Chapter 11: Becoming Lucky After a Scolding

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Wen Yantong was extremely uneasy at the moment.

Because this scene was never mentioned in the book.

In the original book, after Cheng Xiao rescued Fu Tanghuan, the author wrote about a series of things that Fu Tanghuan did to find out who was behind the scenes.
The author did not write about the scene where Cheng Xiao called a large table of people to eat at Cuixiang Building.pure tl .
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Not to mention Chi Jingxi’s appearance here.

Unmentioned scenes were full of unknowns, how could Wen Yantong not panic?

Unlike Wen Yantong, the other people at the table hoped that the three of them would join them.
Some of them even started to make room.

Indeed, there were many benefits if one had connections with these three people.
Not that these people were with ill-intentions, but everyone wanted to join this ‘Three Di’ group.

But was Chi Jingxi's dog temper so easy to flatter?

After listening to Cheng Xiao's warm invitation, Cheng Xin glanced at the large table with a smile, “It’s always lively around Seventh Brother.”

Cheng Xiao replied, “The fifth brother is joking, this only happened by chance.”translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st

Cheng Xin's expression remained gentle, “Wherever you go, you are with a group of friends, but it's good to have more people, it's better than being deserted.”

This meant that he agreed.
He then turned to look at Chi Jingxi, “What do you think?”

Chi Jingxi's dark eyes were a little lazy, he chuckled, “Of course I don't dare to brush away the face of His Seventh Highness.”

“Little Marquis's words are interesting.” Cheng Xiao laughed happily, “Let's go and sit.”

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Mu Yang always looked to be amicable regardless of other’s decisions.
He especially liked the lively atmosphere, so he happily led the way.

Seeing that Cheng Xiao successfully invited these three people, everyone was a little excited.
They stood up to greet Cheng Xin and Chi Jingxi.
Wen Yantong couldn't move because of her lame leg, and instantly panicked, so she hurriedly bent over and pretended to pick up something.

Fortunately, no one noticed her.
After Cheng Xin waived their ceremony, everyone sat down again, so Wen Yantong became even more inconspicuous.

Chi Jingxi took a seat, diagonally opposite her.
He seemed to be in a good mood today and his eyes always contained a faint smile.

Chi Jingxi was actually the most suitable for smiling.translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st

He had a friendly pair of eyes.
When he was mild, others may even think he was smiling, but when he really laughs, it was a beautiful sight.
Others first impression of him would be that he looked to be a person with a good temper.

Cheng Xiao called the shop assistant to order food, and asked for everyone's input.
When it was Wen Yantong’s turn, she quickly replied, “Pig trotters.”

Because the original cannon fodder never ate well and was bullied in the academy.
So she was malnourished and thin, she must eat more meat to make up for her complexion.

As soon as she finished speaking, a young man answered, “Are you planning to eat to make up for…?”

“How rude of you, comrade Zhou.” Another person said, “Are you saying that Wen Yantong's legs are pig legs?”

“Look, it’s swollen to be about the same.” Brother Zhou replied.

The two of them sang in harmony, making everyone at the table laugh.
Some people even bent over to look at Wen Yantong's leg that was tied to a wooden splint.

Funny? Is it funny? !

The two of them definitely wanted to step on her to liven the atmosphere at the table.
This way they could take the initiative at the dinner table and build up a relationship with Chi Jingxi and the others.

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You bastards!

Wen Yantong laughed dryly and ignored it.translate(d) by puretl .
com / do not steal / re po/st

But Cheng Xiao said, “Brother Wen's leg was injured to save Third Young Lady Fu, how can it be compared to a pig's leg?”

He lowered his eyes and poured a cup of hot tea and pushed it in front of Wen Yantong, “The Third Young Lady’s benefactor is not someone who you can make fun of.”

Wen Yantong looked at Cheng Xiao in astonishment, and suddenly realized why he had called so many people to sit at one table. 

It wasn't because he was so enthusiastic at all, but his goal was to let everyone know that Wen Yantong was now in the care of Fu Residence’s Third Young Lady, and she was not someone who anyone could just bully.

It is very likely that the encounter in the woodwork building today was not a coincidence.

Whether it was Fu Tanghuan's idea or Cheng Xiao's idea, it made Wen Yantong feel warm.

They were worthy of being the male and female leads, although their character had collapsed into huskies, their kindness remained unchanged.

Fu Tanghuan extended a helping hand to the poor man more than once in the original book.
At that time, Wen Yantong only felt that Fu Tang was just too kind, but at this moment, as the object of assistance, she was truly moved.

After Cheng Xiao said these words, everyone at the table fell silent and stopped making fun of Wen Yantong.

Chi Jingxi narrowed his eyes slightly.
He tapped his fingers slowly on the table a few times, and suddenly said, “Impossibly stupid.”pure tl .
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Wen Yantong was startled.

Was the Little Marquis scolding her?

She didn't offend Chi Jingxi, so why was she scolded for no reason? Could it be that because he didn’t like Cheng Xiao, but could only turn his anger on her?

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Just as she was thinking about it, the people who wanted to curry favor with Chi Jingxi couldn't sit still, and said in agreement, “Right? To run away from the academy just for a meal, no normal person would do such a thing.”

Mother-fu**er, did I ask you to speak? !

“Isn't the Wen family rich, but still can’t eat enough?” Someone chided, “How much money did you spend to get a seat in the Academy?”

Wen Yantong lowered her head and sipped the hot tea pushed by Cheng Xiao, and did not respond.

The two had a boring discussion, and when they wanted to make waves even more, they were glanced at by Chi Jingxi and immediately closed their mouths.

Then he said slowly, “All the students enrolled into Songhai Academy are recorded in the book.
If you want to drop out, you must write down the reason and report it to the minister's form, and you only can leave after it’s approved.
If you privately escape, you will be imprisoned for two years and other additional penalties.”

Wen Yantong was horrified, and met Chi Jingxi's eyes with astonishment.

Chi Jingxi's eyes were clear, but there was an invisible oppression.
He looked at her calmly and said, “If you succeed in fleeing and leave the city, you will later be caught by the pursuers.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone at the table was stunned.

Only now did Wen Yantong realize that she had actually walked off the edge of the cliff! If she hadn't collided with Fu Tanghuan's carriage, her outcome would not have been just only becoming a lame.

Two years in prison.
If she was sent to prison, her disguise as a man would be discovered, and then it would be the end of her and her family…

Chi Jingxi was right to call her impossibily stupid!

She almost made a big mistake because of her ignorance!

Wen Yantong couldn't help breaking out in a cold sweat, her fingertips trembled, but was relieved that she was fortunate enough.

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The table fell silent for a while, and Wen Yantong said with a cup in her hand, “Thank you for your reminder, Little Marquis.”pure tl .
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Seeing her ugly face, Cheng Xin smiled to ease the atmosphere, “Don't worry too much, you didn't escape successfully.
Not to mention, you saved Fu Residence’s Third Young Lady.”

Cheng Xiao also added in a pleasant tone, “The Third Young Lady of the Fu Residence was lucky, otherwise the carriage would have crashed into the wall.”

“That's not right, wasn't there your Seventh Highness right behind the carriage?” Someone said in a friendly voice.

“If it weren't for the crash, I wouldn't be able to catch up.” Cheng Xiao replied.

After a couple of pleasant words, the heavy atmosphere just now dissipated cleanly.

But Wen Yantong didn't care about those things.
She buried her head and didn't dare to look into Chi Jingxi's eyes.

She always felt that those beautiful and deep eyes had seen straight through her.
The true reason for her escape and discharge from the hospital was deliberately suppressed, and everyone had thought she was so hungry that she wanted to go out to eat a full meal.

But what Chi Jingxi said just now showed that he knew that her real purpose was to flee from the academy.

How did he know? And were his words a warning or a reminder?

Wen Yantong was flustered, and when she was thinking wildly, she suddenly heard the sounds of gongs and drums.pure tl .
com is the original tler / don’t re-post

Everyone's attention was attracted, and the shop assistant said in a loud voice, “The lottery has been drawn! Boss said that he would send our nine signature dishes to the guest who has ticket number ninety-nine!”

There was an uproar, and everyone all looked down at their wooden tickets.

Wen Yantong suddenly remembered that her ticken seemed to be ninety-nine, she took a look from her sleeve and confirmed it was so!

In front of everyone's eyes, she raised the ticket and said loudly, “Ninety-nine is here!”

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