“The old traveling doctor's medicine for bruises.
It is said that it can cure broken bones after applying it for three days.
You can try it.”

Wen Yantong was surprised.
Modern technology was already so powerful, but none had the ability to cure broken bones in three days.
Could it be that there is such a magical medicine in this book?

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She took the porcelain bottle, and at a glance, she saw a piece of red paper on the bottle with the words ‘Old Divine Doctor’ written in black ink.
The porcelain bottle had messy patterns and rudimentary workmanship.
At a glance, she could tell that this was made cheaply.pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post

“This…” Wen Yantong hesitated.
“You didn’t buy it in an alley did you?”

“Indeed, I bought it when I passed through Banxia Street.” Fu Tanghuan nodded honestly.
“After I saw that old man use it on a lame man, the lame man ran away immediately, and he didn't even pay for the medicine.
The old man chased after him but couldn’t catch up, so he cried so loudly.
I ordered someone to buy a few bottles and wanted to give them a try.”

Wen Yantong had a question mark on her face.
“That was obviously an act.
Old divine doctor… More like an old swindler!”

According to Fu Tanghuan's IQ, she shouldn't have been deceived!

It's over.
Had her high IQ trait also collapsed!?

Fu Tanghuan was very disappointed.
“Is that so? I was skeptical at first, but after hearing people around me say that medicine is very useful, I believed it to be true.”

“Even if you used eight bottles of this medicine, I’ll still be lame.” Wen Yantong continued.
“Maybe it's even poisonous.”

Fu Tanghuan hurriedly grabbed the porcelain bottle from her hand.
“Forget it.
Let's throw it away.”

She threw the porcelain bottle in her arms to the maid behind her.
The bottles banged loudly.
There were about seven or eight bottles.

Wen Yantong didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so she changed the subject.
“Why are you still here at this time?”pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post

Fu Tanghuan asked, “How was the dinner with Xiao gege today?”

When she mentioned this, Wen Yantong felt distressed again.
“Not good.
I kept getting stepped on, so I'm still not full.”

Fu Tanghuan seemed to have expected this as she waved her hand and asked the maid to bring the food box to Wen Yantong.
“Don't worry.
They won't dare to step on you after class starts.”

As soon as the food box was opened, there were two simple dishes and a bowl of pork ribs soup.
When she smelled this, Yantong's heart was moved.
“Third Young Lady Fu, you are too kind to me.”

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“I said I would repay you well.” Fu Tang smiled happily.
She watched Wen Yantong eating deliciously before suddenly saying, “Oh, I forgot to tell you some bad news.”

Wen Yantong's smile froze.
“What is it?”

“Don't even think about escaping Songhai Academy.
If you are caught, you will be imprisoned.
In addition, although your crime has been reduced this time, it is still recorded.
This has implications on your exam assessment.” she said.

Wen Yantong's chopsticks paused.
“How so?”

“It’s an imperial decree.
If you fail the two final exams in Songhai Academy, you will be punished with 15 days of confinement.” Fu Tanghuan said, “You seemed to have failed your final exam during your summer classes.”pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post

Wen Yantong was startled.
“There’s actually such a bloody thing?!”

Was this bad news? This was simply terrible news!

She suddenly felt that the food in the food box was no longer fragrant!




The author has something to say: 

Chi Jingxi: So noisy.
Why did I come to have this meal?



[1] rainbow farts: over-the-top compliments fans needlessly heap on their idols.

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