Chapter 9: Fu Tanghuan

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Wen Yantong was crippled from the carriage incident.

Her right leg joint was knocked out of place, and she was carried to the famous hospital in Chaoge City.
Her leg was sandwiched between two sturdy wooden boards, tied firmly.

Then she was carried back to Songhai Academy, along with her package that was stuck in the pit.

Now everyone in the academy knew that she was hit and crippled while trying to flee.

Escaping from the academy was a major event.
As soon as Wen Yantong returned to the academy, Teacher Zhao came to visit.
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At that time, Wen Yantong was sitting by the door, leaning her head against the door frame, her eyes were void of emotion, “I'm so stupid.
I knew that leaving Songhai Academy wasn’t going to be easy, but I didn't know it would be so difficult…” 

“What are you muttering about! ? Do you know that you have caused a big disaster!” Teacher Zhao's voice sounded like thunder, causing Wen Yantong to jump.

Her right leg was pulled on accident, and the pain made her grimaced.
Knowing that Teacher Zhao was here looking for trouble, Wen Yantong quickly said, “This student knows his mistakes.”

“You know your mistake?” Teacher Zhao was so angry that his beard shook, “If you knew it was wrong, you wouldn't have done such a stupid thing!”

Wen Yantong lowered her head, posing as if everything had been her fault.

There was nothing left to say, it's all because of her bad luck.

“Songhai Academy was the first academy in Shaojing.
The teachers here are all of great erudition and scholarship; top scorer in the palace examination and of great talent.
Teacher Wu is a high-ranking general who had fought in the battlefields; the emperor himself funded the establishment of this golden academy! A thousand jin of gold can’t even buy a scholar’s seat! You were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to study, and you still wanted to run away!” Teacher Zhao slapped her head hard, “You are impossibly stupid!”

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Wen Yantong burst into tears immediately.
She covered her head and sobbed uncontrollably.
After thinking about it, she couldn't find a good excuse, so she had to take out her old trick, “I'm so hungry…
at the academy I never have enough to eat…”

Teacher Zhao was almost choked to death by her excuse.
He furiously pointed at her, unable to say anything, “You, you, you pig! Just for two bites of food! You're going to anger this old man to death!”

“Teacher, don't be angry.” Wen Yantong hurriedly wiped her eyes and said, “This student have deeply realized his mistakes and promise to never do such a stupid thing again!”

“Again?! If I wait for you to do it again, I’m afraid this old teacher may be pulled into this mess with you!” Teacher Zhao became angrier the more he thought about it, so he slapped her arm twice.

Fortunately, Wen Yantong had worn a lot of padded jackets on her body, and she felt no pain, but she still wanted to put on a good act, so she covered her arms and cried.

With the wooden splints on her leg, her thin and sallow face was yellow from malnutrition, her eyes were swollen from crying, and tears filled her entire face, Wen Yantong looked truly miserable.
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Even Teacher Zhao, who was angry, couldn't help feeling a little bit unbearable.

After reprimanding her a few more times, he suddenly felt a discomfort in his stomach.
Knowing that this familiar feeling was a precursor to running to the toilet, he hurriedly ended his lecture session.

Before leaving, he added, “Dean Nian said you did a good job saving the Young Lady of the Prime Minister's Residence.
And since you hurt your leg, I won't punish you too harshly this time.
I want you to write a self-reflection letter to be read out loud to the people of the academy during the First Snow Banquet.”

Wen Yantong sniffed as tears were still hanging on her eyelashes.
After she heard him, she was stunned and even forgot to suck in her nose.

She had to write an apology letter and read it to the whole academy? !

Wen Yantong raised her hand and touched her face, secretly rejoicing.
Fortunately, she was thick skinned and could bear it.

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She stood up holding the door frame, and after moving slowly back to her room, she saw Zhang Jieran packing her things.

Wen Yantong was shocked and couldn't help but roar, “Zhang Jieran, although I lied to you before, you can't rob me, right? You’re bullying me because I am lame now?!”

Zhang Jieran was taken aback by her voice.
Seeing her hopping around with one leg, Zhang Jieran’s heart skipped a beat.
He immediately put down what was in his hand and strode forward, “You hurt your leg, you shouldn’t be moving around so much.”

“Why are you packing my things?” Wen Yantong asked in a suppressed voice.

“You rescued the Third Young Lady of the Prime Minister's Residence, in order to reward you, the Third Young Lady asked the steward of the academy to move you to a single room, so that you can recuperate from your leg injury.” Zhang Jieran explained.

Wen Yantong froze for a while, “I’m half-crippled, how do I recuperate myself?”

“The Third Young Lady arranged some servants for you.” Zhang Jieran said, “She asked me to pack up your things, and then let the servants help you move over.”

“This Third Young Lady is really caring.” Wen Yantong pondered for a while and suddenly realized who this Young Lady of the Prime Minister's Residence was.

Wasn’t she the female protagonist in this book , the daughter of the Prime Minister's Residence, Miss Fu Tanghuan? !

Wen Yantong couldn't help sighing.
She didn't expect that the one who crippled her leg turned out to be the heroine! What did this mean? Mutual exclusivity between the heroine and the supporting actresses?

But then she quickly remembered that there was such a plot in the book.

Fu Tanghuan had a concubine-borned half sister named Fu Shi.
She was the number one vicious female villain in the book, with a deep and vicious mind.
Not wanting Fu Tanghuan to enroll into the academy, she found someone to ambush the carriage on the streets.
She wanted to take this opportunity to seriously injure Fu Tanghuan, but she did not expect to be rescued by the male protagonist.

In order to prevent herself from being suspected, she took a risk and sat in the same carriage with Fu Tanghuan.
She was not only cruel to others, but she was also cruel to herself.
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However, there was no detailed description of where this carriage accident occured, it had only summarized it as a remote street.
The author has used a lot of words to describe the handsome image of Cheng Xiao being a hero saving a beauty, the others parts were not written in detail at all.

But now the passerby in this accident had a name: Wen Yantong.

So this meant that the girl in the yellow dress, who she had written bloody words on, was either Fu Tanghuan or Fu Shi, and the young man in the black was definitely Cheng Xiao.

It turned out that the male and female leads had already appeared, and the gallant scene of a ‘hero rescuing beauty’ had occurred.
During that time, Wen Yantong was wailing on the ground with her leg in her arms, and didn't even look up to see what the two of them looked like.

What a waste of a perfect chance.

Wen Yantong helped a little as she watched Zhang Jieran tidy up her things.
Wen Yantong’s clothes had always been folded in the box.
If they were to be moved away, only a lid was needed to close the box, and there would be no chance of her secrets being discovered.

After waiting for an hour, the people from the prime minister's residence arrived.
They respectfully moved Wen Yantong's luggage one by one, and even bought a pull wagon and transported Wen Yantong to the single bedroom area.

She didn't know where this single bedroom came from.
In fact, the settings in the book were very limited.
Only after she entered this book did Wen Yantong realize that this was a world with complete systems and rules, and there were many things that were not mentioned in the book.

But since it was arranged by Fu Tanghuan, it shouldn't be a big problem.

Wen Yantong soon realized how different the single bedroom was from the shared bedroom.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw a study desk inlaid with gold threads, and the brush, ink, paper and inkstone above were neatly arranged.
There was a round arch door inside, and after entering, there was a wide bed, with a black gauze and a fluffy and soft quilt.

There was a large screen on the left side of the study room, behind it was the bathroom.
The bathing area was spacious and firewood was added from the outside of the house.
This was a bathing device that required servants to constantly attend to.

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In the room on the right of the study room, there was a bucket toilet.

There was even an incense burner and heater in the room, this was obviously a single bedroom for the young masters of the noble families.

Wen Yantong secretly rejoiced, thinking that her injury was worth it! pure tl .
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After she instructed the servants to arrange the things, this luxurious single bedroom was changed into Wen Yantong’s personal style.
The people from the prime minister's residence left one after another, leaving two maids at the door.
They were probably the servants Fu Tanghuan had specially allocated to her.

Songhai Academy did not allow for their students to bring their servants.
Wen Yantong wonders if the teachers will reprimand her when they find out.

Just then, someone suddenly knocked on the window.

She was lying by the window, so Wen Yantong stood up and pushed open the window.
She saw a girl with bright and kind eyes.

The girl was dressed in a smoky blue dress with a silver silk waistcoat.
Her long black hair was smooth, and there were a bunch of braids on the right side, and the end was tied with a beautiful coral stone.
At one glance, she could tell this girl was from a noble family.

Her skin was white and delicate, and she had a pair of dimples when she smiled.
Wen Yantong released her identity as soon as she saw her dimples.

It was Fu Tanghuan.

Wen Yantong's mind turned, just as she was thinking of how to thank Fu Tanghuan for saving her leg and arranging her single bedroom, she heard the person in front of her say softly,

“I know your secret, Miss Wen.”

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